Tuesday Mar 20, 2007

Latest from the world of BeleniX and Moinak Ghosh

Check out this announcement on livemedia-discuss@opensolaris.org

Moinak announced that he has successfully booted SX b56 off an xlofi encrypted file on the hard disk.

Friday Mar 16, 2007

BOSUG-ians at OSDevCon 2007

Am I proud to say that two of the BOSUG members (Moinak Ghosh & Vineeth Pillai) presented at OSDevCon 2007. Oh yeah! And I am prouder to read this blog entry by Alan Perry.

My favorite presentation was made by Moinak Ghosh from Sun. He is the guy behind the Belenix
distribution of OpenSolaris and he spoke about creating Live Media.
When I first saw Belenix last year, I was surprised that it could fit
on a CD and boot so quickly. It was very interesting to learn how it
works. Moinak is a very clever guy.

Two more BOSUG-ians (Sriram Narayanan & G. N Shivakamar( presented at SunTech Days 2007 @ Hyderabad. I still see congratulatory emails from the attendees to these speakers a few weeks after the event. Good job guys.

 There are three more submissions from BOSUG-ians for the OpenSolaris track at JavaONE 2007. Now that will be too cool.

Tuesday Feb 06, 2007

LiveDVD version of BeleniX

BeleniX 0.5.1 DVD Edition Released!

A DVD release of BeleniX 0.5.1 is now available !

This DVD release includes all of the 0.5.1 LiveCD and adds JDK 1.6,
OpenOffice 2.1, Netbeans 5.5 with Visual Web Pack, C/C++ Pack, Profiler
and Glassfish AppServer 9, All the OpenSolaris Developer and
Administration docs available from the OpenSolaris Documentation Community and Desktop shortcuts for all these.

You can download it here.

If you have recommendations for more software to be included in this DVD, please leave me a comment. Fitting suggestions will get a surprise gift.


Sunday Dec 31, 2006

Cool new look for BeleniX home page!

Thanks to Ananth we have a brand new look and feel for the belenix home page. Thanks Ananth!

Folks, Check it out!

The best part is that we have moved to drupal for content management. This makes maintenance less painful and will allow us to have a website with more interactive features. I would like this be a place for BeleniX enthusiasts to hang out, write stuff, and generally be one community. Well, we have some way to go.

As a first step, let us know what you think of the new site. I am really keen to know what is right, and what needs to be set right.

Over to you folks!

Tuesday Dec 05, 2006

Aaron Seigo (Lead Developer of KDE) on BeleniX

Aaron Seigo, Lead Developer for KDE Desktop was a keynote speaker at FOSS.IN 2006.

Of course, Aaron visited the Sun stall. And Moinak and Co had a long chat with him. Several good things came out of that chat. Aaron invited Moinak to join us a committer. This is a great recognition! Of course, Moinak will have to do his bit for KDE as well. Aaron also blogged about his interaction with Moinak, BeleniX and the Sun Booth Monkeys. You can read his blog here.

Here is the snippet from his blog entry: 

first thing i did after chuckling my way through the windows xp oem set up app was to toss in a belenixlive cd. belenix is an opensolaris based distribution that comes with
xfce and kde. kde ran just fine, though their choice of desktop icons
was a bit odd (evince, particularly when kpdf is also there?), and the
addition of the binary nvidia driver by default was kind of neat to see
the hardware in action. too bad there isn't a full featured open source
driver for the card. i would never have bought this card myself due to

belenix did show that while kde certainly runs very nicely
on solaris there are a number of things that haven't been adequately
ported yet. this can be seen in places such as the info center and
kpackage. while in india i talked to a few of the solaris guys there
(who gave me the belenix cd i tried out) and they expressed interest in
working on these things. i'm sure that would make all the
kde-on-solaris users, of which there are quite a few, very happy.

Here are some pictures of Aaron with Moinak, Sriram and Kishore.

Aaron at the Derby and ZFS booths 




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