Monday May 11, 2009

Tarragona URV - CNE University Tour

Last wednesday (6th May 2009) i was in URV following with the scheduled CNE University Tour, I know Spain is not exactly part of CNE but into a community world "If you want you can". Then our SCA (Sun Campus Ambassador) had pushed on the idea to do it on Spain and we just did it.

Thanks Emil, who make it possible, thanks for the t-shirts, everybody has his own.

It was a pleasure to be in Tarragona and into the URV where everybody was friendly. Eat with my friend Raul was a pleasure too, even better after 4th courses we eaten (entrance, first&second course plus dessert).

I think we was able to chat comfortable in this session and we covered many aspect of the technology, and also a simple demos.(all the details -better writen- in Spanish from Raul's URV blog)

This was the agenda :

 - Open Source

- Open Solaris (micro demo)

- GlassFish (micro demo)

- SunSpot (micro demo)

I hope you enjoyed like i did. Raul thanks to be part of this project. Thanks to bring me that wonderful restaurant. Thanks to be my friend. Take care.


Friday Jan 23, 2009

January 27th - Barcelona SunLabs University Day

-Spanish version bellow -

SunLabs also in Barcelona. January 27th from 12.00 to 13.00 into Computer Science Building at UPC.

Agenda :

  1.  Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun (Poornaprajna Udupi)
  2. Project Yggdrasil - Data Collection framework for sensors" (Poornaprajna Udupi)

 More info :

Enjoy !!

- Spanish Version -

El martes 27 de enero de 12:00 a 13:00 en la sala de actos de la Facultad de Informática de Barcelona de la UPC,  Poornaprajna Udupi impartirá las conferencias:

  1.  Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun
  2. Project Yggdrasil - Data Collection framework for sensors"

Para más detalles sobre la conferencia:

 Disfrutarla !!

January 29th - SunLabs University Day

The Complutense University of Madrid has announce SunLabs session in its website.  --> Middle down section

I hope see you there !!

Be Smart have fun !!

January 29th - SunLabs University Day

  Cool it's Confirmed !

  Date : January 29th
  Hour : 16.00h
  Title : SunLabs University Day
Be smart have fun

Where :

   Universidad Complutense Madrid

   Salón de Grados

   Facultad de Informática

Agenda :

1) A new Anti-Phishing security pipe for the WWW (Poorna Udupi) 45min
2) Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun (Poorna Udupi) 45min
3) SAI/OSUM CA's Overview 15min
4) Exploiting capacitors for high-performance computer systems  (Ron Ho) 45min

  • SAI/OSUM (Aula Sun & Sun Campus Ambassador)

    What is SAI/OSUM initiative?
    How can i access the free courses&practice exams?
    How can i join the University Social Open Source Community?

  • Anti-Phishing (Poornaprajna Udupi)  

Poornaprajna Udupi is a researcher for Sun Microsystems Laboratories,
working on applied cryptography research projects to provide practical
solutions to the information security problems in the financial industry.
In the recent past his research was focused on developing anti-phishing
protocols for Web Security.
  • High-Performance Computer Systems (Ron Ho)

    Ron Ho is a Distinguished Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems,
   working in the Sun Labs VLSI Research Group. He received the
   Ph.D. degree from Stanford University, Stanford, CA, in 2002.
   In 2003, he joined Sun Labs in Menlo Park, CA, where he has been
   working on chip-to-chip and on-chip communication technologies,
   memory design, and asynchronous circuits.

Over the past several decades, the technology scaling of silicon
   circuits has completely transformed the power and performance space
   of VLSI chips. However, continued technology scaling also presents
   designers with several challenges. Chief among these are the
   increasing costs of communication. On a chip, scaled metal wires
   are getting slower and slower, while consuming more and more of a
   chip's power budget. Off a chip, area solder balls are not scaling
   nearly as fast as transistors, making chip-to-chip communication a
   worsening bottleneck, even with the liberal use of high-power
   serial links on every I/O pad.

  • SunSPOT (Poornaprajna Udupi)

Project Sun SPOT (Sun; Small Programmable Object Technology) is a snapshot of ongoing research in Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Established in 1990, Sun Labs, with locations in California and Massachusetts, is the applied research and advanced development arm of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun Labs is one of the ways Sun invests in the future -- the Labs is responsible for many of the technology advancements and inventions that have made Sun a technology powerhouse.

In 2003 researchers at Sun Labs began working on Wireless Sensor Networks. Over the course of the first year of research, we found that we wanted more powerful sensor devices that were easier to program. We felt that our progress was limited by the lack of useful tools and by inflexible hardware designs. Based on our experience with Java and with the KVM (both of which were invented in Sun Labs) and its use in cell phones, we thought that applying Java to development of the platform we envisioned would help us get past some of these limits.

In November of 2004, Sun Labs started project Sun SPOT to build our own sensor hardware and to adapt a small, flexible Java Virtual Machine (Project Squawk) to the sensor platform. Within days of getting our first hardware running, our eager researchers had developed several interesting application and we were off and running.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

January 29th - SunLabs University Day

"Be Smart have fun" como siempre es nuestra seña de identidad. Vamos a tener la suerte de contar con tres ingenieros de los Laboratorios de Sun en USA. (Pinchar sobre la imagen para ver un tour virtual por los laboratorios) y hemos pensado que sería buena idea tener una sesión con la comunidad educativa. 

Se va ha celebrar en la Universidad Complutense, el día 29 de Enero, se que son malas fechas para la comunidad Universitaria pero la oportunidad lo merece. Invitados estais Universidades, Centros de Investigación y demás centros educativos.

La hora está sin confirmar pero seguramente sea por la tarde.

La agenda aún sin cerrar es la siguiente :

1) SAI/OSUM CA's Overview (every event/speak for us start with this overview) 15min
2)A new Anti-Phishing security pipe for the WWW (Poorna Udupi) 45min
3) Exploiting capacitors for high-performance computer systems  (Ron Ho) 45min
4) Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun (David Simmons) 45min

Os seguiré informando.

Disfrutarla !!!!Nos vemos allí !!!


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