Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

La conferencia de Ingenieros de Sun - CEC 2008

Last week (10th-14th) we were at CEC2008. It's the engineering conference for around 2,500 engineers from all the world. It's in Las Vegas at Ballys-Paris Casino Hotel in the Strip.

This year, there were sessions by different areas, same topics but different approach, you can learn about Identity, JavaCAPS or mySQL and more. These topics has different flavours of hands-on, training or just some speaks or some demos depends on CBUs Arquitects, Practices (Software, systems and storage), Profesional Services and Support. 

 It also means that you can manage your time to lear one entire course, several hands-on or just overview of several technologies.

Official legend : Live it.  Learn it.  Make IT real...

But i love this one : Enjoy, Learn and Have Fun!

Note : I'll upload some photos in few days.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

Post CEC2007

After CEC2007 some of us using bank holiday and weekend were to visit South California.

First, we rented a Hertz car at Balleys with GPS and drive on for a fantastic 4 days. After 3h 30min 
we arrived to Death Valley, watching an amazing sun off at Dantes View point.

Then a good dinner into Stovepipe Wells. And a good surprise, when we went back to the room a scorpion
 visited us into the rug, after some fight it went out with put problems.

Next day, all day at Death Valley. We watched almost all important thing. (watch my running section for
 a run in Death Valley).

At the afternon we drove to LA.

In La we staied at Dunnes Inn in west Sunset Blvd cheap, clean and near everywhere as you can be in LA.
(watch my running section for a run in LA)

Next two days were at LA

Finally, we came bak home.

Friday Oct 19, 2007

Griffth Observatory - Los Angeles, CA

After Death Valley, we went to LA. I run again. Fantastic !

These hotel was cheap (Dunnes Inn 5625 West Sunset Blvd) and near everything (near as you can in LA). 
Starting at 8.00.Run start at the street not to bad, then good uphills to endurance your legs,
downhill for a while and then uphill again and out road into the Griffith Park to the top at Griffith Observatory.
Amazing scenic LA view. Fast downhill at Griffith Park til the street again.
(has you seen the squirrel& the coyote?, i did) After that take care, use traffic lights and go back hotel. Enjoy !!!

Golden Canyon - Death Valley

After run at Mosaic Canyon, watched Zabriskie Point, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, devil Golf Course, BadWater,
Natural Bridge, Artistic Palete we finished before lunch at an amazing and sort hike walk at Golden Canyon. Enjoy !!!

Mosaic Canyon - Death Valley

After CEC2007 we take a Hertz rental car from Las Vegas to Death Valley.Good map
There we sleep at Stovepipe Wells Hotel on route 190. 
I run afterwards at Death Valley after 4 days in Las Vegas without time/space to run.

Starting at 7.30 you can watch the sunrise and avoid the hto temperature at mid day. 
For me it was the best energy loader.

Go ahead for the details, elevations, comments, etc

Enjoy !!!

CEC2007 Images Summary

The beginning :

CEC as a dream :

Las Vegas pure style :

The boss :

As usually there was a cocktail -Como es constumbre habia un cocktail de fraternización- :

If he only seen one party, i never disscus his interest ;-) 
(Si bien este sólo vio una fiesta, no le discuto el interés ;-) )

¿The end at CEC 2007? ;-)  This is what can happend at web2.0 too(es lo que tiene la web2.0) :

Enjoy !!!

Last day

"All hands" was interesting, questions were interesting too and many of the customer engineers were writing their blogs, finishing their videos and taking last photos or sending last SMS.

The final show was fantastic with japanease show and a good feeling : "things was well done and we'll see all together next year at CEC2008".

