• JVM
    April 15, 2009

Lang.NET Symposium

John Rose
I'm enjoying Microsoft's Lang.NET Symposium. Lars Bak just told us about the V8 JavaScript engine. As usual with his work, the virtues are overall simplicity, with a few careful choices about what to optimize. (The recipe is fixnums + stateful Self-like hidden classes + monomorphic inline caches + generational GC + simple JIT.) Here's the slide deck for my talk (up next) on new JVM features.

May 8 update: After the conference I enjoyed a video chat with Charles Torre of Microsoft Channel 9 about the Da Vinci Machine Project. Charles has posted a number of very good interviews from Lang.NET; check out those with Lars, Gilad, Anders, and Erik. Also, the Lang.NET organizers have posted synchronized slides and audio of the talks.

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