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Running towards success: Join Oracle Consulting and grow as a consultant

"Most of my customers are long-term, and I'm very proud to say they keep coming back to us." -Saq Khan, Cloud Director, HCM Delivery, North America Applications Consulting

Saq Khan is a Cloud Director for HCM Delivery, as part of Oracle Applications Consulting—North America. He’s been with Oracle for more than 15 years, and he’s had his fair share of opportunities to move and advance within the company. A wise and experienced consultant, Saq is also very much into running, which plays an important role in his philosophy towards work, success, and customer relationships. What has he learned throughout his career journey? What’s it like to have an experienced professional like Saq as your teammate? What does it take to join his team?

A series of opportunities

Saq joined Oracle 15 years ago as a Project Manager, where he had the opportunity to deliver successful implementations in HCM, ERP, and CX. Then the chance came to become a Project Director, so Saq took on the challenge and delivered PeopleSoft solutions on the HCM side for many years. However, his big break came when he got onto the company’s Cloud platform. “I had the opportunity to lead our existing consultants, project managers, and project directors towards embracing Oracle Cloud, at least on the HCM side. What I mean by that is that I worked on many initiatives to put together training paths that would elevate consultants’ knowledge levels, turning them into trusted advisors for our customers on all things Cloud.”

In for the long run

Besides being an experienced and successful consultant, Saq is also an avid runner, having participated in nine marathons in the last 8 years. This hobby has not only given him great physical condition, but also valuable wisdom. “I’ve learned through running that marathons nor my job are quick wins; they’re both long relationships in which you need to provide consistent results for a very long time,” Saq explains. “You need to build lasting relationships, and you can only do so if you have the mindset of hanging in there with your customer for the long haul. Most of my customers are long-term, and I’m very proud to say that they keep coming back to us to provide them with additional services and solutions because they believe in us, because we stick with them through thick and thin.”

The right mindset

To have a long, successful career at Oracle, you need to have a passion for doing different things, as opportunities to grow come in many different forms. “I’ve always been open to taking on new challenges,” Saq says. “Leadership at Oracle has believed in my ability to face change and figure out solutions and pathways, not only for myself, but also for my team and the broader consulting group. Which is why I got this opportunity to lead initiatives that would transform this workforce.”

Make it simple

Those who work with Saq get to learn from his consulting philosophy, which places simplicity in high regard. “I always preach to my team that consulting would not exist if we didn’t come up with innovative ways to solve problems for our customers,” Saq tells us. “Customers are looking for solutions and answers, and they’re looking for answers that are easy for them to digest. Customers have complicated problems and situations, that’s why they call upon Oracle Consulting, to break their problems down into palatable solutions: we go in and provide an easy answer to a large, complex problem.”

Are you looking for a position to provide your customers with direction to the future, to chart a path for them to be successful? Then join Saq at Oracle Consulting as an HCM Delivery Lead, HCM Project Manager, or HCM Project Director. All you have to do is visit our dedicated North American Oracle Applications Consulting careers website and apply for the role that best suits your talent, skills, and professional outlook. Choose growth today! Create the future with us.

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  • Mohammad Ali Saturday, August 1, 2020
    Great interview Saq! I really liked your response regarding serving your clients with the mindset of long term relationships, “I’ve learned through running that marathons nor my job are quick wins; they’re both long relationships in which you need to provide consistent results for a very long time.” Keep up the great work and good luck!
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