Friday Aug 17, 2007

Code for Freedom, India 2007

Aug 15th, 1947 - India stepped into the world as an independent nation. The battle our forefathers fought for us mean that we have the right to exercise our free will today. I have always been intrigued by what the current generation thinks about this struggle. It was a learning experience for me to try and understand. I learnt one thing - the basics premise behind the struggle has its appeal even today. But, it has an interesting twist. This generation is worried about freedom - to choose, but the way it manifests was the reason why I was intrigued. One of the coolest ways is the interest in FOSS (free and open source software) today. 

That said, I want to talk about an event that is happening right now - Sun India 'Code for Freedom' contest. It encourages students to contribute to FOSS. It has been said that the amount of code level contributions from Indian developers to the opensource/FOSS projects has been less than satisfactory. I wish this would change. And the 'Code for Freedom' is definitely trying it best to make a difference.

So, if you are a student in India, pick your choice of a FOSS project from 'Code for Freedom' and start writing code.

I would like to sign off by saying - 'Show me your code folks!'

Monday Jul 16, 2007

Firefox a threat to Internet Explorer?

Opensource movement is growing from strength to strength.

Look at this news from IT wire.

IT Wire News Article - Firefox now a serious threat to IE in Europe: report

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

FAA boots out MS Windows and Office

Yeee Haaah... Get the InformationWeek news article here.

This is good news. Google App and Linux Desktop. I have been using Google Docs and Spreadsheets for a few months now. In fact, I like it. The best part, I can edit the documents from the browser on my mobile phone. Not too many folks may want to do it. But, I am a self-confessed internet junkie.

Now, if FAA can be convinced to look at OpenSolaris as a possible option as well, that would be nice. Better still, they should move to SunRay thinclients and use Google Apps.

Friday Mar 09, 2007

In the words of a Sun Tech Day participant...

I came across this blog which is a review of the recently concluded SunTech Days in Malaysia. What struck me were the recommendations for a future.

  • Get local (foss) developers to talk. Though I would prefer FOSS
    developers, just getting more local people to show case their stuff is
    important to show that we, as Malaysians, are moving forward. We can
    produce stuff.
  • Start/Emphasis/Help local (Open)Solaris/Java User Groups.
  • Get students to talk, its can make a stronger point to the students attending.
  • Its Free Software also damnit!
I am really glad that we had India Sun engineers present at Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad. Not only that, we had two speakers from the Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group who gave some captivating presentations. Can you believe that 100 folks signed up for Hyderabad OpenSolaris User Group after that? This is just the folks who remembered to sign the piece of paper we circulated for getting memberships. I understand that it is a lot easier to do the above in India since we have an Engineering Center here. The same would be difficult for Malaysia. Hey, may be, we can call Sun engineers from Singapore who can help bootstrap the local community in Malaysia. 


Friday Feb 09, 2007

Kudos for Sun from the FOSS community

I was made aware of this discussion in an Indian Linux User Group. It relates to Sun's enthusiastic participation in the 2006 opensource symposium Vs Google and others

> well what do you expect google to show..  a screen with google search
> opened..? or gmail? or orkut? or youtube? or google earth?... at
> least they have something to do with FOSS.. whether they are there for
> hiring..or drumming up for SoC...
> what would tehelka show except their weekly.., or Novell ..except
> their half propreitry stuff.. so with other stalls.. while all other
> stalls used it in their own way.. they were atleast related to FOSS
> ... while M$ aint..
> after all it was LA... not / freedel / gnunify..
> Karunakar

If they have something to do with FOSS then a demo would do wonders.
Frankly I'm disgusted at Google stalls I see at conferences everywhere
- and yeah was at too this year where they had six big couches
and two (admittedly better looking) girls =).

Contrast that to the Sun stall at and the energy and enthu of
the people there was amazing. Used to think Sun was a crappy company
but just the tech demos there had me converted. Please note, this is
not a comparison of what M$ did versus what Google did or is doing,
but just a comment on their conference stalls.


My thanks to all the folks from the OpenSolaris and Sun FOSS community who made our participation in FOSS.IN 2006 a great success. We rock!




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