Friday Feb 19, 2016

5 Leadership Tips from a Rookie Manager

I accepted this role at Oracle, because of the interactions I shared with my manager. He gave me that gut feeling that #lifeatOracle would be tough, but that he believed in me and my ideas. Fast forward a year, this feeling couldn't be truer.  My ideas are heard and actioned. My voice has a podium. My actions are appreciated. I am trusted and I have grown immensely because of it. I had this idea a few months after joining Oracle, of building an internal Recruitment Branding team. My boss agreed and I spent the next 3 months interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training.

Not having been a manager before, here are the 5 things I learned on my first year at Oracle.

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Wednesday Dec 16, 2015

#Throwback Thursday – Winter Special: Meet the Design Team

Hello December! The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! The Recruitment Branding Team is already getting into the cheerful winter holiday spirit. And because we love Throwback Thursday, we’ve challenged each team member to share a blast from the past that best reminds them of their childhood winter holiday season. Join us for a fun trip down memory lane and laugh along with us while we uncover our funniest and cutest snaps. It’s #ThrowbackThursday time! 

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Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

Recruiters’ Spotlight: 4 Insider Tips To Get You Hired at Oracle

Everybody's gunning for the best jobs around, and every bit of help is useful to make sure you're the one that gets the job. Think of it like this: going to an interview without previously preparing your pitch points is much like going live on a TV show without having a clue about your role in the conversation. You can ramble enough to cover the time you are being given, but then again not having anything interesting to say will make you lose your audience forever.

To find out what truly makes a candidate shine during an interview, I’ve snatched a few inside tips from three top recruiters in Oracle that have given me a strong insight of what grabbing someone’s attention during an interview is all about.

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Wednesday Sep 23, 2015

10 Tips to Building an Unstoppable Employer Brand

In an effort to create a brand that truly stands out from the crowd, the pressure is on to uncover the secret formula that skyrockets audience engagement. Much like you and I decide upon the brands we want to buy from or work for, your audience makes the same decisions based on what you showcase about your brand. The bad news about this is that, unfortunately, you won’t find an “A to B” roadmap to the perfect brand, but the good news is you can constantly improve it and make the process of reaching your strategic goals a lot easier.

Having a solid foundation to build your own framework upon is great help, so from the Oracle brand experience, here are 10 lessons that will help you both shape and improve your tailor-made brand approach.

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Tuesday Sep 15, 2015

Young & Restless? 5 Tips to First -Time Job Seekers

Fresh out of college? Welcome to the real world! It’s time for a reality check because, unfortunately, bills don’t get paid by themselves. Making the transition from college to adulthood might seem confusing or even terrifying, but it’s not impossible. If you plan on looking for a job and don’t know where to start, be sure you are not alone. Trust me, there is ‘life after college' and it isn’t that bad. Here’s 5 tips to start fresh and pave your way to landing your first job.

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Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

Do you treat your candidates as VICs? (Very Important Customers)

Looking out into today’s world, it’s easy to see why brands are more important now than at any time in the past 100 years. Brands bring together psychology and science as a promise mark in a very competitive market. Nowadays, Corporations understand the importance of having brand awareness and concentrate important resources in corporate branding. Stretching the comparison, the candidates become customers who want to be swept off their feet. So how can you stay one step ahead and keep the best talent coming your way in a highly competitive market? By treating potential hires like your best customers and marketing with them in mind. Let’s take the Four P model from marketing and translate it into HR terms for a better understanding of this modern approach.

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Wednesday Feb 04, 2015

Do You Really Need to Hire a Rock Star or Do You Just Think You Do by David Talamelli

I have worked with Hiring Managers at all levels and it is human nature to want to find the ‘best’ candidate when you are hiring – but Hiring Managers next time you are hiring for your team, quantify what the ‘best candidate’ means for your role. Ask yourself do you really want to hire a bona fide Rock Star or do you potentially really only need an X-Factor (or substitute The Voice, American Idol, or other) contestant for your role.

