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Your Career: Ride the Ride the Lightning – 5 lessons from the world of Rock n’ Roll

I’ve been a Hard Rock fan for as long as I can remember. It simply resonated with me in a way that no other genre of music has done. Over the years, music has been a great motivator in every single aspect of my life, including my career.  From valuable advice, to attitude adjustments music has given me a professional boost and some valuable lessons. These are just the first five. Tool – Schism The first single off Tool’s 2006 album Lateralus is about talking to each other. It’s...

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Make the Most of the “Present” Which is Now - by Pushpa Sreenivasan

When you look around, you notice the usual buzz of high-pressure work has diluted. With it we are gifted with abundance of time. Though it’s a gift that we have received in abundance, a lot of us don’t seem to have realised so. Here are some simple tid-bits about how we can make the most of the present, which is “now”: 1) Increase your Network: While I was attending a conference titled women 2:0, the senior speaker was mentioning how she also networked with various people...

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Motivation from Seth Godin and David Carman

I read Seth Godin's Blog In the Mood last night which I wanted to share. I enjoy reading his blog entries as they are great for getting/keeping me motivated through out the day. It reminded me of some training that I attended in Melbourne in December last year from Carman White. CarmanWhite provide professional development services to the recruitment and selection industry. I have attended numerous courses run by David Carman and I think he has a great approach that gets the...

Monday, January 12, 2009 | Positive Outlook | Read More

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