Friday Jan 23, 2009

January 29th - SunLabs University Day

  Cool it's Confirmed !

  Date : January 29th
  Hour : 16.00h
  Title : SunLabs University Day
Be smart have fun

Where :

   Universidad Complutense Madrid

   Salón de Grados

   Facultad de Informática

Agenda :

1) A new Anti-Phishing security pipe for the WWW (Poorna Udupi) 45min
2) Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun (Poorna Udupi) 45min
3) SAI/OSUM CA's Overview 15min
4) Exploiting capacitors for high-performance computer systems  (Ron Ho) 45min

  • SAI/OSUM (Aula Sun & Sun Campus Ambassador)

    What is SAI/OSUM initiative?
    How can i access the free courses&practice exams?
    How can i join the University Social Open Source Community?

  • Anti-Phishing (Poornaprajna Udupi)  

Poornaprajna Udupi is a researcher for Sun Microsystems Laboratories,
working on applied cryptography research projects to provide practical
solutions to the information security problems in the financial industry.
In the recent past his research was focused on developing anti-phishing
protocols for Web Security.
  • High-Performance Computer Systems (Ron Ho)

    Ron Ho is a Distinguished Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems,
   working in the Sun Labs VLSI Research Group. He received the
   Ph.D. degree from Stanford University, Stanford, CA, in 2002.
   In 2003, he joined Sun Labs in Menlo Park, CA, where he has been
   working on chip-to-chip and on-chip communication technologies,
   memory design, and asynchronous circuits.

Over the past several decades, the technology scaling of silicon
   circuits has completely transformed the power and performance space
   of VLSI chips. However, continued technology scaling also presents
   designers with several challenges. Chief among these are the
   increasing costs of communication. On a chip, scaled metal wires
   are getting slower and slower, while consuming more and more of a
   chip's power budget. Off a chip, area solder balls are not scaling
   nearly as fast as transistors, making chip-to-chip communication a
   worsening bottleneck, even with the liberal use of high-power
   serial links on every I/O pad.

  • SunSPOT (Poornaprajna Udupi)

Project Sun SPOT (Sun; Small Programmable Object Technology) is a snapshot of ongoing research in Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Established in 1990, Sun Labs, with locations in California and Massachusetts, is the applied research and advanced development arm of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun Labs is one of the ways Sun invests in the future -- the Labs is responsible for many of the technology advancements and inventions that have made Sun a technology powerhouse.

In 2003 researchers at Sun Labs began working on Wireless Sensor Networks. Over the course of the first year of research, we found that we wanted more powerful sensor devices that were easier to program. We felt that our progress was limited by the lack of useful tools and by inflexible hardware designs. Based on our experience with Java and with the KVM (both of which were invented in Sun Labs) and its use in cell phones, we thought that applying Java to development of the platform we envisioned would help us get past some of these limits.

In November of 2004, Sun Labs started project Sun SPOT to build our own sensor hardware and to adapt a small, flexible Java Virtual Machine (Project Squawk) to the sensor platform. Within days of getting our first hardware running, our eager researchers had developed several interesting application and we were off and running.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

January 29th - SunLabs University Day

"Be Smart have fun" como siempre es nuestra seña de identidad. Vamos a tener la suerte de contar con tres ingenieros de los Laboratorios de Sun en USA. (Pinchar sobre la imagen para ver un tour virtual por los laboratorios) y hemos pensado que sería buena idea tener una sesión con la comunidad educativa. 

Se va ha celebrar en la Universidad Complutense, el día 29 de Enero, se que son malas fechas para la comunidad Universitaria pero la oportunidad lo merece. Invitados estais Universidades, Centros de Investigación y demás centros educativos.

La hora está sin confirmar pero seguramente sea por la tarde.

La agenda aún sin cerrar es la siguiente :

1) SAI/OSUM CA's Overview (every event/speak for us start with this overview) 15min
2)A new Anti-Phishing security pipe for the WWW (Poorna Udupi) 45min
3) Exploiting capacitors for high-performance computer systems  (Ron Ho) 45min
4) Sun SPOTs - An Experimental Technology from Sun (David Simmons) 45min

Os seguiré informando.

Disfrutarla !!!!Nos vemos allí !!!


