Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.11 launch

Today, Sun announces the general availability of the most exciting release of Solaris since the original Solaris 10 -- OpenSolaris 2008.11.

This release builds on the success of 2008.5, which is being used by enormous numbers of developers and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. That release was specifically oriented to developers, incorporating the latest free open source technologies and our own innovations. The 2008.11 product we are announcing today takes the developer capability and raises it to a new level - with innovations for the developer, the deployer, and the systems administrator. For the first time, you can get one open operating environment with both the latest technologies and the ability to deploy into mission-critical production.

People developing and deploying with Solaris today enjoy core capabilities like ZFS and DTrace to radically simplify their storage and understand their running systems. OpenSolaris 2008.11 unlocks these capabilities for a much broader set of users with ease-of-use tools like Time Slider and DLight. Breakthrough packaging and update technology, superior installation and maintenance, and a new I/O subsystem are just a few in a long list of top-to-bottom major improvements, providing significant visible value to virtually every customer.

OpenSolaris 2008.11 is quick and easy to download, deploy and use -- and is perfectly suited to not just students and developers, but also to the system / storage admins who will deploy it in in a variety of enterprises. With five world record benchmarks already, it also delivers the performance that demanding customers need. For production customers who need support, globally-delivered subscription support services are just a few clicks away.

Through collaboration with Intel, OpenSolaris 2008.11 is the first operating system shipping which is already optimized for Intel Nehalem, a new processor to be released by Intel in 2009.  

I hope you will check out these exciting new products yourself.I encourage you to download and install the last OpenSolaris.

Featured Download

Download OpenSolaris™ 2008.11

Congratulations to the OpenSolaris team and community on this enormous upgrade in our operating system offering.

My point of view,  OpenSolaris is attracting more and more community members day by day, it doesn't mean OpenSolaris is at the same level, i mean or even worst OpenSolaris was late on the starting line of Open Operating Systems, but it's an Operating System to be in contact with and to check out regulary in deep. It is secure for sure. Of course if you are a fan of Solaris It is your opportunity. 

By the way what is the difference between RedHat and OpenSolaris? both has a company behaind, both has a subscription model license, what is the different? i haven't seen it. Then if you love Linux go ahead, if not go for OpenSolaris. But there isn't any differences from an Enterprise Perspective.

Other kind of thing is CentOS, but it isn't on the Enterprise Arena at least on big numbers. (Of course there are always people working on Ada, Foltran or many others). By the way will CentOS exits without RedHat?

For example, compare with Ubuntu subscription model. This summary is Ubuntu vs OpenSolaris website price list :


9 x 5 (Standard)

24 x 7 (Advanced)

Desktop support $250 (USD)\* $900 (USD)\*

Server support $750 (USD)\* $2750 (USD)\*

 Thin client support: 1 x  server subscription + 10 x thin client subscriptions   $1,075(USD)\* $2,600 (USD)\*

Term 1 year 1 year

Live phone support Included Included

Email support Included Included

Free upgrades Included Included

Security upgrades Included Included

\*Prices exclude applicable sales taxes.

Subscription Features
OpenSolaris Production
Subscription Support
OpenSolaris Essential
Subscription Support
Pricing starting at $324
24 x 7
1 hr response time for Priority 1 calls

8 x 5 business hours
48 hour response1


I hope you can share and participate in this post too. Feel free to give us your point of view. 

Enjoy !!!

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

MySQL 5.1 launch on Monday, Dec 8 at 6am PT

This will be a follow-up to the actual GA of MySQL 5.1, which released on Nov 26.

Info about MySQL 5.1 is now live at, also:

On Monday, we'll do a press release & update content at and

In addition to MySQL 5.1, we'll be following up with content on MySQL Query Analyzer, a feature which was recently released as a part of MySQL Enterprise.  Info on Query Analyzer is available at

MySQL 5.1 is now available, and includes new enterprise-caliber features and enhancements to help manage very large data sets and increase performance for Large-Scale Enterprise Applications.

Value Prop:
MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1 software is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of MySQL for cost-effectively delivering E-commerce, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and multi-terabyte Data Warehousing applications. Now including Table and Index Partitioning and Row-Based and Hybrid Replication, MySQL 5.1 delivers higher performance for large-scale enterprise applications. Customers can further optimize database performance, manage scale, drive increased efficiency and lower administrative overhead by using the recently released MySQL Enterprise Fall 2008 Release, featuring Query Analyzer. With Query Analyzer, designed to help DBAs and developers identify and analyze problem SQL code causing performance issues and slow downs, customers have experienced up to 3 times database performance improvement within days instead of weeks. MySQL delivers the ease of use, scalability, and performance that has made MySQL the world's most popular open source database.

Enjoy !!!


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