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  • May 2, 2017

Sailing around the opportunities of relocation

Raluca Ursu
Employer Branding Coordinator EMEA

Committing to a radical career move such as relocation can be one of the toughest choices you can make. No wonder - it’s not just about having to build everything from scratch in another country, or getting used to a new job and a new environment – it’s about using this move to level up your career and to perform exceptionally in it.  

The right support makes the world of relocation go round

The truth is, a sudden career shift makes collaboration with the hiring company a key ingredient to your successful integration in the new role. At least, this is how Ed Hartung, Oracle Cloud Inside Sales Professional In Dubai sees it: “When I first came to Dubai I was a bit nervous, I confess – I was far from home, but fortunately, the people here, my colleagues, they’ve helped me a lot. I feel as though I’ve become a better person, not only a better professional, thanks to the network I’ve built here.”

Motivation is the key to your journey 

As a champion in the Swedish National Sailor Team, Ed was acquainted with exceptional performance and exceeding expectations, which made partnering with Oracle for a new career shift the perfect growth opportunity: “that’s the thing about Oracle – it helps you connect, evolve, grow, it gives you the proper tools, and it’s up to you how you use them to your advantage”, Ed says.

But relocation is not just about the right place and the right time, it’s also about eagerness to learn and opening your mind to new possibilities. Much like Ed’s experience when moving two times in a row: from Sweden to Dublin and then Dubai: “you must be hungry to learn and willing to really understand the lines of business and especially what each and every one of your colleagues is doing and how they can help you” he told us.

Be open to seeing your career in a different light

And before you even know it, you’ll be surprised to discover that what initially seemed a far-fetched goal, now is actually a real-life and worthwhile experience: “I’m still in Sales, but I’m doing something bigger, more impactful. I feel like for your future you must attain a toolbox, with your own tools that you need to know how to use and when to use. But above this, my work here is about the security of my customers’ data – it’s a matter of national security if you will, we help them prevent any security breech that could occur. In my mind, there’s really nothing as important as a nation’s security, and to be able to work for that, to me is amazing.”

If you’re looking for a word of advice, better take it from someone who’s been successfully going through the relocation experience: “You’ll find an entrepreneurial spirit here that is rare, with the benefits of a corporation; and a leadership team that is sure to inspire and support you in your journey”, says Ed.

All in all, if you’re thinking about relocation, don’t be afraid to pursue in it – not because you’ll find it easy, but because it challenges you to overcome your limits and discover yourself as a professional like you never have before. Because it’s both career-changing and eye-opening. At Oracle Digital, the possibilities to explore the true power of change through your career are as diverse as our organization. So why not be part of this journey? Start here, and hopefully we will meet at the finish line: oracle.com/experience. Make your career goal one you are unwilling to postpone, and one which you intend to win.

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