Wednesday Jun 01, 2016

Impacting the Future: An Overview of Oracle Academy in Latin America

Cars were invented in 1885, and while that might seem like a monumental accomplishment, which it was, this was just the beginning. Motor vehicles didn’t change our lives until people started learning how to drive and finding new ways to implement this new and amazing technology that rocked the late XIXth century to its core. 

Tech has changed a lot, but this principle remains: real innovation will not occur until people learn how to integrate it into their daily lives, and that’s where Oracle Academy comes in.

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Thursday Apr 07, 2016

Digital Transformation: Oracle Direct in Latin America

Oracle Direct is more than just the sales arm of this company. It’s the organization that connects us with clients, helps us discover their needs and  creates tech solutions that match them. Across Latin America, their team has helped a number of organizations streamline their business creating a better experience for all. Let me take you on a journey across some of the great success stories of Oracle Direct in Latin America, so you can see how they make a difference:

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Monday Mar 21, 2016

Bringing Cloud Attitude to Oracle

An ANZ idea to spark cultural change within Oracle using Millennials has also led to the creation of Young Oracle Groups in ASEAN and India. This initiative aims to energize the brand and perhaps encourage similar organizations in coming to China and Korea. Read more to find out about this initiative in Oracle.

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Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

Oracle Women – Busting the Myths of Working in Tech

Women in IT are sometimes deterred from even considering their desired career because the preconceptions and stereotypes built on this subject keep damaging gender diversity and professional opportunities alike.

No sooner had I looked into gender stereotyping than I realized how easy it is to disarm it. I took this experiment in my own hands and met some incredible individuals along the way - take Maggie Huston for instance. From her 7-year experience as a professional journalist for one of the biggest news channels in U.S.A, to Senior Content Manager for Oracle Social Cloud, Maggie’s blend of capabilities both as a successful woman in tech and as a renowned writer got me thinking: there’s definitely more to someone than what first meets the eye...

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Thursday Mar 03, 2016

The 6-Step Plan to Getting Hired at Oracle

If you’re an aspiring candidate for a multicultural brand such as Oracle, with thousands of available opportunities around the globe, knowing what steps to take in order to stand from the crowd out may seem a difficult quest filled with a hurricane of variables: location, line of business, hiring manager, required skill sets and so on. However, one of the greatest perks of applying to a global brand that embraces diversity is that there are some general steps you can take in order to start getting your feet wet with this journey.

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Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

Oracle Pride Employee Network Welcomes New Executive Sponsor

It’s an exciting time for Oracle’s Pride Employee Network  (OPEN – LGBT and Allies) Employee Resource Group (ERG) as Christine Coats, VP of Legal Operations, takes on her new position as Executive Sponsor! Thrilled to continue supporting the group’s mission to provide an inclusive and celebratory workplace culture, Coats shared her vision around strategy and plans for the future with Senior Director, Oracle Communications Applications Operations and OPEN Communications Committee Co-Chair, Cheryl Lander. Cheryl has been a member of the committee for about a month and is excited to see the impact of Christine’s leadership. We recently asked Cheryl to share her account of their discussion...

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Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Building Employee Engagement for Recruiting – Case Study for Oracle Direct EMEA

As a Branding Coordinator, learning about employee engagement techniques has been one of my core goals within Oracle EMEA. In the following blog post, I’ll walk you through an end-to-end execution of the initiative meant to create authentic content about Oracle Direct EMEA employee experience – from relocation & onboarding to career development.

Just to quote an infographic created by Qmee – every 60 seconds 278,000 tweets go live, 11,000 professional searches happen on LinkedIn and 347 new blog posts are published on WordPress. There are 2 takeaways from this data...

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Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Love the Company, Hate the Job? 5 Tips on Making an Internal Move

The first day jitters have taken hold, you catch yourself day dreaming of the possibilities and you know that every step you’ve taken in your career thus far has led you here. Great colleagues, broadened responsibilities and the surety that you’ve made the right move. Fast forward a year later and you realize that you may have set that expectation bar a little too high. You love your employer your current role may not be the position for you or maybe you’ve simply outgrown it and there is no potential for upward or even lateral mobility.

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Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

From The Rio Bravo to Tierra de Fuego: Meet Oracle Latin America

Being Branding Lead for Latin America has allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people. But, more importantly has allowed me to get to know the awesome work that’s done all throughout the region and how we are making a difference in every country we are in.  Today I’d like to take you on a brief tour of what’s going in Oracle Latin America, and show you some of the projects that you could join.

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Monday Dec 21, 2015

Pre-Holiday Stress? Manage Work Tasks with Zero Headaches

Pre-holiday stress is a common ‘syndrome’ amongst employees who feel the burden of responsibility coming upon them. It usually starts with one week before leaving for holiday, when you begin to panic and stress that you won’t be able to deliver work in due time. Here’s 5 tips to help you better organize office time and learn to deal with pre-holiday anxiety in the least stressful way.

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Monday Dec 14, 2015

Oracle @ GHCI 2015 – Event Highlights

The Grace Hopper Celebration event, India’s largest gathering of women in computing and technology took place between December 2nd and December 4th in Bangalore. Oracle participated as proud Silver Sponsor, a perfect occasion to re-connect with the amazing Indian community of women technologists. Here is an overview of the event. 

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Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Oracle GHCI 2015 – When Empowered Women Empower Other Women (II)

In our quest to support women empowerment, we’ve challenged some of our colleagues in Oracle India to share the stories of their business path: the drive for career success, the challenges they faced in the IT male-dominated industry and their mentoring vision to other women technologists. This week we interviewed two inspirational women – Anandhi Sridharan and Srilakshmi Ramachandra – who engage and lead with power and grace in tech-related leadership roles. 

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Monday Nov 16, 2015

Life at Oracle: The Power of Active Volunteering

October proved to be a very busy month for our dedicated volunteers who took part in 27 global campaigns. They’ve ran for fundraising events, spent time bringing bright smiles on the faces of kids from shelter homes, donated blood or went the extra mile for a cleaner environment. They’ve done it all in the good name of humanity.Honoring their impressive efforts, let’s take a look at some of their most recent initiatives.

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Friday Oct 23, 2015

Turned down by a company in the past? Follow these steps and apply again

The company you’ve been dreaming to work for finally has a job opening perfect for you. After reading all the Tips & Tricks articles available on the internet, you spend two nights crafting the perfect resume. But for some reason, you don’t get the job and you feel heartbroken. This is the moment you decide to let go or to be perseverant. If you really want to work at that company, do not despair, you can apply again and even get the job.

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Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Get Closer To A Promotion By Avoiding 5 Essential Mistakes

They are looking for someone to lead a new project or for a person to replace your ex-boss. You look around and think you’re the perfect fit after all these years, and somehow, despite your abilities and experience, they don’t consider you for the position. Meanwhile, people who were hired on later than you have already started moving up the ranks. You worked very hard and you feel disappointed, but did it ever cross your mind it takes more than hard work to get promoted? Attitude and strong principles count as much as what you do. If you haven’t been promoted by now, maybe you’re unknowingly doing some mistakes.

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