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Take pride in your product at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is continually reimagining what the cloud can do for business. Our engineers have the opportunity to develop new features from scratch and influence the direction our Generation 2 Cloud goes in next. The best part? We’re hiring.

We took the opportunity to sit down with Sayon and learn what life is like for him as a Senior Member of Technical Staff in Oracle India. Read on to find out if this is the kind of career opportunity you’re looking for.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Sayon.

I’ve been in software development for just over four and a half years. I specialize in the development of AI-based solutions—the majority of my work includes data collection, data transformation, data processing, building insights and learning models, and API management.

Outside of work, I invest my time in nutrition, fitness, and competitive programming. I also enjoy learning about scalable data-intensive applications and evolving AI technologies. I’ve actually written a book called “Reinforcement Learning with TensorFlow”.

Why did you join Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

I was a cloud consumer myself, so I was curious to find out how things worked behind the scenes. I’m very passionate about cloud computing in general. Here, I’m part of the team working on Data Catalog, which is a cloud-native data service that promotes data discovery and traceability. We’re working on new features like data lineage, data profiling, recommendation, and search functionalities.

What’s it like to work in your team?

Our organization is made up of lots of micro teams (3-5 developers), and each micro team owns a piece of the product. I start the day by organizing my priorities, followed by a meeting to talk about the work status of our project. I spend the rest of the day working through my list of tasks.

What inspires you in your role?

The scope for learning and development in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is enormous and I know that growing my knowledge of cloud-native services is keeping me ahead of the curve. On top of that, the leadership team in Data Catalog is very supportive and they listen to your solution approach which definitely boosts morale and makes you proud to take ownership of your piece of the product.

What’s the work culture like?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for your health and relationships, it improves your productivity, and ultimately performance.  At Oracle, we’re offered flexibility and wellness benefits that make it easy to find balance. It’s important to me that I have time for my hobbies.

What are the career opportunities in your team?

Our organization is really supportive of career growth. Oracle University, in particular, has been a great resource for learning new technologies. I find the in-classroom and online training and certifications incredibly useful.

For newcomers, the career opportunities in our team are related to knowledge bases like Java, Python, Scala, Kubernetes, Docker, Spark, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Finally, do you have any career advice to share?

The world of technology is vast. Learning should be a never-ending process, so always be hungry and prepared to hustle!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hiring engineers of all levels in India! Learn about the opportunities in Sayon’s team.

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