Thursday Jun 23, 2016

4 Tips to Keep Your Meetings Organized

Meetings are meant to drive productivity in the workplace, motivate employees and get the job done. But do you know how much time you spend in meetings and how much it’s left to actually work?

Studies show that the ratio ranges from 35% if you’re a middle manager, and up to 50% if you’re an executive. Not to mention the time spent on preparing the meeting (e.g.: up to 4 hours per week for a status update meeting), which doesn’t leave much from the usual 40 hours of a usual work week.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to be worried because there are lots of ways to get your work-meeting balance in place. Here are four I found extremely useful during my experience – read through the list and let me know what tricks, tools and methods you’re using to keep your meetings organized.

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Monday Jun 20, 2016

Accepting the Job? 5 Questions to Make Sure It’s the Right One

We all have the potential of doing something amazing. But it’s the way we’re seizing opportunities that makes a difference. Whether we accept it or not, being best employee in the wrong job is not just stopping you from your professional growth, but it’s also damaging to your career. Plus it’s a waste of your potential. So before accepting the next job, here are a few questions to help you see if it’s worth investing in it on a long term.

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Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

5 Steps to Making the Most of Your Time at Work

It’s 9 am and you’re opening your inbox. Lots of questions, deadline updates, emergencies, clarifications and so on. Before you know it, it’s 4:30 pm and you’re just getting started on the big tasks of the day, obviously not having enough time to get them done. The result – either they will be postponed, or you’re going to burn the midnight oil to actually do some work. Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to make a few changes.

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Interview Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts

You’ve found the job posting that piqued your interest, the resume has been polished and your application has been submitted. You’ll spend the next couple of days waiting by your phone, refreshing your email and testing your service just to make sure you don’t miss THE call. You know the one.  This feeling is familiar. You’ve most likely experienced it many times before but it never gets easier. It’s a nice blend between first date jitters and scratching a lottery ticket. Do they like me? Will this be the one? Am I about to hit the jackpot?

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Monday Jun 13, 2016

Our Favorite #lifeatOracle Posts – May 2016

Every week our Branding team searches the web for life at Oracle content that is posted by our employees.

Our employees posted over 300 posts tagged with #lifeatOracle, in May. Our hashtag reached over half a million people last month – we knew we had to share the best of the best, with you!

Our favorite 9 posts hail from Amsterdam, Colorado, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore and Atlanta. Take a peek to explore what Oracle has to offer besides a great career!

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Monday May 30, 2016

How Being a Parent Made Me a Better Professional

There are a lot of ways in which you can become a better professional. You can get another degree, take some independent courses, read, and attend company training sessions, and so on. But there’s really nothing like learning from experience. One of the experiences that is shaping me as a professional is being a parent. I know, at first you might think that the two are totally unrelated, but let me explain.

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Friday May 27, 2016

Your Career: Ride the Ride the Lightning – 5 lessons from the world of Rock n’ Roll

I’ve been a Hard Rock fan for as long as I can remember. It simply resonated with me in a way that no other genre of music has done. Over the years, music has been a great motivator in every single aspect of my life, including my career.  From valuable advice, to attitude adjustments music has given me a professional boost and some valuable lessons. These are just the first five

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

Rishan Barat and His Oracle Journey

You’ve heard his name before. Perhaps you’ve even caught him on the seminar circuit. Rishan Barat shared with us why he loves his job and today he opens up about his background, his strategy for success and his big plans for the future. A sales professional by trade, an entrepreneur by heart, each role has served as a pivotal opportunity always leading to something bigger. 

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Saturday May 21, 2016

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Development Opportunities are Closer Than you Think

Climbing the ladder, rising through the ranks, making a vertical move! This is the dream right? You master your role then it’s onto the next? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us enter the workforce with this mindset in tow. It wasn’t until I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In that I realized, the “ladder” is becoming obsolete and it’s okay to think of your career as an exploratory jungle gym. You don’t have to commit to one path or “play it safe” by simply exploring development opportunities that speak directly to career history or expertise. Maybe it’s a master’s degree, maybe it’s a podcast. There are plenty of ways to broaden your skillset and grow as a person and as a professional.

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Friday May 06, 2016

5 Tools to Make the Most Out of Your Commute

“Time is money” they say. Even if you don’t think about your time in financial terms, it’s still a very valuable (and irreplaceable) resource. The commute to and from work is part of our daily lives, so why not make the most out of it? I’m one of the first people to agree that a well-tailored Facebook or Twitter feed can be a very good option for filling that time slot, but I think we can do better.

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Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Squad Goals: 4 tips to building a winning team

A quick search on Twitter for the term #squadgoals, will reveal a bunch of pictures and stories of people having fun or thriving like a well-oiled machine. And while that’s fun to watch, you need to keep in mind that it didn’t happen overnight. When it comes to office chemistry, building an amazing team that brings in results and knocks it out of the park every time takes a bit of effort. However, once you have a proper squad, nothing can stop you.

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Monday Apr 25, 2016

How to Constructively Disagree at Work

A common perception on „disagreement” is explained as our reflexive tendency to think of it in the negative. Our business world usually detects it as an ill that only compounds the difficulties in a job, but the truth is, it can also often lead to improvements, or even more effective ways of doing things.

While we shouldn’t fear to disagree with the people around us in an effort to bringing greater ideas to the table, it’s how we disagree that we should pay attention to. Poorly managed conflicts generated by disagreements can cost a business greatly, sometimes even losing great employees or valuable customers. So how do we stray away from negative behaviors in times of business conflict and what is the professional approach we’re looking for?

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Friday Apr 22, 2016

Why Working at Oracle Can’t Go Unnoticed on Your Resume

It’s no secret that we tend to pick our jobs based on what a company stands for in the eyes of its audience. even proves it by fact: 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. And they should - because working in a company can also mean having to “borrow” a fragment of its reputation, which you can combine with your personal skill set to land greater job opportunities in the future.

While Oracle is considered a dream company for many, there are some unique core benefits that make it an in demand employer for job seekers from all over the world. Let’s dive into what the Oracle experience says about your potential as an employee in the eyes of any recruiter or hiring manager:

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

What Makes a Great Success Story in Tech

For some people, technology is thought as a male-driven industry, but Christine Gilroy’s experience proves that not only can women be successful in technology, but they can also become magnificent leaders in it: “I don’t really think of myself as a 'woman in technology', I’m just like my male counterparts”, she says. As the Vice President of Sales Automation for Oracle’s East region, Christine is currently leading a team of over 90 professionals who sell to companies in the enterprise space. This means the country’s largest companies with over $1 Billion in revenues.

But the road to her success was not easy, and her journey is about far more than succeeding in tech...

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Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

5 Assets Candidates with no Experience Can Show in an Interview

While experience for the job is something recruiters will never overlook, there is a way to make them not see it as a deal breaker. This of course depends on the type of job you’re applying for as well as whether the level of experience is considered crucial for the role or not. Interestingly enough, this doesn’t imply that a candidate with no experience has nothing to bring to the table during an interview. In fact, as a candidate with no experience, there are a few things you can showcase - those might eventually help you outrun candidates who have been in the industry more than you have.  
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