Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Netbeans 6.8 and the Netbeans Platform Support

The Netbeans 6.8 release will be shipping very soon. The community and the Netbeans team have been working hard to get this release ready. I want to thank everyone that has been working on 6.8 and making it another GREAT release of Netbeans. Please go download it and see why so many people trust and believe in Netbeans!

I wanted to respond to questions in regards to Sun's support of the NetBeans Platform.  As I have recently stated to the NetBeans Dream Team, the NetBeans Platform is critical to the development, support and release of the NetBeans IDE. We also have a number of customers that use the Platform to build a variety of products. Given those two major use cases, this makes the Platform a critical element of Sun's developer product strategy.

With the release of NetBeans 6.8, you'll see a more public effort to support the Platform as a product. This is being driven by overwhelming support, by our customers and the open-source user community. Thank you to the community members who tirelessly use, support and improve the NetBeans Platform. You can see the NetBeans Platform in action at

In summary, be assured that the NetBeans Platform is an advantage for our users and developers, we will continue to support and enhance the Platform in concert with the NetBeans community.  Thanks to Dream Team and our customers, your voices at Java One where heard and we are responding!

Wednesday Mar 28, 2007

Moving in....

Most people have had the experience of moving into a home or apartment that was previously occupied and wondering, as one gets familiar with the new digs, "Why did they paint it that color"? or "Whoever thought that this linoleum/tile/carpet was a good idea...what were they thinking!?"....

Something similar happens when you move into a new organization, with the difference being that if you keep your mouth shut long enough (not easy for me!) you will find that not only are there very good reasons for doing things a certain way, but also that there are a lot of very good things going on that you need to appreciate and encourage.

So, some of the great things I have found recently in my new organization:

StarOffice 8 supports ODF - Open Document Format. Important because ODF is a true open standard, and has been adopted and implemented by IBM, Sun, Google, Red Hat and even Microsoft. It matters because ODF allows you to create documents whose formatting is independent of the application used to actually do the creation. Guarantees availability of the content well into the future.  StarOffice 8 also works with the Sun Weblog Publisher, a terrific blogging tool!

  Really smart people who understand open source really well. 
 The engineers on Sun's Java Communications Suite and StarOffice have joined the Mozilla Calendaring Project which develops Lightning, a calendaring extension for Mozilla Thunderbird.

They have two goals: provide a calendaring solution for StarOffice & users and integrate support for Sun's Java System Calendar Server into Lightning. The current release of Lightning, downloadable from the Mozilla site, contains the WCAP code that allows for connecting to Sun's Calendar Servers.

Communications Products - A great team of people and what amazing IP. Turns out that one of the inventors of MIME, Ned Freed, works for Sun. He's currently doing some really cool stuff with MTA (Mail Transport Agent). "The data center on demand". Also known as the Sun Grid Compute Utility,'s release 1.1 is out with lots of new features and new ISVs. We have already committed 20 new user applications to open source with hundreds more to go. Go to to see the on line applications available and to sign up. In a few months they will be releasing the ability to access with an API and also to allow you to open network connection to other sites to read, collect, write and store data.

All this, still for only $1/CPU/hour. Great for developers looking for a cost-effective way of testing their code across a large number of machines.

Read More:
The Register talks about Grid as a "Developer thang"
Internet News  article on  the Grid as an "Application JukeBox"
Sys-Con Media with an article on the features in

ISV-Engineering This worldwide engineering team has a simple mission: MAKE APPLICATIONS RUN best on Solaris!  Recent successes include integration of Cisco's Secure Access Control Server with Sun's Identity Manager.  The integration of network access control and identity management gives the enterprise the ability for a truly centralized secure system. 

Sun's ISV-Engineering team recently concluded a tuning effort on Symantec's Brightmail. Running on Solaris 10 and Sun's T1000 we achieved an increase in message throughput of 6X to 10X!

The result;  per Symantec, Sun's T1000 "Niagara" platform is now the preferred platform for deploying Brightmail.  Price to performance and power utilization can't be beat!  A rack of T1000's can process over one billion messages per week and can support a million mailboxes.  When Brightmail is used with Sun's Java Messaging Server and Storage, it is a complete email solution!

And check out the latest on the Detroit Red Wings - my favorite hockey team. The latest news is in the right nav bar over here....




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