Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

Challenge 24h 2009

This year i make the challenger of 120km. At the end just 112km !!!

 I started with good feeling but not to much speed walking in a hot morning, after some hours i run&walk walk 1,200mts and then run 3,600mts, stop for 20min and start again 1x3. After 8h i had a pain in my chest when i breath, even today i don't know why.... Anyway, i thought i have to retired but i slept 2h and after that i can run without pains at all. I didn't and i don't understand...but.....

Well, i began with 2 walking laps and i start to run a little bit after warm the body and legs again. Now i walked 3 laps and run 1 during the night 3x1. This night was too long, i mean, there aren't good partners to talk/sign/joke with..... and in some way of the night i walked alone.

But when the new morning came everybody began to run or walk again, new day start with tea&lemon

New day come and i just reached 80km what i suspect was to low, anyway, 8am was 81km, 9am was 91, 10am was 97km, i was almost convince 120km was too far, but my last effort was fantastic, i gonna explain it a little and how i felt.

Just before 11am i reached 100km, it was fantastic to have every people who went to watch their friends, father, soons and boys friends looking my 100km flag enabled me as ultrarunner. Anyway at 11am was 102 but it's extremely fantastic was i feel good enought to start running fast, i want try the feeling of how, how long and what you feel running after 23hours was fantastic, i run better than ever i did, i run after 23h fast and fast people asked me question like "what your position is", "are you the first, second..." i really run faster than anyother racer, i did 10km in an hour, i know it isn't to much speed for a regular race but after 23hour.....i past more than 5 people in the list on that hour people who didn't be able even to walk.....and i just finished at 12pm/24hour race with my best ever 112km !!!

I didn't reach my challenge but i prove myself a lot, i feel the best of me and i know more about this wanderful and crazy world of ultraraces !!! I not happy at all, but i really satisfied.

Enjoy !!

Saturday May 09, 2009

My Today&Tomorrow 24h Challenge

This year i'll try to run more than last year. It's simple, run as much as you can on a 24h timeframe. You can run, sleep, walk, relax, stop&start, eat and start again or what ever you want always into the arena or runners area (bathrooms, runner own place to change clothes, shoes, etc).

In this case, the area is inside a public gardens and runners/clothings area inside a Bull Ring all in Torrejon de Ardoz city near to Madrid (location map).

What my challenge is : 120 km !!!

I'll tell you next Sunday/Monday !!!.....jejeje

All you welcome to came to help me and the others runners in the challenge !  (last info also in Spanish)

Take care !!!

PS. Photo is one best runners friends of my when we target 100km in 2008.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

New Year new 24h Challenge !!!

This new year a new challenge is going on. This new 24h Challenge will be in the Village of Torrejon de Ardoz near Madrid city in Madrid area. I booked with the number 5, will it be my number at the finish line? .....jejeje

 Last year i did 103km  in 20h 30min, then i expent almost 4h sleeping, then it means if this year i can run 24h probably i will run around 120km. Now days i'm in the 1947 position at the world ranking  it means 120km could be position me, in theory, at the 1645 position. Then............ even if i don't working out better this year and i don't make many competitions this year i'll make this Challenge :

 "I'll do 120km !!!!"

 Any advise, experience or any kind of comments will be welcome.


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