Friday Oct 17, 2008

Open Source World Conference

Next week i'll be in this conference with several presentations & demos. I hope see you there. I'll upload the links to the presentations after the conference in case you want to check it out twice.

I give you my slots in this quick table. Check also conference agenda.

Sala 2.1

Tue 21th de Oct
13.00 - 13.30


Session Title

Session Description



Almacenamiento masivo : Herramientas abiertas


Jorge Sanchez

Sun Microsystems

Sala 8

Wed 22th de Oct
12.00 - 14.00


Session Title

Session Description



Soluciones Web

Infraestructura de desarrollo open: MySQL+Glassfish+Netbeans

Jorge Sanchez

Sun Microsystems


Session Title

Session Description




Interoperabilidad y SOA con software Libre. SUN OpenESB

Antonio Galán Vázquez + Jorge Sanchez

Sun Microsystems- SADIEL

Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Annuncing the availability of Java MQ 4.2

My thanks to the Java MQ team!

I am pleased to announce the release of Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2

This release adds the following new features:

  • Wildcard topic destinations
  • XML message validation
  • C-API support for external transaction managers (Tested with Tuxedo TM)
  • Support for MySQL Cluster Edition for HA, MySQL Enterprise Edition for standard JDBC message stores
  • Product registration via installer

The equivalent stable community release is available via this download page posted to the Open MQ project at

The Message Queue 4.2 Documentation Collection is available here.
All new features are detailed in the MQ 4.2 release notes

Enjoy !!

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

JME session - June the 10th

This was the first session i did on the UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid). This session was releated with Mobile.

I think it was fantastic idea match Sun proposal with students mobile interest.

I try to show them an iterative and friendly, with some humor, session about our NetBeans + Mobile plugins, CDC Toolkit and CLDC Toolkit

As you can see, we deploy into GlassFish and we are running NetBeans 6.1 features.

Here you can have the JME presentation and the JME example. (External Web Server call from the Mobile CLDC application)

If you are interesting in the information, ome pictures and more about UPM, please check the UPM Community Blog.

I hope you enjoy like me, i love go back to the University, met this students and the new University strategy should be great!!!.

I give all of them many thanks and i give you all my best whises for this new strategy.

Enjoy !!!

Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

New JCAPS 6 Released !!

JCAPS 6 has been released !!!!! What is a great new before the summer.

I encourage you to listen the SOA Podcast (image link) and learn more about it.

Some news in the market about new JCAPS 6 are from Campus Technology  :

"Sun Microsystems this week released the latest version of its business integration and service-oriented architecture package. Version 6 of the Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS) bundles several technologies designed to provide "an open and extensible platform" for developing software infrastructures using an SOA approach.

JCAPS 6 is built on a modular enterprise service bus (ESB) based on the Java Business Integration (JBI) standard in Sun's Open ESB project. ESBs often serve as foundation for a service-oriented architecture (SOA), enabling different components to connect with each other through messaging, mediation, routing, etc. The suite also bundles an intelligent event processor with the ability to identify trends and pattern in real time, plus new business process management features that support BPEL 2, support for the latest version of the Sun's GlassFish enterprise server and support for the NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE).

"This is the next evolution of our platform and one of the only open source offerings of its kind," said Ashesh Badani, director of Sun's SOA group."


"This version of JCAPS is the first to fully exploit that acquisition, Sholler added. In fact, he sees JCAPS 6 as Sun's first true application infrastructure suite. "The original version of JCAPS wasn't really a suite," he said. "They just sort of put a whole bunch of stuff in a bag. This version is made of things that were designed to work together."

Sun claims that JCAPS is the first software suite of its kind with true open source credentials, and that's a fair claim, Sholler said. "We've seen a growing interest when it comes to SOA-style infrastructure in open source,"

 From Application Development Trends.

 You can read the  Official Sun's Press Releas

Enjoy !!!

Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

New JCAPS 6 info

Hello, las week i was in an internal training in Grenoble (France). It was excellent and cool. 

I'm very happy with our new stack for JCAPS (SOA platform). Due the mean time between relase the new product, please watch, read and study what is the base code of next :

Share, join a community and enjoy !!!

Note : I ran a lot on the Alpes too, even i sky in the mountains of Chambrusse, i hope wrote it down well :-) I'll post GPS logs of it later

Friday Jan 11, 2008

SOA news agregate blog

This is a good agregate SOA news blog to be ready with last news.

Enjoy !!!!


Este es un buen blog de noticias agregadas sobre SOA para estar actualizados.

Disfrutarlo !!!

Tuesday Nov 20, 2007

SOA Podcast

I thought this SOA Podcast link could be helpful for someone looking info about SOA.

Enjoy !!

He pensado que estos Podcas de SOA podrían ser de ayuda a cualquiera que busque información sobre SOA.

Disfrutarlo !!

Friday Oct 19, 2007

Sun's SOA offering

None of Sun's SOA website has to be without Sun's SOA offering.

Sales presentation :
Sales JavaCAPS presentation

Technical one :
Technical JavaCAPS presentation

Next release :
Next Release JavaCAPS 5.2 presentation(Working on it)

Enjoy !!!!

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

SOA a reality story

Accenture and Sun join together into a SOA strategic alliance. Help you achieve more success with SOA what does it find out? Sun JavaCAPS is a competitive solution in the SOA arena. Me as blogger at this blog, regarding to share SOA news it doesn't matter if it's done by Accenture or by other partner. It's a JavaCAPS growing. It's maturity of the solution. See the PodCast also at : Accenture Secure SOA

General discussion in English and/or Spanish mainly about life in a new feeling and SOA, JES components and Java in general in the software arena.


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