Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Netbeans 6.8 and the Netbeans Platform Support

The Netbeans 6.8 release will be shipping very soon. The community and the Netbeans team have been working hard to get this release ready. I want to thank everyone that has been working on 6.8 and making it another GREAT release of Netbeans. Please go download it and see why so many people trust and believe in Netbeans!

I wanted to respond to questions in regards to Sun's support of the NetBeans Platform.  As I have recently stated to the NetBeans Dream Team, the NetBeans Platform is critical to the development, support and release of the NetBeans IDE. We also have a number of customers that use the Platform to build a variety of products. Given those two major use cases, this makes the Platform a critical element of Sun's developer product strategy.

With the release of NetBeans 6.8, you'll see a more public effort to support the Platform as a product. This is being driven by overwhelming support, by our customers and the open-source user community. Thank you to the community members who tirelessly use, support and improve the NetBeans Platform. You can see the NetBeans Platform in action at

In summary, be assured that the NetBeans Platform is an advantage for our users and developers, we will continue to support and enhance the Platform in concert with the NetBeans community.  Thanks to Dream Team and our customers, your voices at Java One where heard and we are responding!

Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Sun Software Library

Many long time Sun employees and customers remember fondly the Catalyst Catalog. About 2 years ago a small team decided it was time to take one of the most successful concepts in Sun's history and put it on the web. was born. During the process of early design and prototyping we decided that it made the most sense to focus on the backend ( global database in the Sun Cloud ) and let the front end be built from widgets and strong Web base APIs.  Our intention has always been to create a high value and very viral environment for ISV's, Software Developers, OpenSource Communities and Commercial Applications. If you look at the current state of the environment that has all come true. The other key high level design goal was to create a valuable place for these providers ( we call them publishers)  to gain information about their customers, and others looking into their products.  The team building the system has gone far above that goal, in building a rich set of tools and data access for the publisher to realize that value. 

Take some time and go look at site, what you will find is a pretty slick UI ( yes we had to build one of our own)  and I think some of the best documented set of interfaces in the industry. It is open to anyone that wants to access the site to post their applications, be come a publisher, build your own UI at your site accessing the database via standard Webservices APIs or just find some software you need to do your job. We also have added social components to the environment to share ideas about entires, give your rating, post video and audio information on the applications.  You will need to register unless you are already a ( includes SDN )  member then you can just use your current login!!

Here are some links to follow to get you started:  -- How to get started video -- User and developer documentation -- FAQ and help documentation -- Team Blog, they do a great job communicating -- An example of another UI using -- A great example of using the Library to spread the word -- An example of the ratings and reviews

Friday May 15, 2009

Cloud Development is Really Hot Come Join Us !

Project Kenai is the onramp for Sun's developer "cloud" efforts.  Having gone live back in September of 2008, it now exceeds over 7,000 members and surpassed 500 publicly hosted open source projects.

 Come to Java One and see Kenai, Netbeans,, Sun's Storage Cloud, Zembly, Openoffice, and Project Speedway re-define the developers cloud experience. ( we also have a few surprises as well)

Project Kenai currently offer an integrated suite of productivity services for developers to host their open source code or connect with peers of like mind, and will be enable additional cloud and collaboration services very soon.  Today, every project started at gets the following:

    \* Evolving integration with NetBeans
    \* (5) Source Code repositories (Subversion, Mercurial, and Git in any combination of 5)
    \* (2) Issue Tracking systems (Jira or Bugzilla)
    \* (1) Wiki
    \* (5) Forums
    \* (5) Mailing Lists
    \* (1) Download facility for documents

Anyone can join by going to  And if parties are ready to start hosting a project, they simply need to send an invitation request with a description of their project to:

Here's some useful resources to learn more or stay connected:

    \* Kenai on OSUM for Students:
    \* Blog:
    \* Twitter:
    \* Facebook:
    \* Nuts & Bolts of
    \* NetBeans Connectivity:
    \* Screencasts:
          o "Welcome to Project Kenai:"
          o "Edit your Project Kenai Profile:"
          o "Manage your Kenai Project:"

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

Netbeans 6.5 Beta !! Try it!!

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta, the latest release of Sun's award-winning open-source IDE that enables developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications with Java, C/C++ , JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, and PHP.

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta introduces several new features, including a robust IDE for PHP, JavaScript debugging for Firefox and IE, and support for Groovy and Grails. This release also includes a number of enhancements for Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Rails, and C/C++ development. Java feature highlights include: built-in support for Hibernate, Spring Framework, Eclipse project import,  RESTful Web Services and compile on save. Developers will also be able to experiment with GlassFish v3 Prelude, that ships along with this beta release.

Give it a try!!

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

netbeans 6.1 " the One IDE you must have "


As of this morning, NetBeans IDE 6.1 and the NetBeans IDE Early Access for PHP are available at

The release is combines \*innovation\* with \*execution\* and quality & performance improvements addressing the VOC.

