Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Sun Software Library

Many long time Sun employees and customers remember fondly the Catalyst Catalog. About 2 years ago a small team decided it was time to take one of the most successful concepts in Sun's history and put it on the web. was born. During the process of early design and prototyping we decided that it made the most sense to focus on the backend ( global database in the Sun Cloud ) and let the front end be built from widgets and strong Web base APIs.  Our intention has always been to create a high value and very viral environment for ISV's, Software Developers, OpenSource Communities and Commercial Applications. If you look at the current state of the environment that has all come true. The other key high level design goal was to create a valuable place for these providers ( we call them publishers)  to gain information about their customers, and others looking into their products.  The team building the system has gone far above that goal, in building a rich set of tools and data access for the publisher to realize that value. 

Take some time and go look at site, what you will find is a pretty slick UI ( yes we had to build one of our own)  and I think some of the best documented set of interfaces in the industry. It is open to anyone that wants to access the site to post their applications, be come a publisher, build your own UI at your site accessing the database via standard Webservices APIs or just find some software you need to do your job. We also have added social components to the environment to share ideas about entires, give your rating, post video and audio information on the applications.  You will need to register unless you are already a ( includes SDN )  member then you can just use your current login!!

Here are some links to follow to get you started:  -- How to get started video -- User and developer documentation -- FAQ and help documentation -- Team Blog, they do a great job communicating -- An example of another UI using -- A great example of using the Library to spread the word -- An example of the ratings and reviews

Tuesday Jul 22, 2008

Comms Suite 6 SHIPS!!

On July 22nd we announced the availability of Java Communications Suite 6., which includes the new Convergence web client,
push e-mail support and a host of other features. These new capabilities and enhancements make Communications Suite 6 an even stronger
alternative to Microsoft Exchange, while enabling leading Telco and cable companies to provide their subscribers with seamless new services
leading to increase customer growth and delight.

The Sun Java Communications Suite delivers industry leading email, calendaring and real time collaboration functionality for service provider
and large organizations worldwide. It provides an extensible, standards-based development platform, offering improved performance, reliability
and scalability at a lower TCO.

Communications Suite Components Services                                                    

Message access and message management
Calendar Service and group scheduling
Instant Messaging, Presence and Chat
Centralized Address Book


Sun Convergence – a complete webclient
Outlook Connectivity
Mobile Sync

Administration and Configuration

Delegated Administration
New Communications Suite Installer

What's New

This Communications Suite release includes many new features, including:

  • Sun Convergence communications client

  • New subscription-based pricing model for point products

  • New Messaging Server features include:

    • Very large mailbox support

    • Message store database rolling backup

    • Additional LEMONADE support for mobile messaging

  • New Instant Messaging Server features include:

    • Javascript API

    • Peer-to-peer voice chat

    • IMPS protocol support

  • New Outlook Connector features include:

    • Support for Vista

    • Support for Outlook 2007

    • Support for large PST files

  • An entirely new Communications Suite installer

    Sun Convergence:                                

    Sun Convergence is an elegant and powerful web client for the Java Communications Suite. It provides a unique and highly useful web communication and collaboration experience through a rich mash up of email, calendaring, contacts,presence, instant messaging and other web services.

Key Benefits

  • Convergence, built on top of the highly scalable, secure and standards based services within the Java Communications Suite, is designed to scale from thousands to millions of users.

  • Convergence's rich integration of email, calendaring, contacts and instant messaging helps users to save time and better organize information, schedule events and tasks and consequently be more productive

  • With drag and drop, right click context menus and keyboard shortcuts Convergence provides a desktop-like experience with the power of anytime, anywhere access of the web

  • Convergence can be easily customized and integrated with other web services to create a highly differentiated and personalized user experience

    Please come give it a test drive at :
    Test Drive Convergence

    Userid : field1 / Password: cosmo
    Or to learn more :

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Comms Suite 6 Beta Documentation

Wow !!  if you want to see something really cool, go look at the new documentation for Communications Suite 6.


I am not normally a big fan of Wikis, but the neat part of this is our docs team, engineers and our customers

have all contributed to build this! No more paper docs, no more CD/DVDs for docs!! I guess this is a "green"

software product. No trees killed to produce documentation for Comms Suite 6!!


Also Joe Sciallo's blog will give you more detail. Joe has done a great job leading this effort!!


Very Cool, go take a look!




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