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Oracle’s star athlete and salesperson Montez Blair shares tips for career success

"If you have a growth mindset and believe you can, you will." Montez Blair, Account Executive

From competing on the NBC show Titan Games, to becoming an Ivy league track and field star and an Olympic trials finalist, Oracle Account Executive Montez Blair has had quite an extensive athletic career. Learn why he brought his winning attitude to Oracle—and the skills that are helping him advance in the sales arena.

Where it all began

Montez’s love for sports began when he was just three years old. Basketball was his first love. Although he continued basketball in high school and college, Montez ended up pursuing a professional career in Track and Field. His main event? High jump.

After his college track and field career at Cornell University, Montez ended up being sponsored by Adidas in 2014. During this time, he made the USA Track and Field team and even earned a shiny bronze medal from the USA Championships.

However, none of this success was given to Montez—it was earned.

“One of the biggest things that I've learned as an athlete, and actually through life, is that failure is part of success,” says Montez. “Most people only look at the highlights in life. Whereas, the story and the lessons learned come from being knocked down, being in the trenches, the cuts and bruises, the headaches, the concussions. Those are where the true you comes in; it's where you develop and it's where you learn to build. The accolades are great, the trophies are amazing, but they're only for an instance. Your life is more than just a few seconds of shine.”

Failure, reflection, perseverance

Montez brought his winning attitude to Oracle two years ago when he joined as a Business Development Consultant.

“Three things that reflect both being an athlete and being in a corporate world are, failure, reflection, and perseverance,” says Montez.

Like in sports, Montez says failure is inevitable in everything we do, including when it comes to work. Being an athlete, he’s learned how to embrace failure, reflect upon his mistakes, and to never give up despite all obstacles. These are skills he continues to practice every day.

In order to become the best at something, you need to prepare yourself. Nobody is born a great athlete or salesperson. He says we all have different qualities and it’s up to ourselves to choose whether or not we grow those qualities into something bigger and better like he has.

“For example, people thought that nobody would be able to break the four-minute mile,” Montez explains. “The minute someone did, there was about 40 or 50 other people who broke it as well two weeks later. It's all about what kind of mindset we have. If you have a growth mindset and believe you can, you will. It correlates directly into any role that you go into, especially sales. If you believe that you can hit your number, more than likely you're going to hit your number, because you're going to put your effort and time into achieving that goal. It's put there because somebody believes that you can do it.”

Take advantage of learning at every opportunity

Throughout Montez’s life he’s always had a coach by his side, someone to rely on, and keep him motivated. This was because he made sure to go out and find them and that’s what he’s continuing to do here at Oracle. Instead of calling them coach, he calls them his mentors.

“Oracle gives us an opportunity not only to be able to understand who we are as a person, but to learn different tools that you would never have access to,” says Montez. “There's multiple facets of who I am, and it's just putting your best foot forward to show that you're versatile. If you’re willing to open your eyes and learn, the world is yours.”

Life at Oracle

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle they often say, “it’s the people.” Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, and caring individuals doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. Meet more of the amazing people working at Oracle.

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