Wednesday Dec 17, 2008

xVM VirtualBox 2.1 will be released on Wednesday December 17

VirtualBox has over 8 million downloads worldwide, 2.5 million registrations and 25,000 downloads a day

Just some of the features that are available in xVM VirtualBox 2.1 include:
- New Accelerated 3D Graphics
- Improved Network Performance
- Storage Support (built-in iSCSI support to connect to storage systems ie Amber Road)

xVM VirtualBox 2.1 software offers improved support for:

- Mac OS X on Intel's Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
- VMware's and Microsoft's Virtualization Formats
- Intel® CoreTM i7 processor
64-bit guest OS on 32-bit host platforms

And of course you'll be able to download xVM VirtualBox 2.1 at:

Also you can watch some videos (it's funny all run at the same time) just click at Demo image.

In my point of view i'm going to compare price between VMWare and VirtualBox :

Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Tier 5 Desktop Subscription - 2501+ Users - Price per User: $25.50

Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Tier 4 Desktop Subscription - 1001 to 2500 Users - Price per User: $26.25
Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Tier 3 Desktop Subscription - 501 to 1000 Users - Price per User: $27.00
Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Tier 2 Desktop Subscription - 251 to 500 Users - Price per User: $28.50
Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Tier 1 Desktop Subscription - 50 to 250 Users: $30.00

Sun xVM VirtualBox Premium Server Subscription - Price per Server per 4 Sockets: $500.00

Versus this amazing price of VMWare :

VMware Workstation 6.5 for Windows

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


VMware Workstation 6.5 for Windows 5 Pack

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


VMware Workstation 6.5 for Windows 10 Pack

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


VMware Workstation 6.5 for Linux

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


VMware Workstation 6.5 for Linux 5 Pack

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


VMware Workstation 6.5 for Linux 10 Pack

Electronic Software Download - Start Using It Instantly


It looks like at least we have to consider test it. I run VirtualBox and it's pretty much simple.

Other way to make different things everyday

Enjoy !!!

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.11 launch

Today, Sun announces the general availability of the most exciting release of Solaris since the original Solaris 10 -- OpenSolaris 2008.11.

This release builds on the success of 2008.5, which is being used by enormous numbers of developers and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. That release was specifically oriented to developers, incorporating the latest free open source technologies and our own innovations. The 2008.11 product we are announcing today takes the developer capability and raises it to a new level - with innovations for the developer, the deployer, and the systems administrator. For the first time, you can get one open operating environment with both the latest technologies and the ability to deploy into mission-critical production.

People developing and deploying with Solaris today enjoy core capabilities like ZFS and DTrace to radically simplify their storage and understand their running systems. OpenSolaris 2008.11 unlocks these capabilities for a much broader set of users with ease-of-use tools like Time Slider and DLight. Breakthrough packaging and update technology, superior installation and maintenance, and a new I/O subsystem are just a few in a long list of top-to-bottom major improvements, providing significant visible value to virtually every customer.

OpenSolaris 2008.11 is quick and easy to download, deploy and use -- and is perfectly suited to not just students and developers, but also to the system / storage admins who will deploy it in in a variety of enterprises. With five world record benchmarks already, it also delivers the performance that demanding customers need. For production customers who need support, globally-delivered subscription support services are just a few clicks away.

Through collaboration with Intel, OpenSolaris 2008.11 is the first operating system shipping which is already optimized for Intel Nehalem, a new processor to be released by Intel in 2009.  

I hope you will check out these exciting new products yourself.I encourage you to download and install the last OpenSolaris.

Featured Download

Download OpenSolaris™ 2008.11

Congratulations to the OpenSolaris team and community on this enormous upgrade in our operating system offering.

My point of view,  OpenSolaris is attracting more and more community members day by day, it doesn't mean OpenSolaris is at the same level, i mean or even worst OpenSolaris was late on the starting line of Open Operating Systems, but it's an Operating System to be in contact with and to check out regulary in deep. It is secure for sure. Of course if you are a fan of Solaris It is your opportunity. 

By the way what is the difference between RedHat and OpenSolaris? both has a company behaind, both has a subscription model license, what is the different? i haven't seen it. Then if you love Linux go ahead, if not go for OpenSolaris. But there isn't any differences from an Enterprise Perspective.

Other kind of thing is CentOS, but it isn't on the Enterprise Arena at least on big numbers. (Of course there are always people working on Ada, Foltran or many others). By the way will CentOS exits without RedHat?

