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Oracle NetSuite Solution Consultant Academy Spotlight: Naveen C.

The Oracle NetSuite Solution Consultant Academy (SCA) Program prepares business professionals for an exciting and rewarding career, as part of NetSuite’s Presales Solution Consulting organization. We took some time to talk with Naveen about his experience in the program, and why people should join. Check out his answers below and find out how you can apply.

How would you describe your experience in the SCA Program?

My experience in the SCA Program has provided me with a great deal of personal enlightenment. The program challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, and places you in scenarios that I, for one, was certainly not accustomed to being in while working in previous roles. In addition, you have dedicated guidance from experienced technology professionals, who are constantly providing you with detailed feedback to help improve your presentation skills and technical knowledge all along the way. Through the process, I’ve learned a great deal about myself and what I can accomplish, both personally and professionally.

What made you want to join the program?

What I enjoyed most about my previous role as an auditor was having the opportunity to work directly with clients on a regular basis. However, as an auditor, the amount of value that I was able to bring to their experience was quite limited. It was important for me to be able to utilize my accounting skills and knowledge base in a more purposeful and comprehensive manner. The program was going to provide me with the platform to leverage everything I’d done in previous accounting roles, and really develop the ability to work with various organizations to provide them with solutions to some of their most pressing business challenges, in order to lead them towards the path to success. Also, the prospect of working for a company like Oracle/NetSuite, which is a pillar in the software/technology space, was far too enticing to pass up.

What doors did your participation in the program open for you?

Coming from my previous role, where I was exposed almost exclusively to other accounting/finance professionals and subject matter, the program exposed me to a peer group of individuals that came from a more diverse professional and educational background. Although accounting/finance is at the core of NetSuite, the role requires a more holistic organizational view. As a result, I was able to learn about business processes and organizational components that I would not have likely been exposed to in most accounting career paths I was destined for.

How was the transition from your previous career to the SCA Program?

When starting out in public accounting, it almost feels as though you’re thrown into the mix and are expected to either sink or swim. It was very refreshing to come into a situation where I was making a sharp career shift, but in an environment where I was going to be given the runway to learn how to be successful in this new role, as part of a dedicated, curriculum-based program. When you’re in a brand-new role in a completely different industry, there’s always a great deal of anxiety, but the robust design of the program really alleviates a great deal of concern in that regard, because you feel confident very early on that you’re being set up for success.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about accepting an offer into the SCA Program?

I would challenge them to think not only about the job itself, but also about the skills that they wish to learn and develop. The ability to communicate with business professionals about their core functional processes and determine solutions for them to help grow their business, within the context of an effectively delivered presentation, is a rare and valuable skill. The program provides you with the tools necessary to learn that skill, along with a detailed roadmap on how to properly develop it, with an abundance of resources along the way.

Does the Oracle NetSuite SCA Program sound like the kind of opportunity you’re looking for? If so, send your résumé to Dan Gibbs (dan.gibbs@oracle.com) today. Good luck!

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