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Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Starting the Last day

After 15 min in the shower and some of them cold and some hot. I toke breakfast.
Now, "All hands", software practice for me are starting......"see you in a while"


Second day

Second day was perfect for me.
Why? i didn't scheduled any session til lunch time and i was shopping again. But this time i didn't buy anything.
After that, lunch and several good session in the afternon, all of those about SOA.
HIAV and scalability, new release, secure SOA, etc. But i wasn't able to go at the same time to another good session about Portal
Colleages of me told me that sessions about Ruby and JavaFX was fantastic and Portal one too.
Moreover, tursday was the CEC party and that was good news.
Party was in the Palm, with a good atmosphere, ladys dancing on the pool, playing with ships and several mahines (bicycles really small). Anyway i invite to some drink to me college by my birthday =:-))

Then, some.... how to say..... interesting bars and clubs was our "entretaiment" in this city. (not gamblim, i don't know to play =:-))
4a.m. at back at the hotel was a hard advanced of last day get up process =:-)

End of first day

After an error with my laptop power cable, sorry, i'll try to summary first day.
Afternon sessions was good but maybe, and only maybe too long for me that i finished really tired.

Many conferences, and many topics, somo of them good and technical ones as "In deep" of PSD. In my case software. Joined the group of SOA.

You have to move from one location to other when some of them was too long, moreover you have go throu casinos, poker tables, etc

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Grand Canyon at Las Vegas

One of the most exciting experinces you can do at Las Vegas is to take tour to Grand Canyon.
I booked one of them, and i spent yesterday at Grand canyon. It was fantastic, good weather, nice colleage of my and the Canyon.

Shutle picked up us at 6.20 (too earlie but it's best), some time after that we are flying into a small aircraf from somewhere airport in Las Vegas to a somewhere in the orizhonds. The sun rise in the front and the feeling of fly in a small pice of iron plus the air, emothion and exciting idea of the day was enough.

We are European and maybe it could be fine for the first day in States to take this tour at 8.00 a.m. No jet lack issues at all.

45 min later we landed at Grand, because it is really Grand. Our next exciting step was waiting for us. It was helicopter. It was simply fantastic, from you went up throu take off and land in an small stones circle near the colorado riber. (choice a window seat for helicopter is very recomended).
The first ime you take a helicopter, as it was for all of us, is fantastic, is very soft compare with aircraft and it's really as you fly like a fly. Moreover there is a huge fly down of thounsand of feets between the top of Grand and the riber.
Then, 20 min of boat trip around riber with a funny guy, and an indian tradition to put water in your fornt for a good luck. (could it be the next helicopter or aircraft trip? =:-))
After that new helicopter trip to went up again to the top.
An a new surprise, a simple bus trip of 10 min can be not so simple. The bus driver was fantastic, "Who remenber my name?" "My name is Francisco, i'm a single man" "Single Laydies don't forget it" and things like "Who lets the dog out" (anyone who was there understand me any others i don't want to say you more, you have to feeling yourselfs). This kind of things in a simple 10min bus trip make the bus driver win the first prize of this trip.
Then, some walk around the top near the BBQ before lunch and an small sky views in the top after the lunch.
After that 35 min aircraft trip trou Hoover Dam and a feeling of the end of a fantastic adventure.

If you book soon in the morning you have time to do what we did :

- Leave your bags at the hotel
- Take a taxi (18€) to "Premiun Outlet" at "Charlestone Blvd" and buy a lot everything you can =:-))
- Even if you have energy at us. You can take a taxi (8€) and go to "Fremont Street" for a real and storic (but also new) Las Vegas experince.
- I recomend you a good, quiet and realy good restaurant with a special sky view at "Steak House" at "Fermont St" in "Brions Hotel" (40€ each)
- Taki back (15 €)

I hope it could help you in Las Vegas.

First feeling at CEC 2007

First Day at CEC2007 : Hello, today October the 8th we are starting the conference at CEC 2007 This year in a new an excellent location at Las Vegas, NV where wishes and dreams could be reallity like kids at Disney World, this incredible city is, like a collegue of my said, a "wonderful park" for big boys. Around 3.000 engineers are joined to chat about their entire world (systems, storage, software and so). The first minutes were for a track of "Cirque du solei" with a fantastic and fashion introduction, at the moment standards general presentation speakers are talking about the strategy. Pros. More and more engineers every year that is good. More and more advantages every year that is good too. And a fantastic idea of eco-responsability that is really good too. Cons. No scheduled or CEC book plans available for the second registration day at all. It's available also at SWAN what is not the best. More and better in a while.

General discussion in English and/or Spanish mainly about life in a new feeling and SOA, JES components and Java in general in the software arena.


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