New Puma. The new GM's car generation

For me it's a fantastic idea create a new car generation, it's a great idea and a great innovation than GM  (important : in profit lost, helped by US Goverment) in partnership with Segway create this new generation.

Losses, companies,etc it's not my interest. But if Goverment helps it should be on this kind of things not to kill ourself in the future.

The new car called PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) . According to "El Pais", in its article, GM has planned to develop comercial offerings of it in 2012. It works with ión-litio batery in combination with an energy intelligent system, two balance wheels, and low power level needs. It runs around 55km/h (36 miles/h). It's 56km autonomus. And it has a GPS device to avoid traffic jam.

The topic into : Boston Herald "...Segway and GM are looking for partners - cities or universities - to test the PUMA on designated bike lanes." Can Spanish cities or universities accept? airports? why not !!!....It's a joke now the insurance will be the trick!

The project into : Project P.U.M.A.

I hope this battery is near zero charge time one. And i hope also if it cuts cost 3-4 times we'll pay 3-4 times less.

I'm really worried about new generation in any life actitude, we have to save not only money, energy, time, etc but also natural life, natural resources. At the same time we have to both solve problems and solve our insostenible way of life.

Great for it !!! Moreover It's really cool !!! Is it a bike? is it a wheel chair? but it's out traffic ! If bikes runs on sidewalks&roads and motorbikes on roads, is it's going to be on?...... my point of view it should be on roads due it works with an engine, it's too fast and thick for a sidewalk. It should be the new generation of car and motorbike with eco efficiency engine.

I'll do !! for instance it should be by law in companies to pay eco car for employees.

Enjoy !!


This is either a joke or they are spitting in the face of the entire nation… Is this what GM spent 14 billion dollars taken from our pocket for? This would be a great solution for disabled people if it is considered as new model of the wheelchair… or for the spoiled kids of wealthy parents (GM’s executives, vice-presidents, top-management, etc. who along with oil companies brought our country to the present shameful situation ). It's a new toy, not a serious innovation or concept! These people from GM are being especially shameless and irresponsible because they made this announcement right after Tesla Motor Company’s presentation of Tesla S car which is a real technological and conceptual breakthrough. If we really want CHANGES we (our government ) should stop supporting these betrayers and let them die. Such companies like Tesla Motor are the best alternative solution in term of investments and jobs.

Posted by dmitri on April 09, 2009 at 11:50 AM CEST #

Yes, exactly. If we (Goverment) has to pay for, pay for a new innovation. Things like this electricity innovation has to be the future due petrol is going off sooner (not later). It doesn't matter, for me, it's GM or Tesla, but it should be base on a new model, what do you pay for an old mobile model?.

But even worse. We have to change our economy model, 5-6 years a go was Iraq/Iran war (petrol), last 2 years was a petrol crack, this year bank crack (an the next), what next?....why do not use air, water and sun (that every country have we don't need to import/export) to produce free and eco electricity?. We should put our effort and money researching around this.

Great comment, Tesla :
Their cool Tesla S car video :
Some features : 0 to 60 miles/hour in 3.9 sec (0 to 96 km/h in 3.9 sec), 14.000 r.p.m, 244 miles/charge (390 km/charge) means a really huge autonomy.

Just one extra point for Puma, Puma could be a kind of toy as you suggest, it could be absolutely great for wheelchair owner, but it's also a great proposal for avoid traffic vs Tesla. Tesla is innovation also, but it's the same car concept. For sure those are part of different market segments, i mean, Tesla oriented to highways and tours (244 miles is amazing), Puma oriented to main cities. We have a gap on trails. Does any one know about trails models?
Anyway both are not the final model neither the final transport generation, they have to evolve, we are just beginning the way to.

Sun energy?
Electric hybrids of wire&sun charges using the same batteries, to charge on live during a trip or day by day at the city. Or out roads (Fire Valley or Death Valley) where there isn't gas station. Does it sound good/possible?

PS. Even fun, we'll change the sentence "gas station" for a new one, maybe electric station, or charge station, or battery station.

Thanks for the discussion.
Great comments.

Posted by Jorge Sanchez Coloma on April 13, 2009 at 05:58 AM CEST #

thanks for this share

Posted by otel rehberi on November 09, 2009 at 08:41 AM CET #

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