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  • May 18, 2018

Taking Startups to the Next Level

Manuel Angel Castillo
LAD Employer Branding Lead

Taking Startups to the Next Level

For more than a decade, Vitor has worked with startups. He’s always believed there are great ideas out there that, with a little boost, are able to turn into real impact and change people’s lives. Now, he’s part of Oracle’s Global Startup Ecosystem, and he’s using Oracle tech to help empower young Brazilian entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.

“We offer startups technology (access to the Oracle Cloud), expertise (mentorship and workshops), and connections (help with connecting to new customers),” says Vitor about how they empower them. “We’re working with startups to help them understand the enterprise world, and to integrate with our solutions, powered by our technology. We try to partner with startups as much as possible to help them interact with Oracle’s enterprise customers. It’s not easy for a startup to talk to a CIO in a big corporation, so we help them navigate this world,” Vitor explains.

With this approach, Vitor and the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem team in Brazil have helped startups to improve team productivity, tackle logistical challenges, bring livestreaming to the enterprise world, and even improve the way advertising reaches the customer. “We help all kinds of companies. On our first cohort, we had startups with just a few customers to some with hundreds,” Vitor remembers.

How does an average workday look for Vitor? “One thing that’s very important in my role is to develop relationship skills. My job is to connect these startups with Oracle, our customers, and partners. Most of my day consists of building these relationships between companies, Oracle, and customers. My job is to introduce startups to the Oracle ecosystem, and to the great opportunities that come with it,” Vitor says.

“Sometimes people ask me why I joined Oracle. The answer is because I believe in opening doors for startups to help them succeed. We can be great partners, sometimes customers, and always a technology platform to enhance their growth. Plus, at a global company like Oracle I can help startups open doors, not just in Brazil, but all over the world,” Vitor shares.

What’s the next step for Vitor? “I really believe we have a great opportunity to help Brazilian startups scale globally. Brazil is a great starting point, but our startups could target the global market. I joined Oracle to fill in some gaps in the startup ecosystem, and to grow professionally. When I work here I feel like I’m part of something bigger than just Brazil. Here I’m part of a global program and a global team.”

In closing, Vitor shared his thoughts about the exchange of knowledge that occurs when working closely with startups. “In corporate-startup relationships, sometimes corporations believe they are the only ones with something to teach, but corporations also learn from the startups they accelerate. It’s helped us become more agile and change our mindset. When you work with startups, learning is the rule. It’s not easy, but there’s always growth with them—they are changing very, very fast.”

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