Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Squad Goals: 4 tips to building a winning team

A quick search on Twitter for the term #squadgoals, will reveal a bunch of pictures and stories of people having fun or thriving like a well-oiled machine. And while that’s fun to watch, you need to keep in mind that it didn’t happen overnight. When it comes to office chemistry, building an amazing team that brings in results and knocks it out of the park every time takes a bit of effort. However, once you have a proper squad, nothing can stop you.

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Monday Apr 25, 2016

How to Constructively Disagree at Work

A common perception on „disagreement” is explained as our reflexive tendency to think of it in the negative. Our business world usually detects it as an ill that only compounds the difficulties in a job, but the truth is, it can also often lead to improvements, or even more effective ways of doing things.

While we shouldn’t fear to disagree with the people around us in an effort to bringing greater ideas to the table, it’s how we disagree that we should pay attention to. Poorly managed conflicts generated by disagreements can cost a business greatly, sometimes even losing great employees or valuable customers. So how do we stray away from negative behaviors in times of business conflict and what is the professional approach we’re looking for?

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Friday Apr 22, 2016

Why Working at Oracle Can’t Go Unnoticed on Your Resume

It’s no secret that we tend to pick our jobs based on what a company stands for in the eyes of its audience. Careerarc.com even proves it by fact: 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. And they should - because working in a company can also mean having to “borrow” a fragment of its reputation, which you can combine with your personal skill set to land greater job opportunities in the future.

While Oracle is considered a dream company for many, there are some unique core benefits that make it an in demand employer for job seekers from all over the world. Let’s dive into what the Oracle experience says about your potential as an employee in the eyes of any recruiter or hiring manager:

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

What Makes a Great Success Story in Tech

For some people, technology is thought as a male-driven industry, but Christine Gilroy’s experience proves that not only can women be successful in technology, but they can also become magnificent leaders in it: “I don’t really think of myself as a 'woman in technology', I’m just like my male counterparts”, she says. As the Vice President of Sales Automation for Oracle’s East region, Christine is currently leading a team of over 90 professionals who sell to companies in the enterprise space. This means the country’s largest companies with over $1 Billion in revenues.

But the road to her success was not easy, and her journey is about far more than succeeding in tech...

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Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

5 Assets Candidates with no Experience Can Show in an Interview

While experience for the job is something recruiters will never overlook, there is a way to make them not see it as a deal breaker. This of course depends on the type of job you’re applying for as well as whether the level of experience is considered crucial for the role or not. Interestingly enough, this doesn’t imply that a candidate with no experience has nothing to bring to the table during an interview. In fact, as a candidate with no experience, there are a few things you can showcase - those might eventually help you outrun candidates who have been in the industry more than you have.  
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Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

Building Your Personal Brand – Be Strategic When Creating Your Social Footprint

Who are you? What are your core values? How do you like to spend your time?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before building out your personal brand across social. Does your digital footprint rest right on the line between personal and professional? Are you comfortable with combining the two? Navigating the balance between the personas can be tricky and there is such thing as overshare but there are certain guidelines that you can follow that will help you get it right.

Putting yourself out there can be a little intimidating, especially when there are so many channels to master and “rules of engagement” attached to each. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my following isn’t exactly where I want it to be. I too am still learning but there are a few best practices that have helped me understand and become more comfortable in the social playground.

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Friday Apr 01, 2016

6 Myths You Shouldn’t Fool Your Career With

It’s a given: we all want to find the best career scenario – it’s a type of wishful thinking that makes us strive for more and look on the bright side of our professional future. But it’s the same wishful thinking that is sometimes biased by the wrong expectations we set, those that are built more on our positive thinking rather than our realistic point of view.

In an effort to not letting ourselves fooled by expectations and to building a more realistic scenario of our careers, we need to separate subjective principles (the myths) from what we can actually achieve (reality).

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Monday Mar 28, 2016

What a competitive work environment can teach you about engagement

What a competitive work environment can teach you about engagement

Lately engagement has become a pretty elastic term in regards to its actual meaning – what makes something engaging is, we’ve come to realize, totally different than what you might consider to be so.

In other words, most of the times it’s purely subjective. A few years ago it seemed to be more of a “recipe to success” kind of concept, whereas in recent times it’s visibly expanded its area of reach – one might consider commissions an engaging component of a job, while others might put fun at work above financial incentives.

However, an interesting approach to engagement is competition; to be more specific, competitiveness amongst work mates. Let’s explore the key areas of what a competitive work environment can bring to the employee engagement table.

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Friday Mar 18, 2016

The Greatest Employee Super Power & How To Use It

Most employees are tempted to believe their influence in the company they work in is only as strong as their job title. Whether it’s in a small start-up of 4 people, or in a large-scale company, there’s no escaping the thought that our voice as employees is sometimes limited by the power we have in the company.

Or is it?

The truth is, we live in a candidate-driven market, and not an employer-driven one – and we have employer branding to thank for that. We’re no longer accepting job offers just for the money, we’re looking for great culture, work-life balance, a fun environment, and other great work perks. Jobs are no longer just a way to fill in the financial void, but a way to improve the quality of our life.

All of this because of one employee super power that changed the business world like nothing else before...

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From Career Fair to Employee Award: How Andras Karoly Kiss Found His Path at Oracle

Academic background is just the start of your career – what matters is how you set your mind and efforts on learning in the actual job. Determination, constantly challenging yourself to do more and learning from the people around you is what makes a difference. As András Károly Kiss says, it’s all about the things making it worth waking up in the morning: “real projects, real tasks, real responsibilities”.

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Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Wow Your Manager - 5 Tips to Going Above & Beyond in Your Job