Many Hiring Managers when they are hiring for their team will loosely throw around the term ‘Rock Star’ and follow it up with comments like ‘I want the best in the business, I need a game-changer, I need someone who can take us in a new direction, etc……

There are 2 main things that I question when I hear someone say these statements. The first is, when I hear a Hiring Manager say statements like this, I think wait a second all I am hearing is what the Hiring Manager wants or needs. A good Recruiter will challenge the Hiring Manager and work out what is the value proposition for the candidate? It is great to hear what a Hiring Manager wants but any work relationship is a two way street. While a Manager may address what his/her needs are when they work with their Recruiter, what would this potential role give to this all star candidate that they want to hire. If your Recruiter does not ask you this or qualify this with you, I recommend looking at the service you are getting from your Recruiter.

The second thing that causes alarm bells for me is really a follow on from the first statement and that is : is the Hiring Manager trying to put a rock star candidate into a regular role or a regular company. If you are hiring and you look at your role on offer and your company – does your role or company really necessitate a rock star candidate?

A few examples of this could be you want a person to change the ‘game’ (what ever that means to you), but you look at their productivity based on how many hours they sit at a desk not by results achieved. Or for example you want the best sales person there is in your industry, but your commission structure is not competitive or your company’s management style is outdated, tired and unproductive.

In these examples why would a ‘rock star’ want to take on one of these roles? What is the value proposition or attraction for them to consider this role. If they are the best in the market, odds are that they are already in a good role and do not need to go anywhere. So what is it that you offer that would make that person you want to stand up and take notice.

Rock stars need to be able to make success happen – Eddie Van Halen didn’t create his great licks and solos following a script. If you want to hire someone who will take direction as you need and be a corporate clone of what you want, you probably want to hire an X-factor candidate that will do as they are told and follow the script to create their 15 minutes of fame. If you really want to hire the best candidates in your market make sure that you have the business need that necessitates you finding and hiring that person otherwise you will end up putting a high achieving individual into a regular role which may create a situation where you have hired the wrong person for the role you needed to hire for.

The flow on effect of hiring the wrong person has multiple implications. Not only will the relationship with your new star hire likely sour, but you will have invested a lot of time and energy to get this person on board only to have to go through this exercise again. Not every role in every company requires a rock star – before you start sourcing candidates for your next requirement, take the time to really understand what you need out of the role. It is more important to find the person who is the right fit for the role you have then necesarily just looking at the brightest student, the best sales person by $$$ booking, etc…..

This post was originally published on David Talamelli's Blog Page.

Friday Jan 18, 2013

The Recruitment Evolution by Louise Allen

Before we talk about the recruitment industry and 2013 trend predictions it’s important for us to reflect on 2012 and the challenges it presented. Our global economy has seen a continuing shift in the balance of activity move away from advanced economies and toward emerging markets, creating an increasingly complex economic landscape.  The October 2012 edition of the World Economic Outlook suggests ‘bouts of elevated uncertainty have been one of the defining features of the sluggish recovery from the global financial crisis’.  

We witnessed companies implementing even more sophisticated cost saving strategies. As a result many technology organisations saw their customers deferring/cancelling their projects which had no immediate revenue return or cost saving.  This subsequently affects industry revenue growth, which is intrinsically linked with recruitment...  

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Monday Jul 30, 2012

Oracle Campus Recruitment Attend BITS Hyderabad HR Confluence Event

Oracle Campus Recruitment Attend BITS Hyderabad HR Confluence Event by Manognya Reddy

It was a pleasant morning and my thoughts were focused on meeting with the graduating batch of students from BITS Hyderabad Campus. Having reached the campus at 10:00 am, I was given a warm welcome by the Placement Officer and the Student Placement Representatives The students graduating in 2013 were all ready for the interactive session with HR representatives.

The HR representatives were from companies of diverse areas such as IT Development, Services Companies, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Instrumentation Companies*.

Mr Maria Sundaram from GE Energy, Chief Guest addressed the students and gave insights into his own career and tips about what to look out for while applying for the first job out of college.

This was followed by an interactive panel discussion between the HR representatives from the companies and the students. A number of the panel members gave insights on focus areas before the students came up with the questions.

