Samstag Jul 14, 2007

Building for the Mac is easy

Yesterday I started the second time building (OOo) under the Mac (INTeL) platform. Eric B. has given me the link to the documentation to build the Aqua version under Mac OS X and I started the game again....

Months (years?) before I did the same on the PowerPC version of my iMac to build the X11 version of OOo and it was a hell. You need to get packages downoaded from elsewhere and had to put it under the build tree, the manual and the process was very tricky. It did not work and I have given up. I am not a porter or a developer who is able to understand the problem statements of the build environment, I am a tester and need a build to test as fast a possible...

Today it was totally different and very easy. Only one typo in the Wiki page and the rest was described very easy. I was able to start - after re-installing the Xcode package from Apple where Ant was missing?!? - around 3.40 p.m. and as I looked onto the machine again (on the way to bed) around 10.20 p.m. everything was done and the build was packaged.... Wow!

Dienstag Jun 05, 2007

Do you use / Benutzen Sie

Thomas Krumbein from the German community project has created a questionaire to all who wants to help to get numbers. Numbers of installed workstations on which operating systems etc. The questionaire is in German.
Thomas Krumbein hat einen Fragebogen erstellt, der OOo helfen soll an Zahlen zu kommen, da die Verkaufszahlen ja nicht gemessen werden. Es wäre toll, wenn Sie sich 2 Minuten Zeit nehmen und mithelfen eine Übersicht der installierten Basis zu erstellen:
Fragen: Wieviel Arbeitsplätze (ca.) sind mit OOo ausgestattet?
  • Welche Version von OOo wird aktuell genutzt?
  • Seit wann wird OOo genutzt? (Jahr oder Versionsnummer)
  • Welche Module werden hauptsächlich genutzt?
  • Welches Betriebssystem wird überwiegend eingesetzt?

Dienstag Jan 16, 2007

Enhancing automated software test environment on OOo

The automated testing team inside Sun Microsystems maintains at the moment 100% of the GUI testing code of OOo but there is hope that also others will start writing test code in future which can be also shared and used by others. That would be a great test case development.
To get others into the boat we want to get a good set of test scripts [1] and will do some enhancements in these areas:

  1. Documentation
  2. Reuse
  3. Structured
  4. Mainenance

We know for 1.) that we need to document how to add a new L10N (=localization) language to the framework and also we need to make it easier (4.).

If you have suggestions for the other areas we should think about, subscribe to mailing list and let us know what your barrier is we need to break down.

We want to collect in the next three weeks which enhancements we need to to do to get the barriers down and you into the boat. I will summarize it and maybe you are alos interested to do some work with us...

Software Test Automation, Mark Fewster & Dorothy Graham, Addison Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-33140-3, page 69; table 3.1 "Comparison of good and poor sets of test scripts that perform the same set of test cases"

Mittwoch Okt 11, 2006

Sun Weblog Publisher available for SO and OOo

I am using now the new Sun Weblog Publisher to write my entries. Wow! Just using StarOffice ™ with the full advantages of a word processor. Great! The Sun Weblog Publisher is also usable for not only for StarOffice.

Freitag Dez 30, 2005

2006: No more documents with a proprietary file format!

I received many files at the end of this year: I gave none of the senders the information that I am owner of an office suite which is able to read the proprietary file format.
I was lucky: 2.0 was able to load the files. I wrote the senders that it makes much more sense to use a format which nearly all can read on their machines (OASIS XML or PDF) without buying an expensive office suite. There is hope to get next year less proprietary file format documents...

Samstag Nov 05, 2005

Using WebDAV or .mac with StarOffice/

Did you know that it's easy to read or write something on your .mac or any other WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) account without using Apple's iDisk Utility - yes, without using a Mac OS or Windows (only for these platforms you can get the iDisk utility)?

Using StarOffice 7 or 8 or 1.1.x or 2.0 is available for Solaris™ (SPARC and x86), Linux, FreeBSD, ... and many others... and just using File - Open and typing{member name}/Public
will open the (unprotected) public folder of the .mac account. Under Windows you have to switch from the Windows system dialog to the internal dialog (Tools - Options - StarOffice / - Common) in StarOffice/

Isn't it great? It is: Put your presentation - like I did - on your WebDAV account, travel to a conference and load the presentation from the WebDAV server directly into StarOffice/ - available for many platforms, not just Mac OS and Windows...

Donnerstag Nov 03, 2005

"Open Office 2.0: Das beste Office der Welt" [PC Welt 12/05]

The German computer magazin PC WELT titled in it's recent issue (12/2005) on page 48 that 2.0 is the world best office.
A big compliment to the community! Indeed, it is but we need more titles like that :-)

Mittwoch Nov 02, 2005

Enabling SMB volumes for 2.0 on the Mac

To enable SMB support for 2.0 on Mac OS X edit the file:
and put a # in front of the two lines
to get
Maybe it has other effects but if you need to use SMB volumes it's one workaround.

OASIS OpenDocument Format Arrived Also The MAC

After the release of StarOffice™ 8 and 2.0 (OOo) the notice that also a Mac OS X-Version has been released seems to be ignored by most news sources I have read or it was to small for my eyes :-)

The OASIS OpenDocument Format is also read- and writable for Mac OS X users now with AbiWord and 2.0. OOo 2.0 comes as a well known .dmg (Disk Image) including

  • One-Click installation
  • with Fondu (a mac FOND reader on Unix) support
  • including fixed problems with the web- and report wizards
  • and system language detection (if more languagepacks will be available in one package)
Months before the release of OOo 2.0 Mac users have read that the Mac OS X port will be ready later as the rest of the supported platforms... great work by the Mac OS X porting team! Many thanks!

How to get it:

  1. Select a mirror on
  2. go into the directory http:///openoffice/contrib/rc/2.0.0rc3/
  3. Download the English, French or German .dmg at the end of the list

Have fun!




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