Thursday Mar 25, 2010

JavaOne Registration Now Open

Thinking about attending JavaOne? This year we bring the global developer community together for a week of unparalleled education, sophisticated debate, and high-level networking, so register now! Here's what JavaOne offers in 2010:

  • Dive deeply into Java technology and the related ecosystem
  • Follow one of seven Java tracks focused on topics ranging from the core Java platform to mobile to the Java frontier
  • Join expert tutorials on JavaFX, profiles, OSGi, and more
  • Get practical insight and best practices from user case studies
  • Stay focused on JavaOne sessions, or widen your scope and attend Develop sessions at the colocated Develop conference
  • Lead your own technical session in our Unconference program
  • Get access to the massive and raucous OTN Night Party on Monday night

 Enjoy & Have Fun !!!

Thursday Feb 11, 2010

Call for Papers JavaOne 2010

JavaOne 2010 Call for Papers Now Open

Share your knowledge and expertise as a JavaOne speaker at the JavaOne + Develop 2010 Conference (September 19-23, 2010).  The conference will once again bring together the global Java technical community for a week of education, debate, and exchange.  This year, the conference curriculum is going back to its roots
–– 100% Java technology and the related ecosystem.  JavaOne conference speakers receive a Full Conference pass and the respect of your peers.  Click here to learn more and submit.

Show the topics.

Enjoy & Have fun !!!

Thursday Jun 04, 2009

Verizon announced at JavaOne!

Verizon Wireless has announced the Open Development initiative, where in Verizon on words : "The Open Development Initiative allows developers to design devices and applications for use on the Verizon Wireless network.".

It's Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam said the 2sd at JavaOne "... 6million Java developers..." Jonathan said "....not all at this room" Lo said "...but at least the smarts ones are".... But what he really said "...we are over protecting our network.....we we can talking about 10Mb to the opens up that staff ....the community has done to the laptop....we are 8.6 customer...largest carrier on the USA....what we announce today July 27th on Sillicon Valley we have a whole open development for application that it's significant difference what you seen on other carriers, other carriers goes throw application....What we decided to do is Open our network elements..." (JavaOne General Sessions)

Verizon is very active this second quarter 2009 after its announced of provide Android into cellular phones the 28th of May.

 It looks like Verizon gonna punch hardly this year on the market using developers community on that.

Enjoy !!

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

JavaOne already !!!

JavaOne is already here, yesterday it's begin for a 4 days plenty of Java.

A quick reminder that the JavaOne General Sessions will be streamed live. Just point your browser to the JavaOne Site; I think they use the same machinery we use in our webinars... except they get special service. Recordings will be available later at the same page.

The first General Session is Java: Change (Y)our World and starts in a bit over an hour - I think it will be very much worth your time. I'm driving up there right now.

Yo have photos and General Session Broadcast here.

This was the James Gosling email to all the team (the day before yesterday) : folks good job ! (thanks from Spain)

"The rocket-that-is-JavaOne is lit... It's been a huge effort by a lot of folks from sun. We've got great stuff to show off that we're all proud of. Today has been "CommunityOne" where one of the leading things that happened was the launch of the latest version of OpenSolaris.

The opening JavaOne keynote is tomorrow. We'll be talking about great innovations and showing incredible demos. Jonathan will be the lead speaker and we'll have some amazing special guests from all corners of the community, and maybe even a few surprises. ;-) I'm also going to have some fun with Scott later in the keynote as we celebrate the last 14 years of Java and muse a bit about the future. Be sure to join me and the team in person or online. We are showing the world what we are all about - innovation, passion and imagination.

See you tomorrow and... Thanks!


Join JavaOne, Join the last 14 years of innovation !!!

Enjoy !!

Friday Apr 11, 2008

JavaOne Students for Free.

This year is most simple and most cheap. It's FOR FREE !!!

Enjoy !!!!



Come and learn for Free!

Be our guest at The CommunityOne and JavaOne Conferences in San Francisco, May 5 - 9, 2008. Hosted by Chris Melissinos, Sun's Chief Gaming Officer, this 5 day program is specially aimed at college students. Discover the latest technology solutions and gain an edge at these dynamic interactive conferences. Join a passionate developer community, be exposed to visionaries, "Rock Star" speakers, and technology experts. You'll have opportunities to evaluate new products and network with other students, engineers, developers, and industry leaders. All of this and you’ll acquire the tools you need to be better prepared for your future.

------------------------------Spanish ------------------- 

Este año es mas simple y barato. Que es GRATIS !!!!

Si vais a USA que no sea para nada.

Disfrutarlo !!!!

Ven y aprende gratis!

Se nuestro huesped en The CommunityOne y la JavaOne Conferences en (Flipalo) San Francisco, Mayo del 5 - 9, 2008.Huesped de Chris Melissinos, Jefe de el area de Juegos, estos 5 dias de programa estan orientados a los alumnos de Universidad. Descubre las últimas tecnologias y descubre el dinamismo interactivo de estas conferencias. Unete a una comunidad de desarrolladores apasionante, exponte a los visionarios, los ponentes "estrellas de Rock", y los expertos de las tecnologias. Tendrás la oportunidad de evaluar nuvos productos e intercambiar experiencias con otros estudiantes, ingenieros, desarrolladores y lideres de la industria. Todo esto y además adquiere las capacidades que necesitaras para estar preparado en el futuro.



General discussion in English and/or Spanish mainly about life in a new feeling and SOA, JES components and Java in general in the software arena.


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