Some of the interesting questions that students came up with include:

  • What do companies expect from Master’s students as opposed to undergraduate students?
  • Would companies hire a passionate employee or a sincere employee?
  • Do students applying for OFSS need any special skills or qualifications to apply?
  • How important are the HR interviews and what is assessed during the same?
  • Student is interested in a certain company, but other companies are visiting the college before the preferred one, what should he/she do?
  • Students from Non IT background want to apply for IT jobs. What should they do to prepare?

This session went on for 2 hours and it was lunch time!

 It was a great event and it is always good to interact with the students to help them on their journey into their career.

*Cognizant Technology Services, Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle, Kony Labs IT Service, Imagination Technologies, One Convergence (IT Companies); Polmon Instruments (Instrumentation and Process Automation Solution provider); Dr Reddy’s Labs (Pharma) Dupont (Chemical) 

Wednesday May 02, 2012

A Student's Interviewing Experience From Australia

I have been blogging for 4-5 years now and Social Media has allowed me the chance to meet and talk to some really interesting people with some really interesting and varied perspectives. I was excited to come across this blog post below today from a student who had recently been through Oracle's interview process in Australia.

I have pasted the original blog post below and the link to the original blog is:

I love that this candidate has taken the time to share the experience they had with Oracle. It was good to see a students perspective on our interviewing approach as it allows us to look at ways that we can continue to improve our overall service. To the student who wrote this, thank you for sharing your experience and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Oracle Graduate Program 2012/2013

G'day innovcloud dwellers. With this blog project I not only want to give you inspiration through your day to day woes but throw 'practical utility' your way. One way I believe I can help is to give you insight into numerous graduate recruitment processes myself or my friends have experienced. Without disclosing too much, it will be simply impressions of company culture, the nature of the recruitment process and the area of focus regarding the position. Below is the Oracle Graduate Program 2012/2013 from a fellow who had gone through the whole process. I will also put a 'Process Rating' and an 'Environment Rating' at the end with a comment!

Recruitment Process
For the 2013 Oracle Graduate Program, the stages were as follows. It was held at their North Ryde, Sydney office with recruitment additionally in Melbourne (to my knowledge).

Crunching the Numbers (according to HR)
1000+ Applications submitted
40 through to Sydney Assessment Centres
13 positions available across all streams (8 in Sydney, 5 in Melbourne)

1. Application Submission
This involved not only submission through their Australian graduates website (no free text questions- one of the quickest online submission applications) but also submission of your resume to a designated email address. Was a bit odd and confusing in whether the application was submitted. Confirmation is later received. 

2. Telephone Interview
There was a 1-2 month wait but a recruiter will contact you eventually! It comprises an informal telephone interview with questions involving, motivation for choosing Oracle, experience regarding IT based roles etc. Leave a good impression and you get a straight invite to the Assessment Centre (no waiting!)

3. Assessment Centre
The Assessment Centre comprises of 2 parts. The first part is a group collaboration session where assessors watch you from a distance, rating your ability to socialise with other human beings in a commercial environment (yes there is a tone to that sentence). This involves a hypothetical situation which demands creative solutions (put your imagination hat on!). You have 40mins before you must present with your group your solutions TO THE WHOLE ASSESSMENT CENTRE! (approx 40 people including assessors). Developing your presentation skills makes you stand out here.

The second part is a panel interview (3 to 1). The panel can comprise of the HR manager, a recent graduate to the head of sales. Behavioural questions a plenty, really be sure of the traits which make you stand out as a grad. Really know yourself before going in, know your selling points, know what you do, know how you can throw down and smash any task! YOU CAN DO IT! That said, the panelists make you feel at ease and comfortable so relax into it. 

4. Final Interview
This is an almost duplicate of the panel interview in the Assessment Centre but involves the manager in your preferred stream. See above! You get a glass of water in this one. 

Position Focus
With a mid 2012 start, the Graduate Program is fundamentally a sales based role with streams comprising Sales, Presales, Customer Care and Business Development. That said, Oracle at its core is a sales based organisation and all these roles incorporate sales. Telesales does comprise a portion of the streams, so if you aren't a confident tele-man, look elsewhere or practice!

Company Culture
The feedback regarding the culture at Oracle is that it is supportive, friendly and welcoming. Being a sales-centric organisation within ANZ, Oracle needs its staff to feel empowered and motivated to achieve results. It does this through breeding a culture conducive to letting personality shine. With upper management (and a few big wigs) being present at the Assessment Centre it really does show their commitment to bringing in talent to the organisation. 

