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Top Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Kathleen Sim
JAPAC Employer Branding Lead

As part of the Talent Advisory community, I interact with a lot of candidates and each experience is unique. However, there is a constant: being well-prepared is the key for candidates to successfully land their desired role. Many times I’ve seen potential candidates fail in interviews due to a lack of preparation. Here are my pointers from my years of experience.

Preparation Tips:

  1. Research the company and role – You need to have a strong understanding of the company, as well as the job description and how the job will match and enhance your skills and career. Take time to completely research the company and the team for which you’re being interviewed, and develop relevant questions to ask across all interview stages.
  2. Be on time – Rather, I suggest you reach the venue well in advance. It shows your punctuality and respect for the schedule. It also shows the interviewer that you’re reliable and trustworthy.
  3. Know your interviewer –At each interview stage, ask your recruiter for details about the interviewer and the experience ahead. Inquire about the dress code for the office, and dress accordingly. This will boost your confidence to face the interview.
  4. Observe – At each stage of the interviews you face, or during the waiting period between interviews, make a habit to observe the environment and team. It can give you good insight on details that may not be actually covered during interviews or discussions.
  5. Body language and poise – “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter F. Drucker

Interviewers will automatically observe your body language as soon as they meet you. Your body language, and the way you present yourself, will determine the first impression that the interviewer will have of you. Body language matters, especially in interviews.

Here are a few pointers to take care of:

  • Sit up straight
  • Use hand gestures when you explain/discuss something with the interviewer
  • Maintain eye contact (don’t stare, though)
  • Keep calm and be yourself
  • If you’re stuck at any point, politely inform that you’re unable to recall and would like to take up the next question
  • Give a firm handshake
  • Phrase your sentences well
  1. What to bring to an interview – I’ve come across situations where hiring managers weren’t very impressed by candidates for showing up without a résumé. Come well-equipped for your interview with:
  • Several copies of your résumé
  • Your business card
  • A pen and notebook
  • A confident smile

Post-interview pointers:

It’s never an easy wait from the time you complete the interview to when you know the results. However, it’s important to give the recruiter space and time during this waiting period.

A day after the interview, you can write a thank-you email, and include a note on your strengths and skills that make you more suitable for the role.

If you don’t hear back from the recruiter in a week’s time, send another follow-up email reaffirming your interest in the position, and that you’re eagerly waiting for the next step.

In a scenario where you don’t crack the interview, don’t be disheartened. Request the recruiter to share feedback on what didn’t work out positively for you. This feedback can help you prepare better for the next interview. I know it can be frustrating sometimes when the results don’t turn out as you expected. However, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude and take the rejection well.

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Good luck!

Swathi B.
Senior Oracle Talent Advisor

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  • Najeer sheik Wednesday, August 29, 2018
    Thanks for useful information, I’m hungry on job , I have been trying for job from 2008 still not success in interviews, just preparing for interviews and going , no one told which is wrong with me , still I’m trying my self for searching job ,but know I realise after reading this I will clear upcoming interviews, thank you so much Swathi ...
  • Varaprasad Chebolu Wednesday, August 29, 2018
    Well said Swathi...
  • Maharaja Singh Wednesday, August 29, 2018
    Thanks swathi for the tips
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