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Putting Revolutionary Technology in the Hands of Great Business People

By Richard Smith, Senior Vice President, UKII, ECEMEA & South Clusters for Technology

Decade after decade, I’ve seen technology revolutions redefine how enterprises operate at a fundamental level. I’ve been proud to help clients drive change, lead their industries and embrace new business models.

Right now, I’m seeing Oracle push the barriers of what’s possible by revolutionizing how data is managed with Oracle Autonomous Database. It’s the industry’s only self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing database. With unmatched availability and performance, it’s helping clients free their budgets, free their resources and reduce risk, so they can focus on driving business growth and innovation.

Autonomous, like any revolutionary technology, is only useful when the right people put it to use. To have a transformative impact, it must find its way into the hands of great business people. And it’s great salespeople that make these connections by identifying the right opportunities and delivering what businesses truly need.

In my experience in the world of technology sales, I’ve found that great salespeople have six power traits in common. These people are:

  1. Superior value creators: They turn opportunities into deals by identifying clients’ true needs and delivering the right solutions.
  2. Disciplined process people: They act on proven sales methodologies and use repeatable approaches that get results.
  3. Educative experts: They are deeply versed in the technology they sell and are eager to share their knowledge with their prospects and clients.
  4. Great persuaders: They make their pitch with passion and understand the rational and emotional components of client decisions.
  5. Real team players: They know when to get help by leveraging the expertise, tools and resources that their firm makes available to them.
  6. Motivated true believers: They see the true value of what they are selling and believe in its transformative power for their clients’ businesses.

At Oracle, these are the qualities that our salespeople possess and continually foster. It’s helped them drive incredible momentum and tangible results as more and more of our clients move to Autonomous Database.

Though, I want to build on this momentum even more. We need more great people to tell our story with passion, reach new clients with excitement and accelerate the growth we’ve had. That’s why I’m delighted to announce that we are now recruiting hundreds of Autonomous Database Representatives to join our team.

These representatives will focus on closing large volumes of cloud deals and pairing them with Oracle services to get customers up and running fast with Autonomous Database. They must be sharp communicators, experts in technology sales (preferably Oracle) and have a track record of exceeding sales goals. We are hiring only the best, and we are ready to move fast. The right people will be part of a revolution that will define the industry for years to come.

If you think that you, or someone you know, has what it takes, let’s take the next step. Learn more and fill out an application.

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