Process Rating
3.5/5 - The Assessment Centre and Final Interview were fun and engaging, however the 1-2 month wait on the telephone interview does make you look at other options.

Environment Rating
3/5 - A slightly dated building but has enough glass to make you feel you are in a corporate environment and doing business-y things. Has a cafe on the bottom level but other amenities are not within walking distance (Macquarie Centre etc). Close to Macquarie Park train station. 

I believe at the moment they are waiting for offers after the Final Interview. Would add more detail, but I have an assignment to do (this is procrastination!). I might add more later for your viewing pleasure. Anyways cloud dwellers, hope that may be assistance to yourself or your friends for next year. 

Always Remember,


Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

Now It’s Personal (Although It Should Always Be): Campus Recruitment

One of the things that I think is important and I want our Campus Recruitment Team here at Oracle to be known for is outstanding customer service. When I say customer service, I mean both students and hiring managers should feel they have had a great experience in our campus hiring process. I think one of the keys to providing outstanding customer service is being able to provide as best as we can a personalised experience where the students who are interviewing with us feel like individuals in our process and not just part a ‘campus drive’.

In the campus world this can be challenging at times especially in countries where there is high volume hiring. It can be tricky to create a personal experience when you are hiring for a large number of open graduate roles at one time.

I think Campus Recruitment is one of the areas in the recruitment industry that is just waiting for a change.

We have all seen the proliferation of Social Media in Recruitment over the past 4-6 years. Every Recruiter has a LinkedIn account or uses Twitter or G+ or FB, etc… and some individuals and organisations do it really well. Even in Campus Hiring there is great Social Media initiatives where companies reach out to students and talk to them.

However one thing that has not really changed (and this is a generalisation) is the campus hiring interview process. Do these words inspire enthusiasm to you: “Group Interview, Assessment Centre, On-Campus Drive, Off-Campus Drive, etc...” I don’t know about you but to me these words don’t really sound very personal or individual to students. It almost conjures up images of a factory production line or those long queues you see where the person behind the counter says ‘take a number’.

Campus Recruitment has come a long way don’t get me wrong – companies can share data with and talk to students in so many different ways now it really has become a much more transparent and open process. There are some times such as at IIT’s in India where it really is a bit old school in terms of interviewing with students running from company to company interviewing on campus over the course of a few days but I want students talking to Oracle to have as great an experience as possible (the outcome of getting a job or not is separate to the customer experience).

As students, what are your thoughts? Do you feel like ‘just a number’ when you are interviewing or is there ways that companies can make the process more personalised. Let us know your thoughts.

If you are interviewing with Oracle and have questions, want to talk to us or want to know what it is like working here – email us and we will help where we can. If you can’t reach your local Recruiter in your region email me at and I will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Oracle's Trivandrum Development Center Inauguration

It was a day of pride for the IT fraternity in Kerala, India when Oracle’s new Development Centre was inaugurated in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President Applications Development and Joe Gumina, Vice President, APAC/LAD Real Estate & Facilities cut the ribbon to the doors of the facility. The facility has come up in Technopark, which is the first and largest of the IT parks in India. The formal inauguration was done by the State Minister for IT and Industries Mr.Kunnjali Kutty and attended by Mr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament and senior dignitaries from Oracle.

The facility has come up in the Leela Infopark building within Technopark and has a capacity to house 300 people in a floor with expansion capacity for two more floors. The centre has started up with a set of handpicked engineering graduates from the best campuses in Kerala to support the Fusion and PeopleSoft development.

Friday Jun 03, 2011

A World of Opportunities for Graduates at Oracle: Yes Absolutely!

Over the past few months there has been an increase in blog posts that have been written about our Graduate Program here at Oracle. We have had blog contributions from Graduates, Recruiters and Managers from places such as India and Australia and we are looking forward to more contributions coming from other countries as well.

So why all the excitement about Graduate Recruitment? A better question I think is why wouldn’t people get excited about our Graduate opportunities.

