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Rise from Intern to Research Manager

Do you seek advice on how to find success and grow at Oracle, straight from experienced coders working in the company?

Daniel Langerenken is one of such coders; his rise from intern to Research Manager has given him valuable insight to share with up-and-coming tech talent.

Read his story and discover how he combines his love for coding, exploring and cooking to lead a successful career at Oracle.

Applying Theory
While completing his master’s in Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Daniel Langerenken met his now-manager Hassan Chafi, who started his own internship experience at Oracle developing a product that would fundamentally change cyberspace.

Motivated by the opportunity to turn theory into new products, Daniel jumped at the chance to intern in the US as well. With a self-proclaimed love for Java, he knew there was no better company to hone his Java programming skills. “I was also excited by how Oracle Labs combined research with development, and ultimately thought Oracle provided better career growth opportunities than my other offers,” Daniel remembers.

Keeping Money Safe
As an intern, Daniel started a small side-project called Oracle Labs Data Studio, which originated from the idea to visualize networks. It quickly became a large-scale project, which helped accelerate the process of exploring and gaining insights from data. “In the last three years I’ve worked on this project, I’ve moved from being the only developer to having a team of 10+ employees,” Daniel shares. “I mostly spend my time collaborating with partners within Oracle to see how they can leverage Data Studio in their own projects. Keeping it as generic as possible, yet allowing full customization for our partners is my favorite part of the job.”

“One of our partners is the Financial Global Business Unit, which has a team that focuses on fraud detection and money laundering,” Daniel explains. “With the help of Oracle Labs Data Studio, and our graph engine PGX, we’re able to explore new ways of finding ‘bad players’ in the market.”

The Ingredients to Grow
When it comes to growing within Oracle, Daniel considers there are three key factors that make it possible:

  • Autonomy – “I started as an intern four years ago, and had an idea at the very beginning. Instead of rejecting my idea, my manager saw its potential and encouraged me to follow through. He supported me along the way, and helped me shift from a developer into a manager as the team grew.”
  • A collaborative environment – “At Oracle, you don’t only work in your small team, but with the entire company. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to making Oracle customers fall in love with our products. This truly creates a great work environment where everyone can help each other.”
  • Learning and development – “Oracle encourages you to continuously learn. From taking online classes, to visiting conferences, Oracle enables your growth throughout your career. I started as an intern, and quickly moved into a more senior position based on the trust and respect of my manager.”

Recipe for Success
For Daniel, cooking is like coding. “You start with a basic recipe and try to improve from there. No dish is the same, and there’s always room for improvement. Coding, as much as cooking, is a hobby that I enjoy outside of work as much as I do during work.”

“My recipe for success at Oracle is to be a team player, while speaking up when suited,” Daniel says. “Don’t be scared to share your ideas with colleagues, or have discussions with more senior employees. You’re as much of a member of the team as anyone else is. Your opinion is valued by everyone in Oracle.”

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