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There’s more to Oracle than just Database

"It intrigued me to work on something that's different from what Oracle typically does." Mahesh Bambore, Principal Member of Technical Staff

Does Oracle do anything else besides Database? You bet we do. Just ask Mahesh Bambore, Principal Member of Technical Staff, who’s worked for nearly a decade on a cool product that’s unrelated to our typical Database offerings. In fact, we’ve already done the asking for you, as you’ll see in our Q&A below—read on!

Why did you join the Database team?

It was an easy decision to make. During my job interview, I realized that if the company hired me I would work on a new storage solution, external to Oracle Database, called Universal Storage Management (USM) —it intrigued me greatly to work on something that’s different from what Oracle typically does.

How’s a day in the life of a Principal Member of Technical Staff in your team?

A typical day in my team is tackling a challenge or two, brainstorming with teammates to solve it. Those challenges could be anything, from something as serious as a critical product issue, to an idea that could improve the overall development process. Along with all the work that comes your way are the moments with lots of fun and jokes over lunch, tea, and light-hearted conversation with wonderful colleagues.

What inspires you in your role?

When I’m stuck on a problem, I can approach the team for help, even senior managers and/or directors—they sit next to you and, literally, code/debug along! Their commitment to the work, even after so many years of experience, motivates me to give my best as well. It amazes me to realize that thousands of users all over the world use the Storage solution that I work on. This gives me a great sense of responsibility, ownership, and an ever-increasing drive to keep moving.

Do you have any final thoughts to share with our readers?

Always allow your mind to be open to learning new things. Working in this team is extremely satisfying, rewarding, and yet, highly challenging. Our group has regular team outings to unwind and rejuvenate. An added advantage is the working hours’ flexibility, which helps me maintain my work-life balance. An interesting part of working here is that, even though you’re part of a big, cohesive team, you have your own identity to build and maintain.

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Are you ready to join our Database team? If so, email your CV to our dedicated Talent Advisor, Suman Gudibanda, for us to consider you —or connect with Mahesh Bambore on LinkedIn for a friendly chat about life at Oracle. You can also explore our complete list of open positons at our dedicated Oracle Careers website. Create the future with us.


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