Sábado Dez 29, 2007

Vacation Course

Planning the last details about the UNIX + OpenSolaris course we will give on February at UFRJ with Professor Gabriel Silva. It will be a 40hs course preparing to Solaris Administration Sun certification.

Some days ago the Brazil's Sun Campus Ambassador had a meeting at São Paulo Sun Office. It was very nice.

Next is a photo of me taken by Silveira Neto (a friend Ambassador) at the end of the meeting. I was talking together with Luiz Aquino (on the left) and Bruno Bastos (on the right) to the new Ambassadors.

Quarta-feira Out 24, 2007

3 of 4 Tech Demos are Done!

I would like to use here a new HTML tag: < WET >
Yes... you may read this post hearing water streaming...
Yesterday, the rain started before I woke up and (I hope) it will stop after I sleep. I almost started to search for Noe's arc.

The good news now!

Yesterday, we (me and Luiz Aquino) did our second Tech Demo on the Superior Institute of Technology of Rio de Janeiro. The institute is part of FAETEC (a foundation that supports technical education) and has a new and innovative model of teaching. The article I wrote (I posted it here, so you can read it. Just search below) to subscribe to the event were published on an eletronic magazine.
We made two Techs;

The first (on Monday): Innovating with Solaris and OpenSource Technology
It was great, almost 60 people. We got many interested faces and many questions. We talked about Entrepreneurship, bzness planning, IT and the advantages of OpenSolaris and OpenSource choices. We explained Solaris, its distributions and Project Indiana.
The professors got very excited about SAI (we talked about it too, of course) and we are sending them the e-mail with details and instructions about the academic initiative. We distributed Solaris Mini-Books and SXDE DVDs.

The second (on Wednesday): Java & NetBeans, practical development, robust solutions.
It was great too. Because of the rain (in one day, rained what should rain in 45), fewer people arrived for our presentation... about 30 to 40... but It was nice too. We explained about the importance of using OpenSource technologies, the Java Platform and the Amazing NetBeans 6.0. The only problem was that we had to do the demo on NetBeans 5.5 wich was already installed on the machine we were working on... but we talked a lot about the new features of NetBeans anyway. We gave Mini-Books for those who were not present on Monday and talked briefly about Solaris.

Now we will keep contact and make the effort about SAI.

At UFRJ, we did our Tech Demo about Solaris, Introduction and Installation, on last Friday.
It was cool too... we had and audience of 35 students, and many showed interest to join our OSUG, that is growing bigger with 12 members. We distributed OS Mini-Books and SXDE DVDs and got e-mails to add on our Sun@UFRJ mail list.

We are about to repeat this demo on this Friday!! Then I will report it again!

That's it! :D

Sábado Set 29, 2007

OSUG getting bigger

More people are entering the OSUG.

We are scheduling to distribute the OpenSolaris Mini Books.

I will next send them instruction for registering at opensolaris.org to make them able to ask for free starter kits. We will create a separate e-mail group to deal about the OSUG subjects.

Quinta-feira Set 27, 2007


We are starting our OSUG at UFRJ. Six people are in the boat. We plan to increase it at our next Tech Demo!
The first step is signing them up on opensolaris.org and ask for their Starter Kits.

Segunda-feira Set 03, 2007

Artigo para o IST-RJ

Olá a todos! Desta vez falando em português! Estou postando aqui um artigo que escrevi para realizar a inscrição na Semana Tecnológica e Cultural do Instituto Superior de Tecnologia aqui do Rio de Janeiro. Leiam e opinem!

Abstract: This paper starts from the notice of a a greater competitiveness on the actual market. The IT professional, therefore, should have a knowledge capable of making the organization it works more competitive. Sun Microsystems believes, supports and invest on Open Source technology, letting that the users community could intervene and improve market consolidated tools as Java platform, the Solaris operating system and NetBeans development environment.
Resumo: Este artigo parte da constatação da maior competitividade do mercado atual. O profissional de TI, portanto, deve dotar de conhecimento capaz de tornar sua organização de trabalho mais competitiva. A Sun Microsystems acredita, apóia e investe em tecnologia de código aberto, deixando que a comunidade de utilizadores possa intervir e melhorar ferramentas consolidadas no mercado tais como a plataforma Java, o sistema operacional Solaris e a ambiente de desenvolvimento NetBeans.
[Read More]

Quinta-feira Mai 03, 2007


After some time, I decide to install BeleniX back. It got installed successfully and things are working nicely. Still have some bugs to fix but nothing very problematic... I still got to configure my network... that's maybe problematic. I received some useful links by email with Tips and step by step guides about how installing Solaris or OpenSolaris. Thanks to Angel Camacho! Follow the links:

UFRJ SAI inscription done but no codes received... And where's my laptop!! :(

Segunda-feira Abr 09, 2007

Info News

Hi evbdy,

The info EXAME magazine made a research about Brazilian enterprises and selected the top 100 in the usage of TI. Together, they showed statistics about the Operating Systems they use in their servers. It's said that 41% of the enterprises have Solaris installed, 43% have IBM AIX, 61% have RedHat Linux, 78% have Windows2000 and 96% have Windows Server. HP UX stays with 38%, Windows NT with 35%, SUSE with 26%, Netware 15%, Debian 14%, Mandriva 3%, and others 22%.
About the most used development technologies, Java stays on the TOP, being used at 73% of the enterprises. VB and ASP.Net stay with 67%, C/C++ with 35%, PHP with 34%, C# with 31%, Delphi with 28%, Ajax 27%, Cobol 27%, Cold Fusion 27% and others with 33%.
I think it's good for us to know this kind of information.

Well... Let's keep this blog updated for now on!!


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