Friday Feb 19, 2016

5 Leadership Tips from a Rookie Manager

I accepted this role at Oracle, because of the interactions I shared with my manager. He gave me that gut feeling that #lifeatOracle would be tough, but that he believed in me and my ideas. Fast forward a year, this feeling couldn't be truer.  My ideas are heard and actioned. My voice has a podium. My actions are appreciated. I am trusted and I have grown immensely because of it. I had this idea a few months after joining Oracle, of building an internal Recruitment Branding team. My boss agreed and I spent the next 3 months interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training.

Not having been a manager before, here are the 5 things I learned on my first year at Oracle.

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Monday Oct 26, 2015

Are You Stressed? Here’s How To Tell Your Manager

As much as we’d love it, our job doesn’t remain in the honeymoon phase forever. As in a marriage, everyday stress crawls in your bed and will, inevitably, affect your motivation and performance. Something is wrong and you must tell your manager how you’re feeling and what’s causing it. It’s never easy, but it’s necessary and if you want to keep loving your job. So, how do you tell your boss you are feeling overwhelmed without leaving the impression you are lazy?

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    Monday Aug 11, 2014

    Meet Brian, the Most Inspirational person in Oracle Direct, Q4 FY14

    We are delighted to have inspiring leaders working for Oracle and Brian is definitely one of them. He has recently been titled ‘The Most Inspirational person’ in Oracle Direct EMEA in Q4 FY14. Brian manages the Business Development team looking after promoting all Oracle applications across the UK & South Europe. The team is responsible for driving new business and proactively targeting Mid- Size Enterprise through outbound activities. In addition to this he is also the CRM Functional leader for Western Europe, having the responsibility to ensure that the goals of the business development organization are aligned to that of the wider CRM sales organization.

    Here is what one of the Oracle Direct employees said about Brian: “He is an excellent Manager, the best I have worked for. He has the energy, passion and a “can do” attitude which is contagious. Brian helped me be the best I could be and always had a positive approach and was always available to me and the team. Brian is creative and his management style brings out the best in people and makes work fun.”

    Brian has been with Oracle just over 3 years. He was promoted to this role in January having previously been an Inside Sales Rep selling in the UK Financial Services. We asked him to give us an insight into his role as a Manager and he said: “The most rewarding aspect of my role is watching people join the team just out of college and grow into IT sales people. I enjoy the competitive nature of the job, as a sales representative the competition to deliver “the best quarter” is ferocious and now as a manager I can see that that attitude continues amongst the managers and other lines of business...[Read More]

    Friday Mar 21, 2014

    Career journeys @Oracle: Joeri, HCM Account Manager - Belgium market

    Not a single day is the same!

    Today we are talking with Joeri. He is working as a Saas Sales Account Manager in the HCM team in Dublin. Joeri joined Oracle a number of years ago and went through different steps within Oracle before he joined the HCM team.

    At the moment he is focussed on selling HR related Cloud applications to multinational companies in the Belgium market across different industries. What he enjoys most about selling applications it that your contacts are not only within IT departments but also within HR teams.

    Joeri explains: “In this role you are aiming at developing, supporting and stimulating long term relationships with customers. You are discussing by phone and e-mail what their current situation is and how an Oracle solution can add value for them in reaching their goals and targets i.e. in the process of Talent Management”.

    What most people do not know about Oracle is the opportunities you receive to develop yourself within the Oracle Direct Sales teams. ‘If you want, you can do a new training every day. That is how much content there is available...

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