We have a number of Graduates joining Oracle over the next few months and those Graduates are going to be working in a whole range of different types of roles and activities. We offer a range of Career Paths for our Graduates, everything from Product Development to Consulting to Sales. Some Graduates will move into hands on technical roles in QA or as Developers or Programmers while others may exceed in our Sales or Business Management streams.

I have seen previous Oracle Graduates get the opportunity to work internationally, or work with new technology or break sales records. After 5+ years working in Oracle I can safely say this is the type of company where your career is only limited only by your imagination and desire to succeed.

What about the Technology? Working at Oracle gives people a great opportunity to work across so many different technology products. Where else can you get exposure to Databases, Middleware, Applications and Server/Storage systems. With the number of projects and the range of technical solutions that we offer, Oracle really does allow a person to get exposure to the full Technology Stack. As we say Hardware and Software: Engineered to Work Together.

Yes I am a little bit biased in my thoughts (I am one of the Recruiters for Oracle), but one of the great things about working here is the chance to work with so many great individuals. Not only is everyone friendly and enjoyable to work with but I find a common trait in many employees is that we are all driven to succeed. I have had the chance to work with some great business leaders here and learn from them and the enthusiasm and excitement from everyone is contagious.

To all the Graduates who are set to join us: Congratulations again on your success, we are looking forward to having you join our team!

Friday May 20, 2011

Are All Recruiters The Same??? What Does a Good Recruiter Do by Prinz Mandap

 Prinz Mandap who has recently joined Oracle has written a blog post about the intangibles that good Recruiters bring to the table. 

I’ve often wondered what people actually think specialist Recruiters do. There’s the usual stigma that we’re “just another used car salesman or real-estate agent” and all we do is “whack an ad up on Seek and wait for the flock to arrive in droves”. More often than not, people assume Corporate Recruiters rely solely on candidate applications through the various job boards or basically spam everyone on the market, then sit tight, hang around and hope for the best.

 Yes, fine it’s very easy to advertise, become complacent and pass the time before candidates decide to apply. However the ratio of serial applicants to those who’d be considered genuine quality is about a 10 to 1. And even then that’s quite generous! Another pretense is that Recruiters simply scour the social media sites such as LinkedIn, type in a single key word, search in the area they’re after and mail blast every listed candidate with the specific buzz words.

I’m here to clear it up now. It ain’t that easy.

Why do we call ourselves specialists in our field? Well, it’s the same reason why anyone doing what they do is a specialist in their own field. You know what the intangibles are, the factors most layman’s wouldn't have even fathomed. To quote’s The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, you've figured out “the secret”.

You’re a GP because you studied medicine for 10 years and you can tell when someone actually has the flu or just the common cold. You’re a specialist forward for Barcelona because you know where to be at the right time and how to score crucial goals from the left. You’re a Senior Software Developer because you’re a great programmer who’s specialised in .NET since 1.0 and can see algorithms before anyone else wakes up in the morning.

Whether in a recruitment firm or large multinational, good Corporate Recruiters are specialists in their own field because they too have figured out “the secret”. They too can decipher the intangibles. They know who the better fit will be when two candidates have the exact same skill set while everyone else can’t split them down the middle. They can envision how a hiring manager will react when you present them with a specific CV. They know perfectly, the working environment that will best fit a candidate and can foresee their future success in that role.

If I posted a tweet saying I needed an IT Sales Rep who’s worked in the applications space, what would I see? I’d probably get a ton of replies and RT’s from different salesmen working in applications, currently ready and willing, explaining why they’d be perfect for my role. But what if I needed someone who was unique to that organisation personality wise? What if what I was looking for was someone aggressive, switched on, proactive and innovative? Basically someone who was entrepreneurial? As opposed to someone from a more laid back, consultative, relationship management environment?

Am I being too fluffy for you? Maybe. But that’s the fluff that separates candidate A from candidate B (who on paper possess the exact same X’s and O’s); the difference between someone having a 2 month career at one company and a five to 10 year career.

The reason we do what we do and we’re good at it, is because just like every profession, just like whatever it is that you do, we’ve come to learn through years of hard toil, what “the secret” is.

It might sound cheesy to you, but trust me… A good Recruiter can likely already tell whether you’re going to be a good egg or not.


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