Here are some of the highlights:

- New support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS editing (debugger will be available on the update center)
- Lots of Ruby enhancements
- Big performance gains
- Improved support for RESTful web services
- A new distro of NetBeans for PHP application development ( early access )

A full summary is available here.


The netbeans team rocks!! Great release!  

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

It is all Good!!

Sorry for the long blog, this is a bit of catch up. A lot news I wanted to share on the products and communities from the Developer, Tools and Services team.

First we want to congratulate David Ascher and the team at Mozilla Messaging. We are really excited about Thunderbird and the entire Mozilla Messaging project. We will continue to contribute code and also resources to support this project. More on Lightning later! Congrats on forming Mozilla Messaging, count on Sun's support!!

Busy day today for the OpenOffice community. As result of many activities between the community council, the engineering steering committee and the advisory council. The following things are happening;

--Moving to Subversion for source code control
--Creation of public Wikis for specification creation and management
--New Forums for support and sharing
--A new web site for that will debut in the next 2 weeks
--EIS/ Tinderbox for Integration
--Project leads approval for CWS (branches), easing the integration process
--Revival of regular meetings for release committee (weekly),
--Engineering Steering Committee (monthly)
--Community Council (bi-weekly)
--Program to mentor new contributors
--Community Award Programs
-- Version 3 that goes to beta in April will be LGPv3 details
-- A Contributor Agreement the is more flexible

The goal  is to attract more developers to contribute to OpenOffice. We where able to spend some time with Peter Brown from the Free Software Foundation. That has been saved as a Podcast, if you would like to listen. Peter provided us with his views of the OpenOffice changes.  I want to thank the Community Council and the Advisory Council for their input and their commitment. Also a special thanks and acknowledgment of the OpenOffice Community!!

Simon's Blog has more detail and also his review of the changes.

In other OpenOffice news the Mac port is going  very well. I am now using it on my Mac full time and have deleted the X-version. Go give it try and tell us what you think. You can get it from

The OpenOffice team also is working with the Lightning calendar community, the latest builds are very good. Many people at Sun are already using it. Go down load it and try it, I am sure you will find it very useful. It is not in it's final form yet so the community is looking for your input!!

Kendo our new Mail, Calendar and IM client has just shipped to beta customers. For the past few months we have had 100s of customers using Kendo and providing us feedback during the preview process. This process worked really well, allowing users to give us direct feedback during the development process.. Go take a look at our Wiki for more details.

I have recently joined the Netbeans and Studio team, these are some really great products and outstanding engineering teams. The Netbeans team just shipped Netbeans 6.0 with the best Ruby and JRuby developer tools in the industry! They followed that up today with Beta Netbeans 6.1, this point release has some great new JavaScript support and great improvements to performance. It is really really nice!! Go look at

The Jolt Awards are out and NetBeans was a finalist in 3 categories: Development Environments, Mobile Development Tools and Web Development Tools. We won in the category, for Development Environments. Congrats to the Netbeans Community and thanks to all the users and developers that help shape Netbeans !!

The last piece of news is that  Ted Leung and Fran Wierzbicki have joined the developer team at Sun. See Tim Bray's blog. I am personally excited about these guys coming to Sun and I have assured them that their focus on Python and Jython in the open source community is not going change. Sun is supporting them and the Python/Jython community efforts. We are committed to Dynamic Languages and we are just getting started!!

Welcome Guys!

As you can see " IT IS ALL GOOD "

Thursday May 10, 2007

Sun Grid Module Suite for NetBeans IDE - Available Now!

Big news from JavaOne on Friday - we are announcing the availability of the Sun Grid Module for the Netbeans IDE!

This is a great new plugin that lets developers do a number of cool things:

- Use the new Sun Grid Application project type to develop a java application directly in Netbeans.  This is a Java application project configured for one click packaging, deployment,  and execution on the Sun Grid Compute Utility.

- For all project types (Java and otherwise ), you can manage resources, jobs, and "runs" on Sun Grid - all without leaving Netbeans!

The new plugin also includes wizards to greatly simplify many of the typical uses of Sun Grid:

- "Create Sun Grid Resource" wizard:
Lets you select multiple files on your desktop, create a ZIP file and then upload  as a resource to Sun Grid, all in a single step.

- "Download Sun Grid Output" wizard:  Download your job output, unpack it, view it  - or -  open it using an application of your choosing.

With this  plugin, you never have to leave the Netbeans environment to develop, deploy, and view the results of your jobs on Sun Grid.  Because it simplifies the standard processes,  you can focus on the more complex aspects of developing applications for grids - such as parallelizing applications to take maximum advantage of Sun Grid.

Find out more -
- Register and use Sun Grid @

- Get Netbeans @

- Get the Sun Grid Plugin from the Netbeans Beta Update Center which comes preconfigured as part of the standard Netbeans IDE installation .

- Get Sun grid plugin details @

- Join the Sun Grid community @

 And, in hockey news, the Western Conference Finals start on Friday with the Anaheim Ducks vs the Detroit Red Wings  - Go Wings!






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