Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Final Release of JRockit for Java SE 5 in January

Java SE 5 has been been with us for a very long time. In fact, as of last month, it has been over 10 years since its initial release in 2004. JRockit builds for Java SE 5 have also existed almost that entire time; our first Java SE 5 release for JRockit, codenamed "Dragon", was available in December of that same year. Java SE 5 was a revolutionary release that introduced many of the most important language features we all know and use today: generics, annotations, autoboxing, enumerations, varargs, among many other changes.

As all good things must come to an end, so too must Java SE 5. For JRockit, the extended support phase for Java SE 5 will end in March of next year. This means that January 2015 will be the last Java SE 5 JRockit CPU (Critical Patch Update) release we provide. Customers with a valid extended support contract for an Oracle product that requires Java SE 5 (like WebLogic Server 10.0) will be still able to file bugs and receive one-off builds until the end of March. But from April, Java SE 5 JRockit will transition into its sustaining support phase and we will no longer produce new releases or fixes for either of the two Java SE 5 JRockit lines (R27 and R28).

One quick word of caution: the extended support phase for Java SE 5 JRockit will end several months before the HotSpot-based Java SE 5 releases. We are planning on a final Sun/Oracle (HotSpot-based) Java SE 5 CPU release in April, but there will be no corresponding Java SE 5 JRockit release for the April CPU.

Of course this does not mean the end of JRockit. JRockit for Java SE 6 still has several years to go before it reaches the end of its own extended support phase. Any customers who still need to remain on JRockit will be able to upgrade to the latest Java SE 6 JRockit. We will continue to fix bugs and security issues found in JRockit for Java SE 6 (R28 only) until it also reaches the sustaining support phase.

In summary:

  • There will be no more releases of Java SE 5 JRockit (R27 or R28) after the January 2015 CPU.
  • CPU releases and bug fixes for Java SE 6 JRockit (R28 only) will continue to be provided until the end of JRockit for Java SE 6's extended support phase, currently scheduled for December 2018.
  • Customers deployed on a Java SE 5 version of JRockit are recommended to update to a more recent JRockit release prior to March 2015, or - better - move to Oracle JDK 7 or 8. All recent versions of Oracle products support JDK 7, and certification of JDK 8 across the Oracle portfolio is proceeding at a fast rate. Key products such as WebLogic Server and Coherence are already certified with JDK 8.

See Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy for more information, including detailed support timelines and policies.

Thursday May 19, 2011

Celebrating a Free JRockit

Community feedback on the JRockit is Free blog post has been overwhelming. We thought that interest would be limited after the years as an Oracle-only product, but we were happily mistaken.

Among the reaction, almost 400 tweets at last count. News coverage in numerous online publications and communities. Several follow-up blogs. One of my favorites is

"Wow .. man, this is great news in general: I personally love the JRMC. It's the most complete and ootb solution for getting your JVM under control. Nothing against VisualVM or even the JConsole, but ... JRMC plays in a league of it's own."

Finally, the publisher of the JRockit Definitive Guide added to the fun by announcing a celebratory discount. So now there's no excuse not to learn about JRockit and by extension what will be available in OpenJDK as our JVM convergence project ...erm... rockets ahead!

(Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the book. But I like it.)

Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

Get an early peek at JDK 7

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Sunday Oct 17, 2010

Understanding Compressed References

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Sunday May 09, 2010

Class Loading Deadlocks

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Monday Apr 26, 2010

JRockit R28 "Ropsten" released

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Sunday Feb 28, 2010

Class Loading Deadlocks

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Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Why won't JRockit find my classes

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Monday Dec 14, 2009

Object Allocation - Better the devil you know...

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Sunday Oct 04, 2009

News and restart of old News

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Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Webcast details added to previous posts

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Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Monthly public JRockit webcasts. (Updated)

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