For example, compare with Ubuntu subscription model. This summary is Ubuntu vs OpenSolaris website price list :


9 x 5 (Standard)

24 x 7 (Advanced)

Desktop support $250 (USD)\* $900 (USD)\*

Server support $750 (USD)\* $2750 (USD)\*

 Thin client support: 1 x  server subscription + 10 x thin client subscriptions   $1,075(USD)\* $2,600 (USD)\*

Term 1 year 1 year

Live phone support Included Included

Email support Included Included

Free upgrades Included Included

Security upgrades Included Included

\*Prices exclude applicable sales taxes.

Subscription Features
OpenSolaris Production
Subscription Support
OpenSolaris Essential
Subscription Support
Pricing starting at $324
24 x 7
1 hr response time for Priority 1 calls

8 x 5 business hours
48 hour response1


I hope you can share and participate in this post too. Feel free to give us your point of view. 

Enjoy !!!

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

MySQL 5.1 launch on Monday, Dec 8 at 6am PT

This will be a follow-up to the actual GA of MySQL 5.1, which released on Nov 26.

Info about MySQL 5.1 is now live at, also:

On Monday, we'll do a press release & update content at and

In addition to MySQL 5.1, we'll be following up with content on MySQL Query Analyzer, a feature which was recently released as a part of MySQL Enterprise.  Info on Query Analyzer is available at

MySQL 5.1 is now available, and includes new enterprise-caliber features and enhancements to help manage very large data sets and increase performance for Large-Scale Enterprise Applications.

Value Prop:
MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1 software is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of MySQL for cost-effectively delivering E-commerce, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and multi-terabyte Data Warehousing applications. Now including Table and Index Partitioning and Row-Based and Hybrid Replication, MySQL 5.1 delivers higher performance for large-scale enterprise applications. Customers can further optimize database performance, manage scale, drive increased efficiency and lower administrative overhead by using the recently released MySQL Enterprise Fall 2008 Release, featuring Query Analyzer. With Query Analyzer, designed to help DBAs and developers identify and analyze problem SQL code causing performance issues and slow downs, customers have experienced up to 3 times database performance improvement within days instead of weeks. MySQL delivers the ease of use, scalability, and performance that has made MySQL the world's most popular open source database.

Enjoy !!!

Friday Dec 05, 2008

Yesterday JavaFX was released

Yesterday, some of the most cool technologies in Java was released. It's JavaFX. It's a technology base on JDK 6U11.

From now there are tree available bundle distribution : JavaFX 1.0 into NetBeans 6.5, JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite, JavaFX 1.0 SDK.

My point of view : Java is a mature language but it's improved day by day, is JavaFX the best solution for web development? it's another choice for sure. There isn't the best solution, there is a solution for each problem into each proyect at each particular customer. Nevertheless i have to say the results are impressive, the interface is enricheable but now we have to see what the feedback is, what the 1.0 relase provide and where is the limit to this 1.0 to improve next.

From the JavaFX website you can read exactly what JavaFX is :

What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is a rich client platform for building cross-device applications and content. Designed to enable easy creation and deployment of rich internet applications (RIAs) with immersive media and content, the JavaFX platform ensures that RIAs look and behave consistently across diverse form factors and devices.

The JavaFX 1.0 platform release includes the following components:

  • JavaFX 1.0 SDK which includes the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, graphics, media, web services, and rich text libraries to create RIAs for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms

  • NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX 1.0 which provides a sophisticated integrated development environment for building, previewing, and debugging JavaFX applications. The editor features a drag-and-drop palette to quickly add JavaFX objects with transformations, effects and animation. This IDE also comes with its own set of Building Blocks samples and the Beta version of the JavaFX Mobile Emulator, a mobile phone simulator.

  • JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite is a suite of tools and plugins for creative tools that enable designers to export graphical assets to JavaFX applications.

Read the Develop Rich Internet Applications With JavaFX Platform document to learn more about what JavaFX technology has to offer you.

What expecial regards i have for today, friday, test JavaFX1.0 !!!

Enjoy !!!

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

VIII Semana de la Ciencia - Complutense

Esta semana estoy pluriempleado porque tenemos la VIII Semana de la Ciencia en la Comunidad de Madrid, participando en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid en su Semana de la Ciencia.

