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  • May 9, 2017

The Sales rules to closing your best career deal

Raluca Ursu
Employer Branding Coordinator EMEA

Nothing says “I’m in charge of my own career path” like finding the right job in the right company. As one of the top Digital Sales professionals for Oracle HCM in Dublin, Nancy Rodrigues tells us that while finding a job itself might not be the toughest quest you’ve had, turning your career into a coherent story is what truly makes a difference in the long run and what makes finding the right job a worthwhile challenge.

So how can we build a career narrative where all our choices, skills and experiences make sense for us in the big picture both personally and professionally? Nancy gave us her insights from her very own experience and how she landed her dream job by applying the rules of Sales in her job search journey. Let’s take a closer look:

Never settle for less

Originally from Portugal, where she studied International Relations, Nancy always wanted to become a Diplomat. After getting her degree for the Portuguese Embassy, she then realized she still wanted to move one step further: “It was a wonderful experience, and I did make a lot of connections with whom I still keep in touch up to this day, however a governmental organization will never be as flexible as a private organization”, Nancy says.

The key takeaway from this is that if you’re trying to level up your career by making a transition that’s truly worth it on a long term, you need to pay attention to the learning opportunities ahead in your new job. Just like in Sales, where your aim is to raise your target when moving from one client to another in order to boost your performance, your next job should be about greater learning opportunities that get you closer to accomplishing your career goals: “In a company like Oracle you have the chance to put your ideas into practice. You have every means and opportunity to do so, every question gets an answer and this was ultimately my main reason not only for switching roles but also for relocating – I moved from Portugal to Ireland 8 years ago and it was the perfect decision for me”, Nancy confessed about her decision to make Oracle part of her career.

Choose your clients wisely

Much like when you research your client prior to engaging in the conversation, landing the right job involves some previous digging. According to Nancy, this goes hand in hand with keeping a close eye on the people behind the business: “I had read about Oracle prior to joining the company, and I really liked the culture portrayed, the feeling it gave out, like being part of a community”. But it’s not just employees that matter when searching for a job you want to commit to – it’s also about what the company has to offer in time that you need to pay a close attention to: “The ease with which you can learn so many new things from people all over the world – being part of a global team as big as Oracle’s gives you the perfect opportunity to network with so many interesting people”, Nancy says.

What else? You need to believe – in the company, its mission, and more importantly, its products: “I really do think Cloud is the future and I couldn’t be a good sales professional if I didn’t believe in what I’m selling”, Nancy told us while describing how Oracle became part of her career journey.

Be patient - closing best deal can take time

As Nancy told us, “Progression is best done step by step – at least that’s how I plan on going about it”. So if you’re searching for a tailor-made job for your career, don’t give up if sometimes this keeps you waiting. Just like when you need to be patient with a tough client that could be the best deal you’ve closed so far, you need to first analyze your job possibilities before committing. It’s not getting the job that will help you in the wider picture, but getting the right job. Patience is not only the secret to finding it, but it’s also one way to make the best out of your career choices: “I think that if you take a moment to look at your target as a challenge, rather than a burden, if you see it as a means of development, rather than associate it with pressure, you will be great at what you do, because you will love what you do”, Nancy advises us.

Or maybe patience is something you don’t need to put up with for the moment, especially since Oracle Digital is hiring across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Maybe your next big career move is just around the corner, or maybe it’s one click away. Best way to find out is to get out there and start applying, as there has never been a better time to join us: oracle.com/experience.

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