Thursday Jul 14, 2016

Working Remotely This Summer? 6 Tips on How to Stay Productive

Summer time and the living is easy! Okay, most of us still have to report in everyday so it’s not exactly a “care free” time of year. The brighter the sun, the hotter the temps, the more difficult it can be to stay focused, especially if you’re working remotely. As someone who calls home “the office” all year round, I’ve stumbled upon a few tips to staying disciplined that have actually proven constructive. Sure, it’s always tempting to venture out for some Vitamin D but the more productive your day the more likely you are to be able to enjoy your evening without the added stress of playing catch up.

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Saturday May 21, 2016

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Development Opportunities are Closer Than you Think

Climbing the ladder, rising through the ranks, making a vertical move! This is the dream right? You master your role then it’s onto the next? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us enter the workforce with this mindset in tow. It wasn’t until I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In that I realized, the “ladder” is becoming obsolete and it’s okay to think of your career as an exploratory jungle gym. You don’t have to commit to one path or “play it safe” by simply exploring development opportunities that speak directly to career history or expertise. Maybe it’s a master’s degree, maybe it’s a podcast. There are plenty of ways to broaden your skillset and grow as a person and as a professional.

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Monday Feb 15, 2016

Turn Feedback into an Asset in Just 3 Steps

Turn Feedback into an Asset in Just 3 Steps

In the era of digital interaction, our every social action is bound to receive instant response. From how we manifest ourselves on Facebook or Twitter to what we say in a friendly circle or what course of action we might choose to take in a work project, we can fairly expect to generate a reaction. How to handle the amount and quality of response coming our way? According to an African proverb, the answer is quite simple: “Examine what is said and not who speaks.”

That’s easier said than done, though. It may take some effort, but in the end you will realize that it’s all in your favor.

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Monday Oct 19, 2015

Why Do We Change Jobs – A Closer Look At The 5 Big Reasons

Why are you looking to change your job? A question we hear quite often from our interviewers, parents and friends. But before prepping up your nicely wrapped answer, better start answering to yourself. With honesty. Lay down the pros and the cons of your decision and assess the situation with maximum clarity, before you take the next step.

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Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

Career Tips to Rock You - Inspired by Freddie Mercury

We're all aware of the obvious dos and don'ts in a career, much like we’re aware that we’re not supposed to eat burgers on every meal of the day. But ask yourself how many of the things you are aware of do you actually enforce? If you think about it, the only thing that separates truly successful people from the rest is the way that simple rules are actually put into practice versus those that just fly by because they were published in some random article.

Instead of showing you what to do, I can show you what has already been done, and not by a mere business person in some huge company, but by a young man born in Zanzibar, Tanzania who turned out to be one of the most prominent music figures just because he followed a set of basic rules that everybody else knew, but no one seemed interested in.

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Monday Sep 28, 2015

5 Reasons To Take Your Career Planning Seriously

It’s a serious deal to miss out on your career and even worse to do it for the wrong reasons. Remember what it was like when we were kids? If someone asked us what we wanted to become we’d set the bar high with astronaut or doctor or other meaningful careers. But as we grow older, we tend to lose our enthusiasm and indulge ourselves with small goals, while only looking to justify our failed careers. However, despite these tendencies, some people want to keep defying the odds...

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Thursday Sep 17, 2015

5 Cartoon Characters You’re Bound to Meet at the Office

You don’t need a degree in psychology to tell that being aware of your coworkers' personality type makes approaching them a lot easier. You also don’t need an expert’s input to know that such knowledge will be useful when you're dealing with them on a daily basis. If you look closer at them, you’re bound to identify a few stereotypes which you can use to your advantage.

Here's an easy way to spot 5 different personality types at work, and an even easier way to interact with them, as well as tips on handling the least agreeable traits of their personality.

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Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

A Story From Mount Everest on Careers

I met Adrian Fako a few years ago and ended up being completely drawn by his passion. To be honest, my first impression on him, a 26-year-old climber who wanted to reach the highest peak in the world, was quite skeptical. But he told me a story that made me believe otherwise…

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Tuesday Mar 18, 2014

Career journeys @Oracle Sweden: Tuva, Senior Engineering Manager

We've asked Tuva, Senior Software Development Manager to give us an insight into her experience with Oracle and the great career path she has had within the company. Read on the first part of the interview!

HI Tuva! Thank you for accepting to do this interview for the Recruitment team! Let's start with introducing yourself and giving us an overview of your current role at Oracle!

 "Hi! My name is Tuva and I am currently Senior Engineering Manager for two teams in the Java Platform organization. I have worked with Oracle for more than 13 years. I started off as a Software Engineer in the Compiler team, but have had various roles after that, like Head Product Manager for Exalogic, Partner Manager for Intel, etc etc. I have worked in most of the teams in Java Platform Group over the years. It has always been very challenging and fun!"

Give us some more information about the two teams you are managing.

"I am currently Manager for two teams in the Java Platform Group: Java SE Serviceability and Java Mission Control. Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. It is essential for Java and all these applications...[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

Career journeys @Oracle Russia: Konstantin, SW Development Director

We’ve asked Konstantin, Software Development Direct at Oracle Saint Petersburg to share an insight into his career path within the company and also to give us some information about the team he is leading. Read on the interview and add your comments below!

Hi Konstantin! Thank you for accepting to do this interview for the Recruitment team! Let's start with introducing yourself and giving us an overview of your current role at Oracle!

“Hello everybody! My name is Konstantin, but my friends call me Kostya. I am part of the Product Development organization focusing on Java Platform and mainly Java ME and Small Embedded Product and Tools development. Currently, I am in a Director position managing the team of senior engineers and managers in the St.Petersburg Development Center at Oracle Russia.

So, when did you start at Oracle and what has been your evolution so far?

My team and I have joined Oracle through the Sun Microsystems acquisition. I was in a Senior SW Development Manager role at that time and I have been recently promoted to the SW Development Director.

Tell us a few things about the organization that you're leading and about the career opportunities.

Oracle always follows the high-tech trends and finds new market opportunities. We have recently started to look at the rapidly growing embedded market with the new concept of the "Internet of Things"...

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