Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

InfoWorld on opensource in the storage world

InfoWorld has announced its BOSS-ie (Best of OpenSource Software) awards for some open storage software. ZFS figures prominently. I also found some interesting tid-bits from the article.

Finally, there are a few areas we're keeping our eyes on but aren't yet prepared to pick any winners. One of these is backup and recovery, where Amanda is well-known and there are too many up-and-comers to mention. Also on the watch list is NTFS Mount (Solaris), UFS Reader (WinXP), a project that is still in beta but promises to break down the wall between Solaris and Windows, allowing either operating system to directly access the file system assets of the other. Now that's what community is all about. 

I like the bit about breaking down the walls between Solaris and Windows. 

Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

ZFS competitor from Oracle?

Look at this:


Sounds like a response from Oracle for ZFS. :-) 

Thursday Mar 15, 2007

ZFS popularity in India

I just came across this note from the Chennai - Linux Users Group, India. ZFS was on the agenda for their last meeting. Pretty neat, that folks are noticing that ZFS is indeed the last word when it comes to filesystems. :-)

[Ilugc] Wanted - Talks

Bharathi Subramanian
Sat, 10 Mar 2007 16:53:13 +0000 (Asia/Calcutta)

ilugc@<removed to prevent spam>

Hi All,

This month meet was conducted with-out any planned talks. I don't

want this to happen in the next meets. So I created a [1]wiki page

to add a list of talks wanted by our members. Volunteers, Plz use

this list to select the topics.

[1] http://chennailug.org/wiki/?title=Wanted

PS: Today, Raja talked about ZFS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZFS).

Bye :)

Thursday Jan 25, 2007

Delighting customers

When I speak to customers and the community, I am frequently asked on what makes Solaris 10 so special. I have always answered in terms of its features. I came across this discussion on the zfs-discuss@opensolaris.org alias:

"... after all what was zfs going to do with that expensive but almost useless hardware RAID controller."
I almost rolled over laughing after reading this.This is exactly what I went through when we moved our database server
out from Vx\*\* to ZFS.  We had a 3510 and were thinking how best to
configure the RAID.  In the end, we ripped out the controller board
and used the 3510 as a JBOD directly attached to the server.  My DBA
was so happy with this setup (especially with the snapshot capability)
he is asking for another such setup.

Now, I know the right answer. Solaris 10 delights customers in ways that were previously unimaginable. The discussion above is just one example. I am sure there are many many more...

If you happen to have a similar Solaris/OpenSolaris story, could email me? (Joe.G@Sun.COM or joe dot g at sun dot com). I am putting a list of them together for my future customer/community presentations.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

Interesting history of ZFS and Thumper

I have been following an interesting discussion on zfs-discuss@opensolaris.org.I could not resist sharing it here.

 This story has also been the subject of a blog entry by Brian Cantrill.

And from the email thread this morning:


I think it might be true that this was the first that anyone in Solaris
had heard of it. Certainly, it was the first time that Andy had ever
heard of ZFS. It was a very high bandwidth conversation, at any rate. ;)

After the meeting, I returned post-haste to Menlo Park, where I excitedly
described the box to Jeff Bonwick, Bill Moore and Bart Smaalders. Bill
said something like "I gotta see this thing" and sometime later (perhaps
the next week?) Bill, Bart and I went down to visit Andy. Andy gave
us a much more detailed tour, with Bill asking all sorts of technical
questions about the hardware (many of which were something like "how did
you get a supplier to build that for you?!";). After the tour, Andy
took the three of us to lunch, and it was one of those moments that I
won't forget: Bart, Bill, Andy and I sitting in the late afternoon Palo
Alto sun, with us very excited about his hardware, and Andy very excited
about our software. Everyone realized that these two projects -- born
independently -- were made for each other, that together they would change
the market. It was one of those rare moments that reminds you why you got
into this line of work -- and I feel lucky to have shared in it.

- Bryan

I cant wait to see what Andy B will dream up next! I am sure the announcement with Intel earlier this
week has something to do with what he has created.




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