Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

Google and Telcos fight for the money

Google now in the target of telcos. This is my point of view about this article-breaks Firefox- (Spanish) of a national news paper called ElPais (Spanish).

 First, i'm going to summarize it for those English friends :

"Google : It means all win much money"

"....Eric Schmidt, has been defended Telco's accusation of working not in his business into the Mobile World Congress....". Google uses the network for its applications without payment or invest in them.

Eric : "We invest in them but our main business is not only build networks but also make applications runs and increase customer satisfaction"

Schmidt told be proud talk at Mobile World congress due they have a mobile OS (android) and a mobile device (Nexus One) too.

This conference has been after the ministry of Spain for telecommunications business, Telefonica (main Spanish mobile company) and Vodafone (second mobile company) has been talking about make pay to search engines who make a lot of business and traffic into their networks. (sentence says "share" their business).

Telefonica Director, Cesar Alierta told, the week before, "search engines uses our network without pay but it can't follow long time from now. Nets are ours, systems are ours, post-sales are ours, we do all. It's going to change i'm sure".

From my point of view, there are many things to think about :

- Google, now is bigger than a Telco, and it's, for sure, many more dangerous. Take care of them.

- At the same time, it's more aggresive, intrusive and powerful. And like in any other business it's not good for customer (internet in general). It's the same dog with different collar (monopoly). Take care of them.

- For the same reason i always said, take care of Google, it's reading your emails, sending you advertising without your permission and it's making more business than the ones you have seen in the front.

- People who love with no sense (has sense with mind as everything) in cloud computing and/or outsourcing services always said Google is the one. I say it's the one who reads my emails. Now Google is going to read my social information. What is really big. Take care of them.

- On the other hand, Telcos wants to obtain money for another business. It's a penalty. Make your nets, make value, offer your value and make money for it. If not, should die in a capitalistic market.

- Don't forget many of your nets has been paid with citizen money. Take care of your luck.

- Internet is bigger than Google or Telcos, then you should to be more modest. Google or Telcos, free of service or not. If you make value you will survive if not die. Internet non stop at all.

Enjoy and Have Fun !!!

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Google lost money due YouTube

For me is interesting to talk about the artical i have seen in our major news paper called "El Pais" (artical). It's "Google lost 365 mill € or 470 mill $".

In the article reference an study of The register. In this study we can read "....Which means Google's failure to "monetize" YouTube is down to one of two things. Either there's potential ad revenue for online video, and Google can't capture it yet...or there isn't, and the economics of YouTube means it will always be a liability on the wrong half of the balance sheet.....".

 In the Spanish news paper also references this in news CNET that Youtube look for an agreement with Sony to distribute their movies, but it seems complex due Sony has already signed an agreement with Hulu.

 In my point of view that is the topic "Google lost money due YouTube is not so many profitable". But what is the background of this? "Internet content freedom and legal right about content".

  Are we able to look for a new comercial model for contents? I think content providers (movies, songs, tv, even books....) are hard chain to this oldest comercial way to make business and they are not able to look for new free ways to do it. It the world we are living today they must look for an Open Content way to make business or they will die sooner or later.

  Why, if i'm a singer for example, can not play my music in concerts, record that music and share it free in internet. Maybe i, customer, has to connect throw advertising web page, maybe i have to register in some page, maybe i have to fill a survey in advance, or many other ideas.... Or in other case, you make the song for a movie or a tv comercial but then it could be free download for everybody (it just remenber everybody the comercial. why should it be bad? it should be really good for the comercial brand).

With books, for instance it could include advertisments into the cover page or back cover page, or if you are going to write about Paris you should be paid for Paris city council due you contribute the city recognition, or if you write about love for instance the restaurant, the wine and so many other things can be write them down with brand names and you will be paid for it. Then your book could be free.

  In summary, my opinion is, content is great, content is power and content is a brand itself you must to sell your content itself to make it profitable and then share the content as much as you can freely. When the consumer selects a content he consumes the feel, the brands, the cities and whole atmosphere you create for it.

 Has anybody think how many money has cathedrals won and will win thanks to Davincci Code? (even if it is not catholic at all). Should cathedrals pay for it? Should catholic pay every sunday when they go in the church? I think first answer is Yes, second is clearly No. I mean, the religion wins money with goverment, with museums, with weddings and many other activities; but it doesn't with content.

 Many movies works as religion. So many songs or singers work as religion. Win money with t-shirts, concerts, commercials, but your content should be free.

Please, debate on this, it's for sure a big topic.

Enjoy !!!


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