• JVM
    May 19, 2008

invokedynamic goes public

John Rose
After a successful meeting at JavaOne, the JSR 292 EG (expert group) has published its EDR (early draft review) for the invokedynamic instruction. This draft will be updated from time to time (in response to your comments), until August 17, which is the end of the 90-day review period. Check it out!

Update: There are some good conversations going on about the EDR at the jvm-languages Google group. Here are some rough changes to the EDR I will be proposing in response; the EG may choose to make these changes (or something like them) official with an EDR update pushed through the JCP (Java Community Process).

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Rémi Forax's Blog Thursday, May 22, 2008
    [Trackback] To celebrate the public availability of JSR2 EDR,
    i have patched javac (yes again) to be able to generate
    method call using invokedynamic.
  • Neale Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Good to see things progressing. JavaOne looks like it was good from the coverage I've seen.

    Clearly the new Date/Time API (which I want yesterday) is also needed for you, John... as your proposed changes include a new month, 'Jume'


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