Monday Nov 30, 2015

Oracle GHCI 2015 – When Empowered Women Empower Other Women (III)

In our quest to support women empowerment, we’ve challenged some of our colleagues in Oracle India to share the stories of their business path: the drive for career success, the challenges they faced in the IT male-dominated industry and their mentoring vision to other women technologists. For our last GHCI interview series, we’ve brought into focus two other inspirational women leaders: Rohini Ramdath - Director of Clusterware and Nandini Narayana Rao - Director of Fusion Quality Assurance, both within Oracle India.

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Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Oracle GHCI 2015 – When Empowered Women Empower Other Women (II)

In our quest to support women empowerment, we’ve challenged some of our colleagues in Oracle India to share the stories of their business path: the drive for career success, the challenges they faced in the IT male-dominated industry and their mentoring vision to other women technologists. This week we interviewed two inspirational women – Anandhi Sridharan and Srilakshmi Ramachandra – who engage and lead with power and grace in tech-related leadership roles. 

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Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

No Career Plan Yet? No Worries

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? The dreaded question we all heard, at some point, during job interviews. Realistically speaking, are you even close to what you envisioned your career path to be 5 years ago? What changed and why? What drove you off your road? Continue reading. 

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Thursday Nov 19, 2015

The Introvert & Networking - A Cat and Dog Relationship?

For many introverts, one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking parts of looking for a job or advancing their career is networking. Having to introduce themselves to strangers and striking up a conversation about careers sounds more like a nightmare than a potential means to land a dream job. Thanks to online social business networks, introverts can burn some stages by getting acquainted with people from their professional area without the cringing face-to-face experience. But unfortunately for introverts, they cannot hide forever behind of a computer screen and eventually will have to socialize in real life.

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Thursday Nov 12, 2015

Landing the right job in the right company – Success tips from an Oracle Engineer

They say that our lives are the sum of the choices we make, and that specifically reflects in how we develop as professionals. Throughout our careers, we are bound to make all sorts of decisions that impact our performance. However, taking the job is easy, but turning your career into a coherent story is what truly makes a difference in the long run. So how can we build a career narrative where all our choices, skills and experiences make sense for us in the big picture both personally and professionally?

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Thursday Oct 29, 2015

7 SEO Gimmicks to Lift Your LinkedIn Profile Ranking

7 SEO Gimmicks to Lift Your LinkedIn Profile Ranking

LinkedIn is the biggest and most popular social network for business professionals. So, how can YOU make yourself seen and heard in such a massive network with fierce competition? SEO. Might not be the answer to all your problems, but it can definitely help you increase your personal profile ranking both for LinkedIn and Google searches. Recruiters are already there, scouting for talent, thus SEO-optimizing your LinkedIn profile should become a #1 priority. 

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Monday Oct 19, 2015

Why Do We Change Jobs – A Closer Look At The 5 Big Reasons

Why are you looking to change your job? A question we hear quite often from our interviewers, parents and friends. But before prepping up your nicely wrapped answer, better start answering to yourself. With honesty. Lay down the pros and the cons of your decision and assess the situation with maximum clarity, before you take the next step.

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Tuesday Oct 13, 2015

4 Timeless Career Tips Inspired By Fashion

Mesmerizing and in a continuous whirl, the fashion world has always captivated me. It’s not solely the glitz and glam and what goes on in the back stage of runway shows that fascinates me. I see fashion, in general, as a source of never-ending inspiration for my personal lifestyle. I wonder, can fashion teach valuable lessons on career development and motivation? The answer to my question lies below – I’ve chosen 4 famous quotes from top fashion influencers – to prove that inspiration can be found everywhere.

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Thursday Oct 01, 2015

Case Study: How We Leveraged Google Forms for Candidate Pipelining and Engagement

Earlier this year the team at Careers at Oracle was faced with a challenge. We needed to gather exposure for our brand and for the premiere recruiting events across North America. In this case study you'll find how we created a recruitment branding campaign for our Oracle Direct events. By leveraging Google Forms, social media, other free tools and the incredibly enthusiasm of our employees we managed to create a succesfull campaign with surprising results and valuable, teachable lessons.

Read on, and discover what we did, how we did it. What went right, and what we learned from this incredible experience. 

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Friday Sep 25, 2015

7 Career Tips for a Younger You

For a second, consider your life since you first started working. Look back at all your experiences and think about the lessons you’ve learned on your own. If you had a time machine and could go in time, what would you say to a younger you? Would you tell yourself to try another career path? Or maybe not to take things too personally? If I could go back in time and tell my younger me something, this would be it:

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Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Working From Home? 5 Tips to Manage Your Time & Stay Organized

Working from home can be the best or the worst thing at the same time. If you’re dealing with the same time management issues, here’s my 5 tips to get you back on track.

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Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

How to Train Your EQ to Survive the Workplace Chaos

Stop and take a deep breath. Clear your head of bad thoughts and put the world on pause. It’s time to take control over your emotional state of mind and learn how to use that information to improve your personal and professional relationships. It’s time to manage your emotional intelligence (EG) and make it through that chaotic day at the office.

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Thursday Sep 03, 2015

3 Female Movie Characters That Teach Us About Real Career Passion

You have a burning ambition and, in your mind, you’ve already painted your career journey. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream. You’re lacking action. Maybe it feels too unrealistic, maybe you feel discouraged or maybe you’re just too afraid of failure. Let yourself inspired by 3 iconic women who turned their vivid passion into a striking success, followed by a successful career. 

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Wednesday Sep 02, 2015

Busting the Myth: Work-Life Balance is Possible

 Stress is the root of all evil. It affects everything, from our health and personal life to the way we handle our tasks at work. We can definitely put the blame on it for losing work-life balance and be right about it. There’s no better time than now to put an end to those complaints from your significant other for working overtime or even from bed, to regain the time lost with your kids because it took you forever to finish that report and to finally go and have some drinks Friday night without checking your e-mail every 5 minutes.

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Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

Is software support an option for your career?

If you have a technical background, why should you choose a career in support?

We have invited Serban to answer these questions and to give us an overview of one of the biggest technical teams in Oracle Romania. He’s been with Oracle for 7 years leading the local PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain Support team. Back in 2013 Serban started building a new support team in Romania – Fusion HCM. His current focus is building a strong support team for Fusion HCM, latest solution for Business HR Professionals from Oracle. The solution is offered both on Premise (customer site installation) but more important as a Cloud offering – SaaS.

 So, why should a technical person choose Software Support over other technical areas?

 “I think it is mainly because of the high level of technical skills required to provide the best technical solutions to our customers. Oracle Software Support covers complex solutions going from Database or Middleware to a vast area of business applications (basically covering any needs that a large enterprise may have). Working with such software requires very strong skills both technical and functional for the different areas, going from Finance, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Sales to other very specific business processes...

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