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Touch Lives Worldwide with Oracle Solution Engineering

Oracle Solution Engineering - Ajay Ahuja

For Ajay Ahuja, Solution Engineering Senior Director, being a Solution Engineer at Oracle means that you get to touch every aspect of people’s lives. Read our Q&A with Ajay to learn more about this exciting career opportunity for prospects in China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, and Taiwan.

Why did you join the Oracle Solution Engineering team?

Oracle’s Solution Engineering team is all about using cutting-edge technology to create technical solutions to solve business problems. As part of this team, one gets the best technical and business experience. It’s an opportunity to excel technically, stay up-to-date with changing technology, understand business requirements, provide customer delight and grow. There couldn’t be a better combination.

I’m proud to lead the Solution Engineering Interactive team. We’re all about customer interaction and delight through value-based solutions. I’m glad to set up a team of extremely talented Solution Engineers who create solutions for real-world problems across the Platform and Applications spaces. It’s exciting to provide solutions across industries and domains, ranging from banking and finance to education, public sector, manufacturing, IT/ITES, and Government. I get a true feeling of satisfaction when I use technology to solve problems for society.

That’s what the role is—and I love being part of this team!

How is a day in the life of a Solution Engineer?

A Solution Engineer (SE) has an exciting and dynamic work day. In addition to supporting various sales functions and answering customer queries, a SE works to understand customer requirements. That allows us to map out solutions and deliver compelling customer presentations and product demos. We also do competitive analysis, handle objections and negotiate. Above all, we use our technical knowledge to demonstrate the value of Oracle solutions to customers and prospects. No two days are the same; it’s very exciting and fulfilling.

What inspires you in your role?

The most exciting part of this role is its dynamism and the value it brings to customers. Every customer is different, with different expectations and requirements.

As an SE, one must deal with different personas, understand their requirements, and map them to value-based solutions.

The experience of interacting with a wide variety of customers and delighting them with Oracle’s technical solutions to solve business problems for society, is inspiring.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do.

It gives me pride and pleasure to state that as SEs at Oracle, we get involved in designing solutions for every aspect of life. Our solutions touch every aspect of life in one way or another, and that is amazing.

Right from banking transactions, paying a utility bill, booking an air ticket or hotel, scheduling an appointment with a doctor, managing school admissions, or paying taxes to interacting with customers, managing employees or resources, or business planning, Oracle solutions are the foundational block in each case. No one else but SEs design these solutions. What could be more meaningful, more satisfying?

What can you tell us about your team’s culture and work environment?

The Solution Engineering Interactive team has an open culture with an open-door policy. We encourage flexibility, open discussions, diversity, never-ending learning, and development.

Employees are encouraged to learn beyond their areas of expertise, to innovate, to experiment with emerging technologies, and at the same time, to participate in corporate social responsibility initiatives, community activities, talent shows, technical events, workshops, and seminars.

We celebrate festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, and every small occasion. In fact, we find reasons to get together and celebrate over samosas and jalebi, to cut cake and bond.

It’s a culture of trust and belief, of having fun while excelling at work. We all love being part of this amazing team.

Oracle Solution Engineering Team

Oracle Solution Engineering Team

Oracle Solution Engineering Team

What are the career opportunities available in your team?

We have open positions for extremely talented folks who excel in database, data warehouse, and analytics technologies.

Those interested in excelling in their careers as SEs, those who are looking for a long-term career—not just a job—should come join us.

Follow these links to apply for a Solution Engineering role in your location:

Do you have any career advice for our readers?

Look for a career that you love, of which you’re passionate. Don’t force-fit yourself into something that doesn’t excite you. Enjoy what you do!

Why should people join the Oracle Solution Engineering team?

Oracle is one of the best employers, a respected brand that excels in technology solutions across the stack, ranging from Infrastructure to Platform and Applications. No other vendor on this planet has such a wide choice of solutions that affect every aspect of our existence.

What could be better than being part of the Oracle team that designs such solutions—the Solution Engineering team?


Do you want to join the Oracle Solution Engineering team? Visit our website to learn more about this opportunity, or connect with Ajay Ahuja on LinkedIn for a friendly chat about our open roles.


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