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Physicist-turned-engineer gets his knowledge fix at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Lithuania

By way of Oracle’s acquisition of startup Zenedge in 2018, Gytis found a place where he could apply his collected knowledge of physics and IT. As a Senior Software Engineer at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in Lithuania, Gytis faces exciting challenges that flex his unique skillset and lead to both vertical and horizontal career development.

Follow Gytis as he tells his story of joining a startup and then becoming a part of one of the world’s leading technology companies. Learn more about the growth he enjoys at Oracle, and see what you can take from his experience to join our team in Lithuania as a Software Engineer or Software Developer.

Getting physical

During his studies, Gytis’ interest in natural phenomena and understanding how things worked led him to focus on a particular set of subjects. “I went from applied physics to theoretical physics to engineering, but the main focus was the same: to solve problems with computers,” he recalls. “There were no jobs based on the studies I’d finished. However, I’d accumulated quite much knowledge in mathematics and physics, as well as computer skills, so it was a straightforward transition for me to IT. Unfortunately, without a proper IT background, not all fields were open to me. I think I was lucky to find Zenedge; they took me in and helped me learn and improve.”

The right culture

Prior to the acquisition of Zenedge, all Gytis knew about Oracle was Java. “I had used Java before, but not any other Oracle product. To tell the truth, before the acquisition, I wasn’t even aware that Oracle was moving to the cloud,” he remembers. Therefore, when the time came to join his new employer, he had much to discover. “Despite the corporate organization here, the culture is open and welcoming. Oracle’s self-service mentality is one of the major differences between the company and Zenedge. Management encourages development teams to give them feedback, and to self-organize their work. Strong management shields you from organizational stress, which allows you to express yourself and focus on your work.”

Besides the supportive culture, Gytis gets to tap into resources previously inaccessible to him. “Apart from a fast-growing customer base and an ever-expanding cloud presence, Oracle’s various advanced cloud technologies allow us to improve our IaaS and PaaS services. This allows us to build up our service fast, without reinventing the wheel, and to focus on our security features. Our products are always evolving, which means we are, too. We stay at the top of our game, thanks to priceless learning opportunities and exposure to the latest technologies.”

Non-stop learning

As a Senior Software Engineer, Gytis’ work stretches a wide range of responsibilities, all in which he gets to apply the skills and knowledge he acquired in his studies. “The main focus of my studies was simulations, which translates into high-performing data manipulations,” he explains. “All the problems and solutions in that area can be easily applied to cloud servers as well. My scientific mentality helps me with solving problems and investigating various issues. This has helped me to become a valued member of the team.”

“From developing software to engineering infrastructure to investigating customer issues, working from various perspectives is quite challenging, but also rewarding,” he says. “I get to apply my skills and learn new things from the many specialists in many fields that work in the energetic Lithuania hub. I’m constantly learning and seizing opportunities to grow my career and myself. We challenge each other to stretch beyond our past to build our future.”

Grow in any direction

Gytis has some words of encouragement for software engineers and developers who want to join our hub in Lithuania: “There are many benefits to working at Oracle. Fellow software engineers can find a wonderful, strong team and a great variety of challenging projects, so you can definitely work on something you like while you build your career. The company’s organizational structure not only allows vertical growth possibilities, but also offers horizontal opportunities—migration between teams isn’t unheard of at Oracle. At the moment, I don’t know how my career will change, but I know there are many opportunities.”

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hub in Lithuania is waiting for you to help us write the most exciting chapter in cloud history. Visit our website and discover the opportunities we have for you to join our groundbreaking team. Create the future with us.

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