Thursday Mar 06, 2008

It is all Good!!

Sorry for the long blog, this is a bit of catch up. A lot news I wanted to share on the products and communities from the Developer, Tools and Services team.

First we want to congratulate David Ascher and the team at Mozilla Messaging. We are really excited about Thunderbird and the entire Mozilla Messaging project. We will continue to contribute code and also resources to support this project. More on Lightning later! Congrats on forming Mozilla Messaging, count on Sun's support!!

Busy day today for the OpenOffice community. As result of many activities between the community council, the engineering steering committee and the advisory council. The following things are happening;

--Moving to Subversion for source code control
--Creation of public Wikis for specification creation and management
--New Forums for support and sharing
--A new web site for that will debut in the next 2 weeks
--EIS/ Tinderbox for Integration
--Project leads approval for CWS (branches), easing the integration process
--Revival of regular meetings for release committee (weekly),
--Engineering Steering Committee (monthly)
--Community Council (bi-weekly)
--Program to mentor new contributors
--Community Award Programs
-- Version 3 that goes to beta in April will be LGPv3 details
-- A Contributor Agreement the is more flexible

The goal  is to attract more developers to contribute to OpenOffice. We where able to spend some time with Peter Brown from the Free Software Foundation. That has been saved as a Podcast, if you would like to listen. Peter provided us with his views of the OpenOffice changes.  I want to thank the Community Council and the Advisory Council for their input and their commitment. Also a special thanks and acknowledgment of the OpenOffice Community!!

Simon's Blog has more detail and also his review of the changes.

In other OpenOffice news the Mac port is going  very well. I am now using it on my Mac full time and have deleted the X-version. Go give it try and tell us what you think. You can get it from

The OpenOffice team also is working with the Lightning calendar community, the latest builds are very good. Many people at Sun are already using it. Go down load it and try it, I am sure you will find it very useful. It is not in it's final form yet so the community is looking for your input!!

Kendo our new Mail, Calendar and IM client has just shipped to beta customers. For the past few months we have had 100s of customers using Kendo and providing us feedback during the preview process. This process worked really well, allowing users to give us direct feedback during the development process.. Go take a look at our Wiki for more details.

I have recently joined the Netbeans and Studio team, these are some really great products and outstanding engineering teams. The Netbeans team just shipped Netbeans 6.0 with the best Ruby and JRuby developer tools in the industry! They followed that up today with Beta Netbeans 6.1, this point release has some great new JavaScript support and great improvements to performance. It is really really nice!! Go look at

The Jolt Awards are out and NetBeans was a finalist in 3 categories: Development Environments, Mobile Development Tools and Web Development Tools. We won in the category, for Development Environments. Congrats to the Netbeans Community and thanks to all the users and developers that help shape Netbeans !!

The last piece of news is that  Ted Leung and Fran Wierzbicki have joined the developer team at Sun. See Tim Bray's blog. I am personally excited about these guys coming to Sun and I have assured them that their focus on Python and Jython in the open source community is not going change. Sun is supporting them and the Python/Jython community efforts. We are committed to Dynamic Languages and we are just getting started!!

Welcome Guys!

As you can see " IT IS ALL GOOD "

Wednesday May 02, 2007

Is this Cool or What?


I am very pleased to announce that Sun has joined the OpenOffice Mac Porting Project!   This is great news for Mac users who seek open source alternatives to MS Office.

You can read all about it at :  the blog of Engineering at Sun. is a very attractive alternative for many people because it allows users to use the same applications and the same open standard file format across all key platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.

Apple has a significant market share in the desktop space and more and more people out there are using Apple notebooks. Since Sun's software strategy is a multi-platform strategy, it was a natural decision to join the Mac porting efforts in order to accelerate the development. Eric Bachard, who is leading the Mac porting effort on, described Sun's involvement as a “win” for the Mac porting project. The OpenOffice Mac Port is very popular: on average the Mac porting web pages get about 15-20K page hits per week. Per Eric, this number can go up to 30,000 or 50,000 clicks per day when he puts interesting Aqua screenshots on his blog.

We should be able to show the first working version of Aqua at the Conference in Barcelona in September. However, it probably will take a few extra months before it will be on par with the other platforms. I strongly encourage users to join the community and help test developer builds. There can also never be enough developers. If you can write code or know how to design user interfaces, join the effort. The more people the faster the job will get done. Everybody who has a Mac can help, because it's always important to have people who can do QA and testing. For the core development, C++, API and Mac API skills would be perfect, but probably the eagerness to help is is the most important thing!

What about StarOffice, NeoOffice and Sun's support strategies? StarOffice is Sun's professional distribution of, so it's quite possible that a Mac version of Staroffice will be released. Stay tuned. With regard to NeoOffice, Sun has chose to support projects under the umbrella of, i.e. projects that use the same hosting and communication infrastructure as well as the same open source license. From our point it's important to have one coherent code base maintained by one single community. With regards to support, it's also quite likely that Sun will officially offer support and services for the Mac version of OpenOffice in addition to our other supported platforms.
With regard to features, native support for the Open XML format in OpenOffice for Mac is an ongoing development effort led by Sun engineers. It will be available in future releases on all supported platforms, including Mac OS X. Integration with Spotlight is already listed on the current roadmap.

Go here for more details: Have a look and get involved.




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