Monday Jul 11, 2016

5 Tips to Sell Your Experience and Get the Job

We’re all in sales; all the time. When you are looking for a new position, having relevant work experience on your CV is not enough to convince future employers that you are the person they want to hire. However, one lackluster 1-hour interview could be what the interviewer remembers most about you. How do you approach this with the confidence and the knowledge necessary to sell your skills, while assuring your potential new employer that you’re the person for the job?

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Are you prepared yet?

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Wednesday Jul 06, 2016

Rebranding Your Career: Myths & Truths

Changing careers is something we’re all bound to do at some point in our lives. And it’s not just happening because our perspectives and needs tend to change, but because markets keep changing as well, much like the opportunities they provide. So in an effort to finding the right path in our professional life, there are certain myths that might stop us from whom we can become. These can often derive from either lack of trust in our abilities, fear of trying something new or our refusal to letting go of certain perceptions.

For those of you still searching for a way out of the ordinary and seek for a dream job, let’s take these myths down one by one and reveal the truth behind them.     

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Monday Jun 20, 2016

Accepting the Job? 5 Questions to Make Sure It’s the Right One

We all have the potential of doing something amazing. But it’s the way we’re seizing opportunities that makes a difference. Whether we accept it or not, being best employee in the wrong job is not just stopping you from your professional growth, but it’s also damaging to your career. Plus it’s a waste of your potential. So before accepting the next job, here are a few questions to help you see if it’s worth investing in it on a long term.

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Tuesday May 24, 2016

4 Job Seeking Lessons from Successful People Who Failed at First

The toughest part about accepting most job offers today is that you can’t tell whether you’ll thrive in them, or just…survive. Success isn’t predictable, but it wasn’t for those who eventually managed to achieve it either.

If you’re looking for “the“ job instead of “a” job, it’s likely that you may fail at your first attempts. But as difficult as it may seem, staying true to your professional goals can be truly worth the effort. At least it was for some of the world’s most successful people. Here’s what their experiences have to say about never settling for anything less than your dream job...

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Friday Mar 25, 2016

3 Questions to Ask During an Interview

You have a killer LinkedIn profile and your polished resume snagged you a phone screen, which you nailed! Now, it’s time for the in-person interview. In order to maintain that winning streak, you dust off those interview clothes and practice your handshake with everyone that crosses your path.

You have everything covered - or do you? There comes a time (sometimes dreaded), in every interview, when the tables are flipped and you’re the one asking questions when asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Here are 3 questions to ask during an interview that will end things on a high note. Read more in a  blog post by Nando Rodriguez, Head of Employment Branding & Candidate Experience for Horizon Media.

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Friday Mar 11, 2016

Communication Tips To Ace Your Next Phone Interview

If you’re looking for a first sign that an employer was impressed with your resume or online application for a job, the invitation for a phone interview might be just it. But now that you’re all set for your call, there are certain limitations you must be aware of and that you need to compensate in order to hang up the phone at the end with nothing but a smile on your face and invitation to a face-to-face interview.

For those who are looking for the secret recipe to a successful phone interview, here are a couple of key ingredients you can include...

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Thursday Mar 03, 2016

The 6-Step Plan to Getting Hired at Oracle

If you’re an aspiring candidate for a multicultural brand such as Oracle, with thousands of available opportunities around the globe, knowing what steps to take in order to stand from the crowd out may seem a difficult quest filled with a hurricane of variables: location, line of business, hiring manager, required skill sets and so on. However, one of the greatest perks of applying to a global brand that embraces diversity is that there are some general steps you can take in order to start getting your feet wet with this journey.

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Friday Feb 26, 2016

When You’re Right About Refusing a Job…and When You’re Not

Finding the job that’s right for you is one hell of a job – pun intended. First, there’s only so little you can find out about a company during a couple of interview meetings, and second, you can never know exactly whether you made the right choice or not until you actually start working for the business.

While being highly observant of your interactions with recruiters or hiring managers can help you detect the company’s vibes, it can also head to you the extreme, where you’re simply not a good judge of the situation and end up dismissing an offer that could’ve possibly changed your career. In an effort to making the best out of the opportunities that lie ahead in our careers, let’s look into a couple of case-scenarios when saying no to a job is the right thing to do…and when it’s not.

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Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Love the Company, Hate the Job? 5 Tips on Making an Internal Move

The first day jitters have taken hold, you catch yourself day dreaming of the possibilities and you know that every step you’ve taken in your career thus far has led you here. Great colleagues, broadened responsibilities and the surety that you’ve made the right move. Fast forward a year later and you realize that you may have set that expectation bar a little too high. You love your employer your current role may not be the position for you or maybe you’ve simply outgrown it and there is no potential for upward or even lateral mobility.

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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Becoming a Team Player

Collaboration is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Sure, at an early age we are taught to play nicely in the sandbox and share our toys but that concept doesn’t always withstand the test of self-promotion or the longing to simply do things your own way. One of the biggest challenges in my position as a Recruitment Branding Lead for North America has been working successfully alongside a global team. As a former recruiter I had become accustomed to life in my silo, working independently and treating each job that needed filling as my own. Staying in my lane was comfortable and while I’ve always enjoyed building relationships, partnering on work assignments was certainly never my sweet spot. 

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Monday Jan 11, 2016

The Star Wars Legacy That Will Make You a Career Jedi

No matter where you work, you’ll always find some sort of struggle: to be successful, noticed, promoted, to overcome a difficult time within your team or change someone’s opinion about you as an employee. The way we respond to this struggle can dictate how we are seen as employees or business people.

Much like Jedis were responsible for maintaining peace in the Galactic Republic, we need to learn to take the right actions in challenging times in order to make the most out of our jobs. Thinking about the Star Wars story made me find a couple of ways that will make this process a lot easier.

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Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

Why Treating Your Job Like Your BFF Matters

I could never picture my life without my best friends. The amount of effort invested in keeping us together as well as the good times that have made our lives so enjoyable and real convinced me that there’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than building long lasting friendships.

This got me thinking about commitments, our responsibilities when it comes to jobs and how much better we could handle them if we applied the same principles we use when building our friendships.

Let’s think about it: what would be the outcomes of treating your job the way you treat your BFF?

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Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

‘Tis the Season to Optimize Your Job Search Strategy

The winter holidays are almost upon us and although you’ve been actively seeking for a new employment opportunity, now you’re putting your search on pause. After all, companies take a rest too, right? Not quite. Don’t slow down your job search because recruiters are still on the haunt! Here’s how to do it. 

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Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

Make Twitter Your New Job Search BFF

Feeling like you’ve run out of job searching resources? You’re already doing your research homework on Facebook and LinkedIn, but have you considered digging deeper for job opportunities on Twitter, too? Although many see it rather as more of a socializing and networking platform, Twitter is also a surprisingly useful job searching environment where industry professionals, recruiters and candidates interact, share ideas and build awareness. Therefore, it’s time to give Twitter a chance. Here’s how you do it, step by step.

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Monday Oct 12, 2015

The Standout Presentation Tips From the Biggest Rockstars of All Time

If you think of famous lead singers that rocked the stage such as James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne or Brian Johnson, you wouldn’t think there are so many similarities between their job and what a business speaker does. However, I’ve learned a great deal about presentations just by analyzing these personalities and reached the conclusion that there’s a lot we can improve just by following their example.

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