Wednesday May 28, 2008

Quality Fest 08

Its a festive season at the Sun India Engineering Center (IEC) with the Quality Forum's mega event, "The Quality Fest 08" scheduled to begin on the 2nd of June.

A core team of very talented and committed volunteers are at work behind the scenes handling all of the myriad tasks and responsibilities required to make this event possible. Unlike other Quality Forum events which are generally targeted at professionals from the Quality & Testing function, this Fest is for everyone irrespective of their functional affiliation. The Fest provides an excellent opportunity to know the various Quality & Testing teams that are present at IEC, the wide range of tools & techniques being used by the different teams, and generally gain a lot of insight into the Quality & Testing function.

Some of the main activities that are part of this event include, Road shows by the different Quality Teams, Demonstration of various Tools being used by the different teams, Tech talk and Panel discussion on a very relevant and interesting subject pertaining to Quality by Senior Professionals from different functions. Oh! and if you are wondering if there's anything else to make the "Fest" festive, wonder not ... there are fun activities interspersed with the other events and some serious prizes to be won too.

You'll be amazed at the number of Quality teams we have at the IEC, the products & technologies they work upon, the gamut of tools used and generally gaining newer perspectives around & greater insights into the Testing function. So, if you are at the IEC, this is one not-to-be-missed event.

While on the subject of Quality, here's a quote attributed to Steve Jobs to sign off this post - “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Monday Apr 07, 2008

Decision making !

While recently reading up an interview with executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, i was attracted to these words which on the face of it was pretty obvious all along ... "Every decision is made by the person who has the power to make it. Not the smartest person, not the prettiest or the best, but the one who has the power."

It does'nt take long to realize the truth in the above statement. Ultimately the one making the final decision is the one with the power to make it. Is there anything at all that you can do to have an outcome that satisfies you; are you totally powerless; frankly, you are not entirely powerless even when you do not have the power to make decisions. You can do one significant thing and that is - Influence.

How do you influence ? Well, how does anyone influence you ... think of advertisements and marketing pitches exhorting you to try and buy a range of products and services ... which brings us to a fact that all of us need to realize and accept viz. we are all sales persons.

Each and everyone of us, wherever we are and whoever we are, is a sales person, period. Accept it or not, you and I are sales persons. If you are an employee at an organization, your time is one of your wares ... think about it.

Getting back to the subject of influencing the decision maker, a way to influence is to sell your ideas. Whilst this may sound simplistic, there are variables that need to be borne in mind while trying to sell viz. appropriateness, big picture, time, etc. Its also obvious that not all your sales pitches would translate into outcomes desired by you. Its very likely that your pitches may be met with some sort of objection(s).

Another obvious fact is, you may not necessarily be the only one trying to sell and influence. What if decisions do not go your way ? Accept that not all sales calls translate to actual sales. You could at times have the door slammed on your face or a competitor could clinch the sale. Analyze, learn from your experience and move ahead. Once a decision is made, accept it and do whatever it takes to make it work. Experience is a great teacher and over time your ability to sell should improve.  

Signing off this post with a quote by Cherie Carter-Scott ...
"Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible."


John Morrison


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