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I remember when I first moved to the Czech Republic, I was teaching English in Brno and making something like $250 a month. Back then, everything was about the cheap! I never ate at a place where the side order wasn't included in the price of the meal, drank at a place where the beer was more than 16kc, or danced at a place that charged a cover, even a measely 50kc.

So for a frugal English teacher at the time, the height of decadence was having a mobile phone. Me and my friends would marvel at the Czuppies (translation - Czech yuppies) who would blather on in a pub on their phones, calculating how many beers we could drink with the money that person was wasting on a phone call.

Nope, we did it the old fashioned way. You set a time to meet - usually the top of Ceska street at 7PM - and if you didn't make it within a half hour of the given time (15 minutes in the cold winter) then you just had to guess which pub we went to or just hope to run into us. Ceska at 7PM on a Friday was always quite a scene, because that's where everybody met, and it was a good place to bump into people and stare at girls.

Now of course everyone has phones, you just can't get by without one, although our good friend and hi-tech luddite Geertjan bucks the trend and refuses to get his phone unblocked. People walk into the pub and call each other to see which table they're at rather than walk around and look. If I'm more than 3 minutes late somewhere my wife will usually call me to figure out where I'm at. Gone is the fifteen minute grace period.

I think that's why, despite my love for all things electronic, I refuse to spend money on a phone. I'll spare no expense in my quest for the perfect home entertainment center or tricking out my PC, but a phone... that's not a toy, it's just a necessity.

So why am I waxing nostalgic about phones? It's all just a long intro to the fact that, in recognition of the fact that the NetBeans Mobility Pack is hands-down the best tool in the world for developing Java mobile apps, we're proudly annoucing the first ever Mobility Pack Day in Harrah's Las Vegas (Vegas, baby!!!) during the CTIA conference. That's right, hit the blackjack tables, catch a Lisa Minelli show, and check out the hottest cell phone technology. Man, I wish I was working for that group.

So in celebration of the Mobility Pack Day, here's a great flash demo done by Petr Suchomel. Also check out the full tutorial. It covers setting up platforms for various phones and using device fragmentation to create a single application that can be compiled for both Siemens TC45 and TC65 devices.


I miss the times without phone too :( Isn't it funny when I work in the Mobility Pack group? When I was late in those times I usually had to take a round trip and visit all the pubs that we used to visit. Sometimes I didn't find people that I was looking for but someone else ;) i really miss that times :(((((((

TCXX aren't fancy like you someone could expect from your intro :) It a board for industrial use ;)

I almost forget what I wanted to say... yeah, you can download the mobility pack from the NetBeans download site and there is more tutorials and links on this page

Posted by Lukas on March 01, 2006 at 08:20 AM CET #

Yeah, some of my best adventures were wandering around Brno looking for some people I'd missed and running into somebody totally different. Good times. Yup, the TCXX are just regular phones, nothing fancy. So you going to Vegas, Lukas???

Posted by johnc on March 02, 2006 at 02:01 AM CET #

liar! i call you if you are like 10 mins late.. grrrh

Posted by your wife on March 02, 2006 at 06:16 AM CET #

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