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  • May 23, 2017

The science (and art) of sales

Raluca Ursu
Employer Branding Coordinator EMEA

Vijinder Mahadew is a student of the science of sales.

Not only does he keeps on top of the latest in sales thinking through his keen interest in reading, but as an Oracle Applications ERP Sales Manager he is also relishing the opportunity provided by Oracle’s Cloud transformation in terms of also transforming inside sales into a prime sale organisation.

“The theory of sales has fascinated me from day one,” he says. “Since I started around 16 years ago there’s been a couple of complete paradigm shifts and it’s exciting to be right at the heart of another one with Oracle Digital.”

What he’s referring to, of course, is the broadening of Oracle’s customer base and the increasing focus on volume sales and incremental revenue as it drives to become number one in SaaS.

“The Cloud has proved disruptive in many ways, changing entire industries, and similarly it has disrupted traditional sales models and approaches. The result is that Oracle Digital, with innovative new tactics such as value selling, is set to play a pivotal role in Oracle’s push for the top spot in Cloud.”

Putting theory into practice

Vijinder also points out that, in the Named Subsidiaries segment covered by his team, there’s less awareness generally of the value of moving ERP functions to the Cloud: “That journey is exciting, for us and them, but it also means we need to work hard to establish and validate a completely new way of thinking.”

This is where Vijinder really gets to test the latest sales theories in the real world. There’s a heavy emphasis on gleaning insights into a whole range of new target personas, in order to enable Oracle Digital representatives to have meaningful conversations with influencers from multiple business functions. “This is the real science bit. Success starts with presenting information that resonates with who we are talking to. If we’ve delivered the right level of insight, we help the customer articulate a dormant pain and we can start to talk about next steps. But you can only achieve this if you understand them and their business.

“It’s a complex sell but through this customer-centric behaviour – talking the customers’ language, not Oracle’s – we can achieve our transformational and financial goals.”

A change of plan

There was a time, however, when Vijinder believed he was destined for a career as an accountant. But while studying economics at university he was also working part time in sales and it wasn’t long before his plans changed – and not for the last time either.

He joined Oracle as an Applications Account Manager and left his hometown, Rotterdam, for Ireland armed with a three-year plan: to consolidate his position and experience and grow his KPIs before returning to the Netherlands.

“That was six years ago,” says Vijinder. “But the chance to move into management was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.”

A four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son later, Vijinder is very happy living in Ireland and is currently managing a team of account managers in the Benelux and Nordics region.

“Career-wise, working at Oracle Digital right now is a fantastic opportunity. This organisation will be the engine that drives and powers Oracle’s Cloud ambitions,” he says.

But how does Vijinder see himself growing within the organisation?

“I’m very much a person who doesn’t like to get so caught up in the future that I stop enjoying what I’m doing in the present,” he says. “So my focus is to make sure we deliver on our objectives and contribute to Oracle’s transformation. I’m happy, and confident enough in the company’s strategy, to let my performance define where I go next.”

If you too are ready to let your performance define the next stage of your career, you belong at Oracle Digital. Check out our available openings and apply here: oracle.com/experience.

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