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  • March 29, 2018

Patching Towards the Future

Having worked at Oracle for close to 10 years before leaving to pursue other projects, Charlie came back 4 months ago as Consulting Member of Technical Staff to help Oracle on its mission. “We’re at a point where we have to win in the cloud. There are a lot of resources being put into this; there are a lot of new things happening, a lot of really exciting things. It’s a great opportunity and privilege to work with great people, but also to work on new things that are extremely business-critical to Oracle,” Charlie says.

Oracle’s mission means a job like Charlie’s is not only in demand, but that it has the company’s full backing. “Oracle really understands that we have to succeed in the cloud for us to be relevant. With this realization, even on the scale of a big company, you get a sense of urgency and importance. There are all these resources you can use; if there’s something you don’t know about, you can find a domain expert to connect and collaborate,” Charlie acknowledges. “There’s no project too big for Oracle,” he adds.

When asked what Charlie’s role entails, he answers that he’s “predominantly working on patching.” A more in-depth inquiry reveals that he’s “trying to figure out what the procedures are and how things are shifting in the new Oracle Cloud, but still trying to retain the capabilities that we have in the past Bare Metal OCI Cloud.”

As for the impact that Charlie’s job has, he’s quick to point out that both consumer and enterprise-level customers would soon miss patching if it were ever to stop. “The stuff I’m doing is critical. Patching has an enormous impact because customers and people have gotten used to the fact that things fix themselves. People don’t want to deal with maintaining their own fleet of hardware. Customers want to feel safe, so they choose Oracle. Patching is an important piece in achieving security and reliability,” Charlie explains.

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