Sunday Oct 28, 2007

an "Idle" mind is ... sometimes, a good thing

The oft repeated cliché says that an idle mind is the devil's workshop and to avoid this most folks tend to engage themselves in the business of busy-ness a.k.a. being busy or engaged in a myriad pursuits that consume all or most of the time at their disposal. We live in times that tend to look up to folks that appear the most busy and have hectic schedules and calendars choc-a-block with appointments while frowning upon those who seem to lead ... relatively quieter lives.

Why would an entire ... or at-least a major part of our societies today, be engaged in the pursuit of busyness ? Could it be - the fear of obsolescence what with the constant changes everywhere, the need to keep-in-step with the times, "avoidance syndrome" (the inability to face or confront ... personal problems, fears / inadequacies ...), the need to constantly prove oneself / one's value, keeping up with the Joneses (this could be when almost everyone else at your level has a tightly packed schedule and is running around seemingly busy and you have relatively fewer appointments and a less stressed lifestyle ... you tend to give into popular thinking that there's probably something wrong with you or “am i missing something” by not being as busy as everyone else ?!) ... there could be various such and other reasons ... of course, not everyone's busy due to these reasons, there are folks who surely are busy due to circumstances not fully in their control ! But for the vast majority that's running around ... it probably might make sense to .. at times ...give in to having an “idle” mind every once in a while ... I would call it - a mind that's uncluttered, relaxed and in touch with your inner voice ... a mind that takes time to step off the fast-paced (rat) race-track to value moments of quiet solitude, a mind that spends time in some almost forgotten pursuits of reflection, meditation and quiet introspection. If for nothing else, an “idle” mind can help refocus, gain more clarity, rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit whilst touching base with that small still voice within which is oftentimes ignored and not heard amidst the louder noises on the race track ... the deeper voice within yourself also termed the inner voice ... the experience of trying to see who you are, what your goals are, what you want out of life ... the meanings you seek ... rather than merely resonating with the vibrations of busyness for the sake of not being idle ... whence you end up leading a life that's not lived on purpose but more akin to a log of wood adrift on the currents of the ocean knowing not which direction the winds and currents will connive to lead it ...

Continuing from an earlier post about the importance of passion, a mind that engages in silent contemplation and meaningful introspection finds itself tuned-in to its own inner purpose and finds a deeper understanding of the meaning of one's life and passion – just the right bunch of ingredients for a more fulfilling, meaning-filled and purposeful living ...

Signing off this post with an Innerspace quote ... “Only when we find the quietness in our own minds can we begin to hear our inner teacher, so that we may receive some in-tuition. Only when we are ready to recognise and value the wisdom that we carry at the core of our being will we turn our attention inwards and 'listen in'. But it's been a long time since we truly listened, so a little practice and patience will be needed. Sit down, be quiet and listen in at some point today and you might be surprised at what you hear. Then do it again tomorrow. All you need to do is remember that you are the listener and not the noise.”

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Its been a while ...

Just a short note to say that i've been caught up in the busy-ness of everyday business and have found little time to get down to blogging.

Currently making sure that posts come out at-least on weekends - hopefully can get back to writing more often, whenever the urge strikes ! Until the next post ... here's an interesting quote about working "half-a-day" by Kammons Wilson, which i think could do wonders for productivity !  ... " I like to work half a day. I don't care if it is the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours" ...


John Morrison


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