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    June 4, 2009

Thursday at JavaOne

John Rose
Christian Thalinger, Charlie Nutter, and I just finished a talk (my last of three!), called JSR 292 Cookbook. Thanks for your help, guys!

This very technical talk was enjoyed by a small but interested group of language aficionados. End-of-day talks are hard for both speakers and audiences, but the content was fun: We showed some working method handle code examples and even single stepped through a program. It was my first talk with a live code demo, and NetBeans didn't let me down as a demo platform; I was even able to step into some system code when people asked to see what was behind the curtain.

As before, I have posted the slides. The code examples are also on-line. Watch out: Until we release the next JDK7 build, the demos require a fresh build of mlvm, since they contain fixes after JDK7 b59.

(Update: The final sentence is no longer operative: If you want to jump in ASAP, please wait for my next push of code to mlvm/jdk/.. That push happened.)

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