En esta semana se producen tres acciones concretas : La agenda de las actividades y mi conferencia (la subiré en los próximos días), dos nuestra aula Sun que lleva funcionando en el 2º Piso de la facultad de Fisicas y en tercer lugar presentará nuestro Campus Ambassador de la Universidad Complutense.

Por lo tanto disfrutar de toda la semana y de todos los temas interesantes que se presentan, desde coleopteros, el cosmos, flora y por supuesto sofware libre.

Conferencias RedIris

Estamos participando en las Jornadas Técnicas de RedIris (17-21 de Nov en la Universidad de Alcala de Henares)

Algo MUY IMPORTANTE las sesiones están siendo retrasmitidas con dos ventanas : una sobre el ponente con el audio y otra que muestra la presentación.

Ahora solamente actualizaros con toda la agenda , recordaros donde será la retransmisión de mi sesión el día 20 de 16:00 a 18:30h dentro de una sesión multidisciplinar con 5 sesiones.

Aprovecharos porque podeis acceder a los contenidos interesantes de forma remota.

Disfrutarlo !!!

Sun anuncia StarOffice 9

Sun Microsystems anuncia la disponibilidad de StarOffice 9, que incorpora nuevas versiones del procesador de textos, de la aplicación para presentaciones, de la hoja de cálculo, de la base de datos y del software para tratamiento de imágenes. Esta importante actualización de la suite de productividad de Sun añade además soporte para el sistema operativo Mac OS X.

StarOffice 9 incluye el cliente de correo electrónico Thunderbird de Mozilla y la extensión Lightning, “convirtiéndose en una solución sencilla y completa para compañías de cualquier tamaño, desde Pymes a grandes corporaciones”, tal y como destaca la propia compañía a través de un comunicado de prensa. La suite añade muchas extensiones que hacen más fácil ejecutar tareas habituales como edición de archivos PDF, creación de informes y publicación de blogs y wikis. Adicionalmente, Sun Services ofrece a las empresas herramientas para atender a los clientes que están migrando de Microsoft Office a StarOffice 9.

Más información sobre las características, extensiones y lenguajes disponibles en

Probarlo y disfrutarlo !!!

La conferencia de Ingenieros de Sun - CEC 2008

Last week (10th-14th) we were at CEC2008. It's the engineering conference for around 2,500 engineers from all the world. It's in Las Vegas at Ballys-Paris Casino Hotel in the Strip.

This year, there were sessions by different areas, same topics but different approach, you can learn about Identity, JavaCAPS or mySQL and more. These topics has different flavours of hands-on, training or just some speaks or some demos depends on CBUs Arquitects, Practices (Software, systems and storage), Profesional Services and Support. 

 It also means that you can manage your time to lear one entire course, several hands-on or just overview of several technologies.

Official legend : Live it.  Learn it.  Make IT real...

But i love this one : Enjoy, Learn and Have Fun!

Note : I'll upload some photos in few days.

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Confirmado - Webinar Especial de GlassFish v3

Este jueves 16 de Octubre, a las 22h para España, Eduardo Pellegri nos ofrecerá un seminario especial en castellano sobre GlassFish. En concreto sobre GlassFish v3 Prelude y el resto de componentes alrededor del proyecto GlassFish, con oferta Open Source.

El seminario tendrá lugar usando uStream.TV en el canal del Aquarium TheAquarium Channel con la oportunidad de realizar preguntas con el chat en linea. El seminario está abierto a todo el mundo. 


Para que todas las geografias lo tengan claro os dejo las tabla de horas para el seminario. Recordar fecha mañana Jueves 16.

GMT: 20hrs (8pm)
San Francisco: 1pm (UTC-7)
Mexico, DF: 3pm (UTC-5)
Caracas: 3:30 pm (UTC-4:30)
Santiago de Chile: 5 pm (UTC-3)
Madrid/Barna: 10pm (UTC+2)

Aprovecharlo y Disfrutarlo !!!!

Monday Oct 13, 2008

Charla GlassFish v3 Prelude

Perdonar el parón, se ha alargado el parón veraniego mucho.

En Español para toda la comunidad de habla Hispana por Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart.

Disfrutarlo !!!

