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Why it’s the perfect time to join Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

At the core of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lies Data Catalog—a groundbreaking metadata management solution that’s powered by machine learning. It provides a single, self-service environment for data professionals so they can easily find, govern, and activate data in the cloud. It’s what Neelam’s team is working on in India.

“Data Catalog has a big impact in terms of giving customers the ability to observe the behaviour of their business,” Neelam explains. “It has an interactive dashboard that provides total transparency into an organisation’s technical, business, and operational data. It helps stakeholders understand business health and performance in a way they never could before.”

Gaining momentum

Neelam says she loves the variety of her work. “I get to work on a tonne of new technologies while still contributing to the overall success of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which I love. The best part about it is we’re evolving every day. I've seen the growth of our product first-hand,” she reveals. “We already have an incredible value proposition for customers and we’re continuing to add new services and expand our footprint in more regions around the globe.”

It sounds like an exciting stage in her team’s journey. “It is,” says Neelam enthusiastically. “We’re working on metadata solutions that support seamless logging, metrics, tracing, and much more. In terms of technology, we’re using things like Docker, Java, Kubernetes, Elastic Search, Prometheus, Grafana, and Lumberjack. As a team, we’re very agile—you have to be to keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements.”

Every day’s a school day

So how does her team stay agile? “We literally never stop learning! We do lots of “brown bag” sessions where we get a chance to share ideas, find out what other teams are doing, and learn from their experiences. We also use learning platforms like Oracle University and LinkedIn Learning to upskill.”

Neelam also credits the work itself with stimulating her creativity. “New challenges provide me with new learning opportunities. We get requirements that involve gaining new technical skills, creating proof of concepts, reviewing with architects, implementing a solution, and supporting its release. We have to design optimized solutions that can scale in a cloud environment. So innovation is kind of a given!”

Grounded in core values

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is well-known for its strong engineering values. “Great teamwork helps us all stand out,” Neelam shares. “Team members support each other when unplanned challenges arise and it’s normal for us to cater to global teams in different time zones. Execution management makes a big difference. We have a clear roadmap with achievable milestones and strong direction.”

Neelam is a big fan of the unique engineering culture in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It’s very relaxed—and inclusive. “No dress codes, easy going people, informal chats, and you can work from home,” she lists. “This is an employee-friendly company, there’s no doubt about it. Our ideas are valued. You get very experienced people coming to talk to you personally and explain things.”

Off the clock

Neelam has seven years’ industry experience under her belt, having previously worked for companies like Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, and Apttus. She says the work-life balance at Oracle is second to none. “The work-life balance here is genuinely excellent. This is NOT a company that will ask you to stay long hours to meet deadlines. In my free time, I like to cook, dance, and play badminton. I also want to travel,” she enthuses.

According to Neelam there’s two things she knows for sure about working at Oracle: “You’ll never feel bored and you’ll never feel uncomfortable,” she says. “People are very understanding, especially when it comes to personal matters.”

Get in on the action

Does she have any advice for someone considering a career in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? “These domains are ever-evolving, with new breakthroughs being made in areas like machine learning every day. That means there is a massive demand for professionals like us. Now is the perfect time to get into cloud computing!”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hiring engineers of all levels in India! Learn about the range of opportunities in Neelam’s team.

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