Thursday Jun 16, 2016

5 Career Tips from an ex-Teacher

Lucky for me, my career has taken me to a plethora of places. Right after I graduated college, the first job offer I got was at a local private school. It was a large institution with students ranging from 3 to 16 years old. During my tenure there, I believe I taught them many lessons and helped in many ways, but I also I learned a lot from them. About life and, of course, about careers.

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Tuesday Jun 07, 2016

4 Tips to Boost Your Chances in an Interview at Oracle

The job description grabs your eye – it’s a great learning opportunity, you’ve got the experience for it and the role itself makes you dream about your career path at Oracle.

But there’s a catch: The process of getting hired - from brushing up your resume to rehearsing your speech for the face-to-face interview - can be both challenging and stressful. So what does it take to get hired at Oracle?

Let’s dive into a few key assets that will help you make a standout impression to recruiters.

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Tuesday May 24, 2016

4 Job Seeking Lessons from Successful People Who Failed at First

The toughest part about accepting most job offers today is that you can’t tell whether you’ll thrive in them, or just…survive. Success isn’t predictable, but it wasn’t for those who eventually managed to achieve it either.

If you’re looking for “the“ job instead of “a” job, it’s likely that you may fail at your first attempts. But as difficult as it may seem, staying true to your professional goals can be truly worth the effort. At least it was for some of the world’s most successful people. Here’s what their experiences have to say about never settling for anything less than your dream job...

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Monday May 16, 2016

Life at Oracle: Mariel de Leon–Set for Career Success

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle, they often say it’s the people. Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. We set out to capture employee stories in a series of videos to recognize and celebrate the amazing people working at Oracle.

Mariel De Leon, a senior applications sales representative for Oracle Direct, graduated from the “Class of 2013” sales training program for college hires new to Oracle. A native of the Bay Area, Mariel likes to win while setting others up for success - both on the job and on the volleyball court. Read her full story.

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Thursday May 05, 2016

Life at Oracle: Ryan Thomas−Running to Meet the Challenge

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle, they often say it’s the people. Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. We set out to capture employee stories in a series of videos to recognize and celebrate the amazing people working at Oracle.

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Friday Mar 25, 2016

3 Questions to Ask During an Interview

You have a killer LinkedIn profile and your polished resume snagged you a phone screen, which you nailed! Now, it’s time for the in-person interview. In order to maintain that winning streak, you dust off those interview clothes and practice your handshake with everyone that crosses your path.

You have everything covered - or do you? There comes a time (sometimes dreaded), in every interview, when the tables are flipped and you’re the one asking questions when asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Here are 3 questions to ask during an interview that will end things on a high note. Read more in a  blog post by Nando Rodriguez, Head of Employment Branding & Candidate Experience for Horizon Media.

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Thursday Mar 24, 2016

Your Story: How to build a career narrative


We write stories through the simple act of living. From going to the shop, to working out. Everything is a small narrative, a story to tell. But, what if you were to take control of that story? What if you became the narrator of your own tale? Your career is also a story that you can constantly write. There are simple techniques from the world of storytelling that you can apply to your career that can help you seize control of your narrative and take it to new and exciting places.

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Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

4 Songs that Can Inspire Every Job Seeker

The pressure of finding the right job is tough for anyone who wants to make it in their future career. At least it was for me before I knew what my real passions stood for or how to integrate them in my everyday job. I remember it felt like always waiting for an epiphany, a sign, or an opportunity that would make a difference, and not finding anything while I was deep involved in searching for them. Here are a few things I learned along the way back when I was job-searching and how music helped me find the best job – the one I have been looking for a long time.

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Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

Oracle Women – Busting the Myths of Working in Tech

Women in IT are sometimes deterred from even considering their desired career because the preconceptions and stereotypes built on this subject keep damaging gender diversity and professional opportunities alike.

No sooner had I looked into gender stereotyping than I realized how easy it is to disarm it. I took this experiment in my own hands and met some incredible individuals along the way - take Maggie Huston for instance. From her 7-year experience as a professional journalist for one of the biggest news channels in U.S.A, to Senior Content Manager for Oracle Social Cloud, Maggie’s blend of capabilities both as a successful woman in tech and as a renowned writer got me thinking: there’s definitely more to someone than what first meets the eye...

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Monday Feb 29, 2016

Easy-to-use Tools You Can Use to Boost Your Productivity

There are always projects in your queue. Emails keep pouring in, one more “urgent” than the other. The phone keeps ringing, and more and more conversations end the same exact way – “Could you please send me an email with the items we just discussed? Thanks”. I could go on some more, but I’m pretty sure you get the point. In between all these interruptions, we must (and really want, actually) to be productive and get stuff done.

Long story short, here are a few tools that I use on a daily basis to stay focused and boost my productivity.

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Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

Technical vs. Social Skills: A Batman vs. Superman Race

Technical skills and social ones are not seen as two separate categories anymore, but rather as skill sets that complement each other. Much like Batman and Superman, two different, yet strong superheroes, these two skill categories can empower you individually, or help you stand out from the crowd when combined. Consider the Batman and Superman “race” as a way of learning to develop both technical and social skills. This is how you can cross the finish line easier...

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Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

Building Employee Engagement for Recruiting – Case Study for Oracle Direct EMEA

As a Branding Coordinator, learning about employee engagement techniques has been one of my core goals within Oracle EMEA. In the following blog post, I’ll walk you through an end-to-end execution of the initiative meant to create authentic content about Oracle Direct EMEA employee experience – from relocation & onboarding to career development.

Just to quote an infographic created by Qmee – every 60 seconds 278,000 tweets go live, 11,000 professional searches happen on LinkedIn and 347 new blog posts are published on WordPress. There are 2 takeaways from this data...

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Monday Jan 25, 2016

How to Make Your Professional Relationships Work

Handling your work relationships is a career progression essential you can’t afford to overlook. While your skills and knowledge are the backbone of your performance as an employee, teamwork is the business card you need to use in order to achieve your goals faster and easier. This is why getting along with your team is no longer a matter of choice, but a matter of proving how professional you are so that you get the most out of your work by effectively using the human resources you have available.

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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Becoming a Team Player

Collaboration is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Sure, at an early age we are taught to play nicely in the sandbox and share our toys but that concept doesn’t always withstand the test of self-promotion or the longing to simply do things your own way. One of the biggest challenges in my position as a Recruitment Branding Lead for North America has been working successfully alongside a global team. As a former recruiter I had become accustomed to life in my silo, working independently and treating each job that needed filling as my own. Staying in my lane was comfortable and while I’ve always enjoyed building relationships, partnering on work assignments was certainly never my sweet spot. 

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Friday Jan 15, 2016

Learning to Lead

Leadership has become one of those qualities that are crucial to business. However, becoming a leader is not an easy process in my time as Employer Branding Lead for Latin America there a few lessons I’ve learned, that have helped me be successful and set the foundation for bigger and better projects. It’s a tough journey, but it’s definitively worth making. 

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