Os copio el mensaje de convocatoria "Quizás ya sabeis que GlassFish v3 Prelude va a salir a finales de mes. Con ese motivo quiero organizar un Webinar en español la semana que viene.  Daré un resúmen de v3 Prelude, de GlassFish v2.1, v3, y del resto de los componentes que van directamente encima de GlassFish.

Será un Webinar de una hora, e incluirá preguntas y respuestas.

Utilizaré TheAquarium TV en uStream.TV.  Es muy fácil de usar a través de un browser con Flash.

Concretando datos de la charla.

El dia del webinar sera el Jueves, 16 de Octubre. Horas tentativas (casi definitivas) :

GMT: 20hrs (8pm)
San Francisco: 1pm (UTC-7)
Mexico, DF: 3pm (UTC-5)
Caracas: 3:30 pm (UTC-4:30)
Santiago de Chile: 5 pm (UTC-3)
Madrid/Barna: 10pm (UTC+2)"

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Segunda Jornada Open Java Day

La segunda jornada me gustó tanto como la primera, os dejaré más información en breve, estoy recogiendola, editandola y procesando la noticia tanto para TheAquiarium_es como TheAquarium.

Disfrutarlo !!

Friday Jun 27, 2008

La primera Jornada del Open Java Day / Open Solaris Day

La primera jornada fue todo un éxito, la verdad es que no es por despreciar las sesiones del año pasado, pero este año mi opinión es que han sido mejores. Las sesiones han pasado a ser de dos dias y el contenido mucho mayor. 

La asistencia debe haber rondado las 100-120 personas lo que me parece un incremento significativo desde el año pasado.

Además y esto es nuevamente una opinión personal, ayer vi ponentes muy preparados, con gran experiencia en cada uno de las areas que relatar, pero para mi bastante significativo, hay personan inmersas en conocer los grupos de desarrollo Open, hay personas haciendo "Business" con Open Source y mostrando sus pros y contras, y como con una labor "en la sombra" estas empresas modestas propiedad de gente de la comunidad que ha visto viabilidad al desarrollo con este tipo de tecnologia pelea dia a dia por inculcar en todos sus clientes esta filosofia de Open. Pero además conocimos a personas perteneciendo y desarrollando los sites en Espàñol de muchas de las tendencias Open Source y no me refiero a Java Hispano que está siempre, sino a la gente de Grovy y Grail.

Y de verdad, algo que quedo un poco ensombrecido y que para mi fue la hostia (con perdón) conocimos y tratamos con un desarrollador de Trails (framework de Java). Aunque sólo sea por la experiencia adquirida en esos 45min-1h esto es de agradecer. Y sobre todo apoyar.

 Ojala me lo pase tan bien en la segunda jornada, hoy :-)

 PD. Os pondré fotos, urls y más info en breve. Además copiaré la entrada en TheAquarium_es y posiblemente muchas cosas de las vistas aqui en TheAquarium para cualquier versión.

 Si no habeis asistido, no os perdais la próxima convocatoria, entrar en Java Hispano y "be community".

Friday Jun 20, 2008

About GlassFish and Sun AS - Sobre GlassFish y Sun AS

About GlassFish and "Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server"

(First the name will change from Sun Java Systems Application Server) :

AS 9.0 == Glassfish V1

    AS 9.1 == Glassfish V2

            AS 9.1 UR1 (9.1_01) == Glassfish V2 UR1

            AS 9.1 UR2 (9.1_02) == Glassfish V2 UR2 + AS 9.1_02 patch 01 (128640-03, 128643-03)

            AS 9.1.1 == Glassfish V2.1 [plus Sailfin "foundations"]

    Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server = GlassFish V3

---- Spanish version ---

Sobre la relación entre Glassfish y "Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server" (Lo primero el nombre cambiará de Sun Java Systems Application Server) :

            AS 9.0 == Glassfish V1

            AS 9.1 == Glassfish V2

                    AS 9.1 UR1 (9.1_01) == Glassfish V2 UR1

                    AS 9.1 UR2 (9.1_02) == Glassfish V2 UR2 + AS 9.1_02 patch 01 (128640-03, 128643-03)

                    AS 9.1.1 == Glassfish V2.1 [contiene los "foundations" de Sailfin]

            Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server = GlassFish V3

Espero que esto os aclare las relaciones de nomenclatura Open y comercial


General discussion in English and/or Spanish mainly about life in a new feeling and SOA, JES components and Java in general in the software arena.


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