solar eclipse backyard adventure

John Rose
Sunday's eclipse was lovely here in San Jose. My sons and I made some impromptu observations in the backyard. The best picture is of crescent-shaped shadows under the leaves on our ash tree.

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  • Michael Haupt Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    This reminds me of the last time I witnessed a partial eclipse in Germany, sometime back in the Nineties. We, a bunch of CS and EE students on a training weekend, were figuring out the best way to observe the eclipse while having no binoculars or telescope. Eventually we took an overhead projector and used it the wrong way around. Unfortunately the paper we used to project the sun onto ignited, so we resorted to a cup of tea, on the bottom of which we had the most beautiful small-scale projection of our beloved partial eclipse.

    Imagine the looks on the faces of bystanders watching a bunch of students applying some creative engineering. ;-)

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